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Collect up to 3500 Points When You Shop with Scan&Go (App and Boost Required) @ Woolworths (Select Stores, Excludes TAS & NT)


Could be targeted You can now shop in-store with Scan&Go in the Woolworths app at Woolworths.
As an Everyday Rewards member, you could collect up to 3500 points when you shop with Scan&Go. It's the faster, smarter way to shop.
Collecting up to 3500 points is easy:

  1. Download and log in to the Woolworths app
  2. Link your Everyday Rewards Card and click the ‘boost’ button on your offer in the Woolworths app
  3. Shop with Scan&Go to collect 500 points on your 1st shop, 1000 points on your 2nd shop and 2000 points on your 3rd shop

Minimum spend $0.01* or more in each shop to collect 500 points on your first shop, 1000 points on your second shop and 2000 points on your third

Offer available until Thursday, 14 October.~
Already have the Woolworths app? Make sure you update your app to the latest version and link your Everyday Rewards Card. Your booster will be waiting for you in the offers section.

Offer is available at Woolworths Crows Nest, Rhodes, Fishermans Bend, Kirrawee, Rouse Hill, Highgate, Queen Victoria, Mawson, Annerley, Melbourne Square, Inglewood, Double Bay, Walkerville, Keperra, West Village, Mona Vale, Millers Junction, Miranda, St Ives, Hornsby, Macquarie Centre, Leichhardt, Northbridge, Loganholme, Balgowlah, West Lakes, Woolworths Metro East Newcastle, Black Rock, Randwick, Pitt Street, MetCentre, George Street, York Street, Fish Lane, Cowper St & Park Sydney.

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    Have used for a while. Super convenient.
    But the deal should be targeted.

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    I don't see it under booster, so does it mean it is targeted?

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      It is not appearing in my booster section, but if you have received the email, then it should work.

      • I couldn't find it in my email. So looks like it is targeted.

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    Mine is 300 points for 1st and 2nd shop, then 3000 for the 3rd. Sounds good to me!

    • +2

      Same - just tried it and got the first 300 instantly. It's pretty slick.

      Major downsides - can't pay with gift cards or Rewards dollars.

      I'll use if for the offer then probably not again until these payment methods are added.

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        Since the minimum spend is $0.01, better to spend just on a banana, may be?

        • I'm on week 2 of a 4 x $50 spend offer so I'll take the hit for now.

          How does it work out what you are buying on the special fresh fruit and veg scale? I thought cameras but couldn't see any and it worked with stuff in bags.

          Only one time it paused was when I put bananas on the scale and it asked me to pick which type from 2 types

          • @gadgetguy: There are several cameras pointing at the scales, on a structure directly above them. It does image processing using those cameras.

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          Nah, the banana is free if you have kids. Go with one grape, or perhaps a single baby spinach leave …haha!

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    For anyone wondering, gift card payments are currently unsupported by Scan&Go.

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      Also Reward Dollars.

  • How would you catch those who try to cheat the system, i.e. not scanning all the items or putting in a different barcode (of a lesser value) onto an item, etc.?

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      They do random bag checks.

      We had a primitive version in the UK many years ago, before widespread use of smartphones. You picked up a wireless barcode scanner and took it round with you. They did random checks at the check out then too.

      • How do you stop people from being smartasses and putting something in your trolley without you knowing? Then come bag search…….guess who cops it.

        • Is that a common issue? I think not.

          Plus there are probably cameras everywhere.

  • where was it sent to?

    • It was sent in an email, but if you already have the Woolworth Scan&Go app, you would not be targeted. This was sent to those who do not have the app

      • is it different from WW app?

  • I got my first random check today - they scan 5 of your items to check they are on your receipt. Took a few seconds.

    It's convenient not having to bag twice and I like the running total of my shop. Easier than having to keep track in your head or use a calculator app.