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Unlimited nbn 25/10 $44/Month, 50/20 $50/Month, 100/20 $79/Month, 250/25 $89/Month (for The First 9 Months) @ Aqua Mobile


The deal extended for those who missed last time with more discount on 25Mbps

9 Month discount on NBN Plans with 30 days cooling-off period

Bring your hardware or buy preconfigured Netcomm router for $119

NBN plans

Speed tier First 9 months Regular price
25 Mb/s $44/Month $59/Month (price drop)
50 Mb/s $50/Month $79/Month
100 Mb/s $79/Month $99/Month
250 Mb/s $89/Month $119/Month

Fast connection, No Contract, No Cancellation fees.

Critical Information Summary
Pro rata

Call 1300 097 819 for more details or  Chat with us

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  • Why would you need a cooling off period if there is no contract and no cancelation?

    Edit: I read the reason on the website. Money back guarantee for the first month.

    Pro rata link above doesn't work.

    Great prices though.

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      Fast connection, NO Contract, No Cancellation

      You can't cancel…

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        Sorry Its NO Cancellation Charges you will also get a full refund if you don't like and cancel within 30 days

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    Have a look on whirlpool before signing up with this. https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/3vw4rkv4

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      Aqua has Nothing to do with Epic or any other ISP we are a new startup that will be more focused on mobile and NBN bundles at a very good price once our Optus mobile plans launch next month

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        So you are called Aqua Mobile but you didn't sell mobile services from day 1 and you also seem to harvest quite a bit of personal info for your Aqua Marketing parent company.

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          Mobiles plans need a lot more testing and settings in billing and notifications. Mobile Plans are coming next Month and what personal info? we are only collecting info that is required for NBN Connection or required to verify customer

  • No mention of upload speed in the CIS?
    (Important for video-conference during lockdown)

  • stay with Aussie broadband, no hassle

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      no hassle

      Just high prices…

      • But no hassle, bud!
        They aren't likely to go under like Epic Broadband / Aqua.

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          But no hassle, bud!

          There are other better priced options with 'no hassles' and australian call centres…

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            @jv: I agree with you.

            What are the top 3 alternatives to ABB with better price?

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    Omg, i signed up beginning of this month, but waiting for connection next Monday. Should have read the whirlpool first as I notice I was starting to receive marketing phone calls and spam calls. Not sure if it is coincidence. No wonder they can afford give cheap offer as they must receive commission by giving out our details.

    • This is a pretty hot take mate

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      marketing phone calls and spam calls

      Tbf I'm already getting that thanks to Shopback. Every day and sometimes more than once

    • I provide my mobile number to them to request a call back cause I have some questions to ask before sign up. Never get call back from them, but keeping receiving spam calls from that week. Not sure if it is coincidence.
      Anyway, for their customer service level, I am not going to take any risk, will stay with ABB.

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        I'm sure it's no coincidence if you read the Whirlpool thread.

  • PLUS $299 NBN connection fee + labour charges(non-refundable) .

  • NO way we are not selling or sharing any data

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      How will our internet work if you don't sell us any data ??

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      1.2 AQUA Mobile collects Personal Information primarily to supply customers with the products and services ordered from it and its related companies. AQUA Mobile also collects and uses Personal Information for secondary purposes including:
      i. billing and account management;
      ii. Business planning and product development; and
      iii. To provide individuals with information about promotions, as well as the Products and services of other AQUA Mobile companies and other organizations.


      • Does adding one's mobile number to the Do Not Call register help? Or no if one agreed in the T&C's?

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    Site seems dodgy.

    It allows ordering 250/25 for FTTN & FTTC…

  • Any chance to advertise the upload speed?

    • I agree. While so many of us are locked down and WFH, upload speed is the most important factors when choosing an NBN plan

  • I read the website, the terms, and the Whirlpool thread. It's a hard pass for me now, although it's almost worth signing up so some one can call me asking for "Guy Incognito".

  • great offer for anyone financially struggling. 👍

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      For real? What price do you put on giving away your license details, next of kin, credit card details in plain text and getting bombarded by telemarketers?

      • where you got this from? no information is shared with telemarketers please don't make predictions

  • Can I convert from AussieBB to avail the discount?

    • yes you can trasfer from AussieBB

  • who is the cheapest ISP for 25 or 50 plan right now?

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      Aqua and Flip are joint cheapest for 25. Aqua is cheapest for 50. That is unless you count the various free months, and referral bonuses.

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    They were offering a 100/40 plan for $69.96 a month for the first 9 months not long ago. That was a great price, but I didn't sign up as I prefer to have a public IP address. I've had trouble getting things to work behind CGNAT in the past. I think Aqua charge more than $10 a month extra for a public IP address.

  • Any chance of a 1000 speed plan soon?

  • Sent connection form a week ago when the price is still 69.96 for 100/40 plan. Nothing happened

  • Dodgy and horrible customer service. Stay away

  • just signed up and installed ixed wireless. so far so good. good intro offer.