Ryobi One+ 18V 4.0Ah 36cm Lawn Mower Kit $349 + Delivery ($0 in-Store) @ Bunnings


Normally $399. A decent price drop if you're looking for a battery operated lawn mower.

To answer some questions, if you've got a big lawn, I wouldn't recommend using this. This should be used regularly so your lawn doesn't become too long and unmanageable.

The 360mm cutting path and lightweight deck makes this unit perfect for townhouses, units and small to medium sized blocks up to 400m²
Single bar blade with EasyEdge feature to allow for a closer cut to walls and fences
Single battery operation for greater versatility and improved runtime thanks to 18V motor
Your lawn has never looked so good thanks to the Ryobi One+ 18V 36cm lawn mower kit. Perfect for homes with small to medium sized yards, it gives you the freedom of cordless without the noise and fumes of petrol.

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  • 36v is better ?

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      Most likely, but the cost is also a lot more. I'm already on the 18v ecosystem, so this one makes me sense for some

      • Most likely, [36v is better] but the cost is also a lot more

        There is currently the 36V Ozito for $199 with edger included:



        Bunnings title says 18V, but 2x18V battery in series. How much difference does 36V make? It would be nice if they specified actual power.

        2 batteries in series instead of a single 36V means you can share them with other tools.

        • Up to 30 minutes of runtime with the improved 4.0Ah battery

        So 8A @ 18V = 144W nominal electrical power? Not much at all for a 360mm wide cutter. Corded mowers claim ten times the power, and are still weak compared to petrol.

        Bother mowers are brushed, which is less efficient, so either less output power or less runtime.
        The Ozito is 330mm vs 360 for Ryobi,
        Both have impressive warranty times, 5yr vs 6yr, though a long list of exclusions.

        • I think your maths is a little wrong. A 4Ah battery will run at 4 amps for an hour; but most likely its running at say 16 amps for 1/4 an hour. So basically its much higher than 144W.

          • @s3th2000: To be clear, the the maths is for the Ryobi.

            As I quoted above, it claims 30 minutes. Of course at that rate, actual capacity will be lower, so less than 8A, as well as voltage drop.
            This is average power, and peak will be higher when it slows (torque increases, unlike petrol engines)

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      This is fine for small areas. If you have a serious amount of lawn then you will want something better. I can mow my entire area (literally a patch at the front plus the nature strip) nearly 3 times on a single battery.

      Trick is not let the grass get too long or thick. That really makes it struggle.

      • I have small area and been using a push mover. Been thinking about getting an electric.

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      So I own the 36V Ryobi, have had it for a year now. To provide context, my block is around 900sqm, lawn takes up about half that.

      I think this is the least powerful lawn mower I have owned. It will struggle if you let your lawn get too high, and the catcher itself isn't that great - the grass tends to want to accumulate in the chute that feeds into the catcher if it is in the least bit damp.

      I have two batteries - original and aftermarket - both seem fine. I need both - one is not enough to cover the area unless I am barely taking off the tops of the grass.

      Would I buy one again if I had to make the same decision? Yes, I would. Because on balance, the convenience of a cordless and the light weight outweighs (cough) having to keep it supplied with gasoline. And it's a tons quieter.

      Would I get an 18V one? No, I think 36V is pretty much minimum for me for my lawn size. Any less power and I think I'll pay someone else to mow it for me …

      • Exactly

      • Grass catching in the chute is one of my number one gripes with the 36V.

  • Get the 36v. I'd imagine the 18v would cut out alot

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    Battery operation is between 20-30mins from my experience.

    The foam on the handle crumbled away after a few months

    Struggles and cuts out frequently on damp grass or anything slightly higher than normal length which means more of your weekends will be gone maintaining lawns more frequently if you want to avoid that.

    Currently in the market for something better, will probably get a 4 stroke instead.

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    36v as a minimum. I've used EGO in the past which is 56v and can recommend them completely. The only thing is the price, it's quite expensive.

  • 36V for $399 (special order) available but is a skin only (without batteries or charger) version

  • I have this and use for around 600sqm. Already had the 18v batteries so didn't want to switch to a different system. It makes quite a bit of a difference if you run it off 9.0 ah battery. When I started using it, all the cut off problems disappeared and I can mow the whole thing on one battery. Cheers

  • I have the Ozito steel deck 460mm 2x18v (not the mulcher), and very happy with it. I'd wait for this - either $349 with 2x3.0Ah batts, or $399 with the 4.0Ah's.

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    I have this lawnmower (18V) and am now looking to get a petrol mower, that's how good (bad) it is.

    • Ego mower

    • How big is your lawn? When you buy this for a massive garden you should have gone to the 36V versions. I love mine (have the smaller 33cm version … but it's only 35sqm of lawn + maybe 10sqm nature strip).

  • I have a push mower. I think a push mower is sufficient for really small areas. For larger areas a petrol mower. There must be a small sweet spot for a battery mower, but I can't see it being a big market.

  • I have the 33cm kit. I was surprised, it worked well. Not great for big lawns or for high grass, but convenient and easy.

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    36cm lawn mower kit.

    So it's a toy lawn mower ?

  • Only really good for a town house with a tiny yard (hence the small cutting radius).

    Have tried these and they are too weak for good use. The catcher isn't catching enough grass (not fast enough?)

    Got a ego 56v and I think that and this one's killer feature is they fold into a tiny size that you can store vertically.

  • I have bought a Victa 82v 2Ah 46cm Mower from bunnings. That thing is a beast.

    • Please tell me more about this. I have a corner block and use a 2 stroke that I would love to get rid off. Do you think this Victa would be close to a 2 stroke. How much did it cost. Im less worried about the cost compared to cutting power. I would buy two batteries at least. Would love to ditch buying and mixing petrol.

      Please tell me more.

      • I had a petrol 2-stroke Victa before. This thing is an absolute beast of a machine. I would say it is pretty close to a petrol mower, if not better. If you are not worried about the cost which is not too bad compared to other brands like EGO/Makita/AEG ..etc. I paid $599 for it. My front lawn was covered with lots of weed. A fully charge battery did the front in one charge and still 1/4 is left.

  • Waiting for a good lawn mower deal.
    Today I just broke mine.

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    This is a toy, dont even bother as you will be disappointed….