Kogan 27" QHD IPS FreeSync 75Hz Frameless Monitor (2560 x 1440) $269 (Was $499.99) + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


I bought it through the Kogan First, Got $2.69 Rewards Credit and free delivery.
I am not a gamer, but I think it's good enough to connect to the laptop.

Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
Weight 4.9kg
Without Stand 615.3 x 360.83 x 72.2mm
With Stand 615.3 x 455.3 x 247.3mm

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  • Tell them the price son!

  • -3

    Is it free?

    • +1

      Is it frameless?
      615.3mm wide, but I can see black lines all round, maybe as much as 10mm?

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    How's that a deal? The dell one was cheaper not long ago.

  • Yeah but Kogan.

    • Haha neg. Someone likes Kogan.

    • I bought the earlier model of this screen (or perhaps an entirely different one with similar specs) almost 3 years ago. It has been used for several hours almost every day since, for both work and gaming. It hasn't given any trouble and still looks pretty good to my eye.

      I have heard the horror stories and I understand the Kogan hesitancy, but I have quite a number of carefully selected Kogan products and they've been flawless.

      At the right price, and in certain categories, Kogan products can be a great buy.

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    I bought this about 2 weeks ago as a cheap productivity monitor to work from home.

    Works well so far, looks sharp and well lit next to my 4k gaming monitor.

    • Yup, I'm using one now next to my Xiaomi ultrawide and they look good together.

      Wondering if I should get rid of the ultrawide and get another 27inch, for dual monitor goodness :)

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    I'd buy dell for the same price and same spec.

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    My first and also last monitor from Kogan dead on arrival and I had to send it back to them to fix it, not replacing it. Lesson learnt, I never buy from Kogan again.

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    Was 499.

    Date: never.

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    Don't support Kogan

  • Anything like this available with 3+ years warranty? (At a higher price is fine obviously)

    (Business purchase - ik consumer law applies for consumers, but it doesn't apply and/or is hard to apply for a business)

  • Just got this monitor in the mail, set it all up and was greeted with a faulty backlight (half of the screen is dimmed black)

    Other than that build quality is good and it works well, so I am sending for replacement and/or repair once they accept my request, as I'd still want to keep it

    • Buying from a crap company and supporting them in their crap practices! just makes me angry!