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$15 off $100 Spend at Chemist Warehouse @ Afterpay Pulse Rewards


Some very good deals for Afterpay Pulse Member

I've tested the ebay promo and it works on top of the existing 22% code

Other Afterpay Pulse Rewards offers: 100 Reward Points may be required to qualify. Examples

  • $15 off $100 Spend at eBay
  • $25 off $200 Spend at JB Hi-Fi

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Referrer and Referee receives $30 off next eligible Afterpay purchase of $50 or more. Maximum of 5 referrals per customer. The promotion is redeemable until 31/12/2021.

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  • Does it cost to join afterpay pulse reward?

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      it was a free opt in when i join

      • So stackable with 22%, is it like other deal where I can pay some portion with eBay gc and some portion by afterpay?

        • as long as you are paying over $100 with Afterpay, $15 will get deducted from the payable immediately

          • @ln28909: Just joined, all the rewards show "A day left", does it mean the rewards expire after today? To claim this reward, do you have to purchase the item within the afterpay app or does it automatically detect if I purchase using afterpay on the ebay website?

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              @htc: you have 1 day to claim and use the reward until it expires and changes to another one

              the offer is automatically detected when the afterpay screen pops up, work on pc

              • @ln28909: So just to confirm, I just use afterpay normally on website like bigw or ebay, and the offer will be automatically applied.

                • @htc: you need to claim the offer in the app, then shop and use afterpay as you normally would

                  • @ln28909: When I clicked on big w, $15 off spend $75 or more, there is a green button continue to big w. I clicked on it, and the app loads the big w website inside the app. When I go back, there is no information that shows if I have claimed or not claimed the offer.

                    • @htc: it shows it underneath

  • It's free. You get more perks the more you use afterpay that's all I think

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    i have this on my afterpay account as well. but strangely when i add multiple items to make up $100+, it doesnt allow payment by afterpay anymore. the individual items can be paid with afterpay option, i checked.

  • You get 10 points for each $10 on-time payment in Afterpay for orders over 40$. You get to claim an offer for each 100 points.

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      i've been doing this for some time now to earn offers - a point to note is that it takes overnight for each on-time payment to reflect as points.

  • $5 off $50 spend in-store, is it possible to checkout with Google pay online and get the discount?

    • Is this stackable with the other offer on afterpay?

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        just opt-in, no idea how it all works.

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    I think this should read targeted. Offers seem to change frequently; it’s worth checking regularly to save one you’ll actually want.

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      ah i didn't see this, will let the mod decide

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    Currently rethinking to move off afterpay. Yeah, there's some good deals, but credit card price protection is better in most circumstances.

    • works well for booze, don't think you need too much protection there

      • Obivously it depends on the item, yeah. But not for computer parts or lego anymore. And they make up the bulk of my purchases.

    • Opposite the deals are so good I'm joining up my partner to double up the offers :)

      • Zip's deals have been far better thus far, but interesting that Afterpay is stepping up to the plate.

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          Such as? The only Zip deal I used was the 10% cashback on everything last year. Haven't found anything useful since.

          • @Vita85: Exactly. If Zip pay doesnt do the 10% this year, then honestly, their business is dead in the water. There's simply no good reason to use zip vs others if the bonuses aren't there.

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            @Vita85: The deals might not be better right now but Zip take prepaid cards with no fuss. Regularly use my FBT card to pay off Zip bills. And I can postpone the first payment to Day 59/60 instead. Giving me flexibility instead of Afterpay taking your money on the first day and making you pay every fortnight.

          • @Vita85: After the 10%, they've also done 5% and 2%. Also a bunch of these style deals ($20 off $100 at Big W, $20 off $100 at JB, and a bunch of others).

  • I have the app and an afterpay account But don't have the pulse? How do I get it ?

    • Agreed. What’s pulse?

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        If you go to your profile in the app, you may be able to opt-in from there. Although I think they’re slowly rolling it out to users, but ’ve had it for quite awhile (maybe 6 months or more, I’m a user since 2018) but friends I know have been in the same boat where they couldn’t get access to it.

        Edit: it’s Afterpay’s rewards program

        • I don't have Pulse on my account either, no where to opt in at all.

  • Any chance of buying a JB Hi-Fi GC with this?

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      It doesn't give you option to pay using Afterpay when you buy gift card

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    I can't tell you how much money I have saved thanks to AFTERPAY. I don't buy anything so it's all profit. YEAH.

    • Then you've saved money, but from an OzB perspective, you haven't saved money…

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    Once the offer is active, can I do it from the ebay mobile app or desktop? I can't check out when going through the afterpay app. Payment screen never loads.

    Edit: yes it does. Promo shows up on the last screen before confirmation.

    • Do you have to click, "Pay with afterpay" for the discount to be applied?

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    I think the title is misleading. This is only available for Platinum members. You need to have reached 100 points or spent $400 via after pay.

  • I got $15 off $75 at Jb Hifi, and $15 off $75 at Chemist Warehouse.
    But eBay $15 off $100, TGG $15 off $75, Kmart $20 off $100 and Afterpay $10 off any $50 in-store purchase is at the next reward point 😭 need 100 more points

    • I got whole heap of these, does it also say expire after 1 day? I haven't been using afterpay a lot, so no points in my system. It is nice to see the system reward loyalty. Would have been nice if you can pay bill with afterpay, they I can accumulate lots of points.

      • I also get that it will expire after today, but there will be new deals. All the current ones were there for about a month.

        I also had a $10 off $50 at Chemist warehouse which expired on 18th August before I got to use it.

        Afterpay has been adding places which you can use it at, so maybe bills in the future?

  • Can you use it to buy Gift Card on eBay?

  • I only have 40 out of 100 points so I don't think these offers would work until I hit 100 points first right?

    • Yep

  • I can see eBay offer but I can’t see the Chemist warehouse one, does anyone know why? Thanks

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      i think they allocate it differently to different accounts. And also it maybe that there is a fixed number of "coupons" for each promotion and when ppl claim the offer to be saved in their account, the chances of others also having it reduces (like first xx number of saves per promotion like in Amex).

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      It's targeted offer and gets updated quite frequently. Ensure take the offer you want to use as soon as you see it since unclaimed offer might disappear when you next time check your app.

      • This is what I do as well, if I see something I would likely to use before due date, i pay off some pending payments to earn points and then overnight it will be reflected as points making it possible to save an offer.

  • If i buy 1000 on ebay, can i get 150 discount?

    • its not 15%, its $15 off any payment on or above $100.

    • it’s 15$ not 15%

  • Got a better one last week and redeemed, $15 off just $75 @CW

    • can we use it to buy gift cards online ?

      • That I don’t know, but I doubt it is transparent to them what we are buying - so you should be able to buy gcs

        • When you redeemed $15 off, so when you pay $75 by afterpay, does it automatically reduce your total repayment by $15? BTW, what is CW?

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            @htc: Yes to the first question. And CW is Chemist Warehouse …

            • @kerfuffle: Nice, could I also confirm, say you bought a $100 item from CW, if you pay the first $25 by card or gift card, then the remaining $75 by afterpay, do you still get $15 off?

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                @htc: Can’t pay partial payments by Afterpay as far as I know.
                Yes when you select afterpay and login to afterpay the total reduces by $15 and then the rest gets divided in to 4 equal payments.

  • Thanks op, ended up getting 100 points and got $10 off big W reward, great post!