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In this digital technology era today, some digital products will be brought back your memories. Although it symbolized the wisdom of great person and delegate the revolution of technologies, they are getting quiet and disappearing gradually.

We select the precious collection of marvellous article, unfold and restore in a collage frame, turn them into a tale of smart phone generation with value of art, the best choice for your collection permanently. - https://gridstudio.cc/pages/about-us

Translation: "We take apart retro tech and frame it for you!"

The Misses recently got me the (now sold out) Game Boy (https://gridstudio.cc/collections/coming-soon/products/game-...) for Father's day. In the box there was a coupon code. I know we won't be ordering anymore so maybe someone else can use it? I have tried the code and it works for me (in an incognito tab, with no login required)

I'm unsure when the deal ends.

The Game Boy took about 3 weeks to come and was presented very nicely. It is a novelty, a kind of different type of art.

The prices are in USD and a little on the expensive side, however, the code brings the price down a bit. This makes a nice gift for someone in to Art and Technology.

Prices are typically in the $139USD - $399USD range with free shipping.

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  • https://gridstudio.cc/collections/grid-apple/products/grid%C...

    Perfect for that whiny, demanding kid, insisting on an Apple phone for Christmas/birthday. r/malicious compliance

  • Wow, even Apple scrap is super expensive.

    I suppose it's better than it ending up as landfill.

  • +1

    Damn i legit made one of these for $15 after see them being made on Chinese TikTok. $10 for a water damaged iPhone 4s and 5 for a shaodw box frame at Kmart.

    • haha nice

  • GRID20 for $20 off works out about the same for the cheapest items too.