Orbis 20L Camera Backpack - $31.99 (Was $149.99) + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) - Kogan


Cheapest price for this backpack. Similar to previous deal. Enjoy!

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    Wow! That looks like an exact copy of Peak Design's original designed bag which they first released via Kickstarter.


    Not the first time they've encountered this issue:


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      That's because it is lol. It's a knock off so blatant I'm not even sure if it's legal

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        Why not, you can buy it for $361 if you think it worth that money, what's the problem? Other that you know that almost exact replica cost 10 times less to make.

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          Imagine if you created a product and some other company ripped off your design you spend time, money, and effort on perfecting.

          Doesn't seem right eh?

          I know a friend who spend a lot of time and skill drawing out designs for tarrot cards, and successfully launched it on Kickstarter, only for some random Chinese company to scan, copy, and reproduce her work for fraction of the price with nothing going to her.

          This is no different.

          Despite my username I'm not a lawyer. There is a fine line between counterfeit and knock offs. Can't say which this falls into, considering the uniqueness of peak design designs.

          • @lawyerz: It reminds me battles between Apple vs chinese copy-cats when Apple patented the chape of their phone as a brick with rounded corners. In my opinion, you as an inventer do not lose money when somebody copies your design and sells it 10x cheaper - shoppers of the copy wouldn't buy your original product anyway, and there're two reasons:
            * way too expensive
            * they don't need your product if they are okay with poor quality of the copy

          • @lawyerz: Agreed! Support the original brand, or buy something else!

            • @yao1993: I agree the original design/company should be supported but what about Aldi, they are full of knockoff products and I haven’t seen any Aldi deals getting downvoted for been cheap knockoff.

  • anyone picked this up in the last deal? Curious to hear some feedback

    • As in this particular bag or the functionality of the bag? if it's the latter, just look up Peak Design backpack on youtube, heaps of reviews.

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    Don't spend money buying knockoffs - you'll always be left with a shit product, a shit taste in your mouth and you're supporting this type of activity

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      What you also will be left with is $330 in your pocket. Pretty sure that makes up for shit taste.

      • Yeeees until your Nikon D50 falls through the bottom of the bag as it inevitably falls apart

        • And if it does not?

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    I bought this at the last sale for $60, at this price its a great deal. Quality wise, its worth it. Dont expect Peak Design quality but really cant complain for this price

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    Don't buy knock off products.

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    This is prob good for lunch box but definitely not recommending for anyone who would put their thousand dollar gear in it

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    More to the point, don’t buy from Kogan.

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      True, never support a counterfeit product

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    Such a knock off … I don't support this at all! The price for a peak design bag is not cheap but amazing quality.
    Have a look at this - looks like not the first product which gets copied. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbxWGjQ2szQ

    Amazing that Kogan gets away with this. Just tells me that I do not want any products from Kogan - their ethics are just not right.

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    Most of Kogan products are knock off ?
    I don't think Kogan has designed or engineered anything.

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    Piece of crap. They have knocked off the sling too.

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    Peak design guys are solid. Don’t buy this knockoff crap.

    Peak design bags cost a fortune but are worth every penny, they literally made hundreds if not thousands of iterations of them to get them perfect. I’ve had mine for 5+ years and never missed a best. Still in great condition too

    Peakdesign.com - I’ve Bought there full mobile kit. I can’t wait

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    The moral compass of Ozbargain is pretty interesting. Here the majority are all for not buying a product to protect someone's IP, but in another post someone got roasted for suggesting we should not buy a product to protect our neighbours from heart and lung disease.

  • to be honest their Everyday 20L backpack was waaay too overpriced and the design wasnt comfortable at all… my all soft and fluffy Herschel bag felt much more comfortable…

    buy the original (or knock off, if you prefer) Peak Design Everyday back pack only if you are carrying sensitive gears such as drones or camera gears, etc…

    even as an 'everyday' laptop back this bag is so uncomfortable…

    i bought the original Peak Design and then sold it…

  • Buy from Kogan and risk getting your credit cards compromised. Avoid.

    • Im guessing this a known thing as my recent purchase was flaged and blocked by the falcon, i had to speak to a rep to get it unblocked and verify that it was a genuine purchase