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LG BX 65" OLED65BXPTA Self-Lit OLED $2495 C&C/ in-Store Only @ JB Hi-Fi (Limited Availability)


Got the c1 for 3000 recently. Probably would have got this for 2500

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  • How is this one compared to C1 for picture quality and other features ?

    • Almost same. Bit dimmer in HDR . I was hesitant to drop 3k on a 65inch, but it does look good.
      Maybe 77inch Oled will be 3k one day

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        Jeez could've saved myself $500, just bought the C1
        Can't keep up with all these different models

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        i mean the latency stats for gaming are marginally better, and the contrast quality of the picture is def that slight bit better when it gets down to it…. but is it noticeable in use and $500-600 better? i dunno.. doubtful……

        on the other hand if the C1 was 70" and $3k…. no hesitation…

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      Just bought C1 today for 3100…. And saw this post LOL

      • from where ?

        • Negotiated in VIC Harvey Norman over the phone

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      I own both the CX and BX, there is no way you can even tell the difference in general use, especially in a darker room.

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        My 2017 B7 is brighter than the BX and C1.
        The number’s don’t lie, it’s nothing special.
        They’re becoming inferior by the year.

        Oh and here’s one for all you haters out there:

        TVs must also be capable of producing more than 90 per cent of the DCI P3 color standard and meet a certain brightness level (measured in nits). 4K TVs must have either a 1000-nit peak brightness and less than 0.05 nits black level (to cater for the high brightness of LCD TVs), or a 540-nit peak brightness and less than 0.0005 nits black level (to include the generally dimmer, yet stonking black depth, of OLEDs).

        It can’t get bright enough to display HDR properly.

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          I have the Q7F mentioned in the article you linked and a BX. Both 65”. The BX blows the Q7F out the water. Not once have I ever considered the tv dim. The picture is unbelievably good.
          Seems to be an odd rant you’re on, but if you were lucky enough to own one you’d see the quality regardless of how many google articles you can find

          • @OzzyAl: I have the Sony X930e (close to 2000 nits) LG BX and Dual Cell. BX is dim once you've had a very high brightness TV, which most havent had. I usually only watched horror movies on the OLED because I needed the perfect blacks. Otherwise I prefer the Sony. Dual Cell is pretty good but brightness is only a bit better than OLED (maybe similar with the new Sony OLEDs). With black bars in a dark room OLED and Dual Cell are very immersive, sometimes you dont even know where they begin or end. Yes the contrast is better once all dark content becomes black but it also crushes out so much detail and can be hard to even make out faces or other content. With the Sony x930e a lot of the time its literally day and night between the OLED.

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        I wasn’t comparing it with the CX.
        The fanboy is strong in this thread.

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          I think you have a valid point, maybe just your attitude is putting people off. The BX brightness is pretty bad when compared to the B7 and other previous models, close to half the peak highlight brightness (454 vs 822 cd/m2) should definitely be noticeable.

          I find it ironic that people complain about having 25% less brightness on $1k laptops, but then they get 50% dimmer $3k TV and it's "She'll be right mate" lol. If you are watching in a dark room it probably won't be a problem, but if not the difference is fairly significant.

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            @Ryballs: That's because you don't carry your 65 inches TV to outdoor venues where surrounding is bright and even subject to direct sunlight.
            I have C9 and I even lower the brightness from the original standard setting. To me even 300 candelas peak is bright at mine.
            Of course the higher peak brightness the better but that's only if everything else is on par.

  • I cant find stock anywhere. oh well

  • Over 500km from me too… :-(

  • Has anyone successfully price matched at good guys? Can't do it in store due to current lockdown but worth a try

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      I mean, they are the same company, so it would surprise me if they didn't price match

  • Instore at Coffs Harbour (429.99km away). 🤨

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      If the cop who pulls you over happens to be an Ozbargainer you might get away with it under "essential travel".

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    I have this TV! Got it from an ozbargain deal a couple of months ago, and I have been seriously impressed with it.

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      me too and me too

    • So jealous.

  • Man this is a decent price but I've been holding out for a 3k C1… super tempting though…

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      I would say def get the BX and put the $500 saved toward your next upgrade, or some other upgrade like sound, or $500 worth of popcorn haha.

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        Haha can never get enough popcorn!

        But it seems to be out of stock for the most part unfortunately

      • I bought the bx for $2400 but returned it for the C1 for $550 more. Yes they are similar but I found the c1 slightly brighter and picture quality upscaling a little better on fta. That being said, I never compared them side by side, but that’s what my mind is telling me lol

        I also have a smaller b8 but found that brighter than bx. I had no idea bx would be less bright when I bought it though. Anyone have any idea why?

        • What is the NITS rating on the new TV compared to the older model? I assume since you are experienced with LG you have the settings right? I thought LG were getting brighter from The 8 and 9 series.

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    combine with the recent gift cards at 10% off for a little extra off :D

  • Hi guys, can this be used as a bedroom tv? Mostly going to watch Netflix, Kayo, Disney+ etc
    Thank you

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      Yes, you can put it in your bedroom.
      But all jokes aside, it does not support Kayo.

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      I mean… yeah? What would prevent any tv from being used in the bedroom?

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      65” is very large for the bedroom.

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        I tell my wife 3" is very large for the bedroom.

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      • its worth spending 2.5x for this?

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          Depends, for me? Yes.

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    this or x9500h or x9000j

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      The Sony's might be better in a bright room, and x90j is a bit cheaper.
      The OLED's are hard to beat for colour and contrast, and for $2500 this would be hard to beat. The C1 is better again if you can stretch the budget, for gaming mostly, but the picture is so similar between them that you'd probably be happy either way. I've got the older 65 B8 and still love it.

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        I have a b8 in the lounge room, money well spent.

    • As above, depends on usage.
      Perhaps disclose what you will use it for.

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  • .

    No stores were found within 200km of your location. …………a pity as I can go no further than 10 km !!

  • Please talk me out of this

    • Don't get it. If you're satisfied with your current display, wait until it dies.

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      Please talk me out of this

      Talk to your partner/wife, they are good at it

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        Apparently I need to bundle it with a Kitchenaid.

  • Thanks OP. Just got one of the last two in stock having TGG price match + $55 with next day delivery.

  • This whole brightness issue has me stumped. What is considered bright? I have a standard aussie living room with a couple of windows and a screen door. I would consider it bright during the day but it's not in direct sunlight. I just can't my head around this whole- 'can't use it in a bright room' argument.

    • It's fine if you have curtains

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      OLEDs have an ultra glossy screen so they act like mirrors mainly when there is darker content on the screen, in highly lit rooms. Depends how much viewing you do in the day and for sports. OLEDs have a great picture but if you mainly watch in the daytime then you're paying for something you'll hardly see the benefits of. The true blacks of OLED are really only relevant in dark viewing conditions and in darker movies or TV shows. If you watch at least 50 % night time then probably go OLED.

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      I was worried about my bright lounge room before i bought a 65" c1. It is absolutely fine, even viewable when the sun is shining directly on the screen although not ideal. Lounge size is 5x5m, wall opposite TV has 2700wx2100h sliding door and a 1200w x 2000h awning window, with all curtains up and sun shining in the tv is still viewable. Yes it is better when the room is darker but it is much better than my old plasma which was not viewable when the room got very bright and nothing could be seen on screen when the sun was directly on it. In my experience the whole oled brightness issue is a little overexagerated.

      • +1

        If you're coming from an old TV or Plasma then it will be brighter and a lot better. If you've had a high end LCD then it will not look as impressive. I've knocked down around 1000 nits from my Sony LCD compared to the BX and Dual Cell. Its a give and take where some things look better, others not. For most content I still prefer the Sony as it has very good blacks and extreme brightness, compared to average brightness and perfect blacks. Its really different for so many people to what they like more. Unless you can test the same footage on the different TVs you won't know what you're missing. I can and for me I would say 70% of the time I prefer the Sony X930e. The Sony processing (motion, colours, clarity, brightness, and blacks have a big advantage over other LCDs though). BTW the C1 is quite a bit brighter than the BX

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          I ended up with a Sony X95h and the picture quality is miles ahead of my old tv. I guess I don't know what I'm missing out on not having an OLED TV but so far, can't fault the Sony.

  • In Melbourne CBD and the nearest store with availability is Mildura hahaha

  • TVs and displays are getting brighter and brighter

    • …and people are not (present company excepted).

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