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Garmin Forerunner 945 Running Watch $549 @ Rebel Sport


Came across this deal this morning and i think its a decent price for this high end forerunner.

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    The price son, tell em the price
    $549 rebelsport

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    Good price. The 945 is rarely on sale.

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    Yes, it is their top tri watch at the moment? 955 not out yet. Normally when the next one out the previous one will regularly be about half price.

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      Yep Top tri watch. I think battery life is probably where the 945 wins. It has a few niche features but for most people this is overkill.

      See Jazzydazzy's comments re fenix vs forerunner.

      Normally when the next one out the previous one will regularly be about half price

      I got the 935 for a just under $360 about 6 months before the 945 dropped. The price hasn't really dropped much further for the 935.
      If you really want the 945 I think this is a decent deal. Probably will drop to around $450 (when on special) 12 or so months but hard to know.

      • I have 935 too, bought it for 420. Great watch. Could not justify twice the price for 945.

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          Yep agree.
          From a tracking perspective it's been flawless.
          New metrics/02 monitor/on-board music is nice but not something I really want. Its hard to justify more than $200 extra for these features IMO.

          Having LTE would be nice so I could ditch my phone. There is 945LTE available overseas but not in Australia. Not sure whether the cost of e-sim would be justified.

          • @Gimli: I don't believe the 945LTE actually works with Australian carriers.

            • @zuey: Probably explains why its not being released here

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    For those considering this or Fenix 6. - https://www.wareable.com/garmin/garmin-fenix-6-vs-forerunner...

    Buy the Forerunner 945: If you value a multisport watch that's light and doesn't sit big on the wrist. You'll get the same solid sports tracking and smartwatch features as you'll find across the Fenix series. It also offers plenty in the way of battery life.

    Buy the Fenix 6: If you want a better looking watch that offers the best of what a Garmin watch can currently offer. If you look beyond the colour AMOLED display on the Garmin Venu, all the good Garmin stuff can be found on the Fenix. From the more luxurious materials or the greater complement of sports and activity tracking modes. Mapping is slightly nicer experience here too.

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      One thing to add is that the bezel on the 945 is HUGE compared to the Fenix 6. You end up with the same useable screen real estate as a 5S/6S (1.2") in the body of a 5/6 (1.3"). This does mean less data fields can be shown on the 945 (4 fields) vs the Fenix 6 (6 fields) or 6X (8 fields).

    • Don't get the Fenix, people on reddit have been complaining that the gps is not accurate on the fenix

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    Same deal available direct with Garmin if Rebel Sport ends up OOS.


  • I really would like a 945 LTE without the LTE. Smaller watch with new sensors that's lighter than a fenix 6S, Pretty much a 955.

  • Anadrome much?

  • Cash back via Cash rewards for the win. Perhaps I bought too early and shoulda waited until tomorrow?? (Cashrewards Day is tomorrow, whatever that's good for)

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    Can get this watch now from ebay $499 with code "SEPSPENDNSAVE"

    I tried to post as new deal but Ozbargain was complaining about "top sellers"…


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      thanks mate! paid with afterpay and saved 15% off. so $466.65 total.

      • oh nice. how did you do that? Were you able to stack the codes?

        • came with the afterpay offer when you are with eBay plus. Not sure if it’s stackable haha should have tried

      • Your math is wrong…

        0.85 * 499=424

        • original price is 549.

          0.85 * 549 = $466.65

    • this one is gone