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Gainward Phoenix RTX 3090 24GB Non-LHR Graphics Card $2998 + Shipping @ Techfast


Wow much fast GPU go zoom zoom

HODL-ers need not apply

Note: Luke from Techfast has noted that this is Non-LHR.

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  • +10

    Didn't realise 3090s were also LHR

    • +4

      There's no such thing as LHR 3090. Otherwise it would be mentioned on every video card site and youtube.

  • +4

    Confused as to why LHR is at this price.
    Guess they're just trying to milk the poor gamers because they think they can.

    • +1

      Agreed, LHR will be useless after ETH goes to POS.

      • There's other coins that can be mined on LHR cards that are nearly as profitable as Eth, LHR will not stop miners and the reason I'm seeing this is because it was posted in a mining group ;)

        • They're only as profitable as ETH because no one will mine them if they can make more money mining ETH, but those coins have <0.5% of ETH's market cap. When ETH goes proof of stake, there's no way miners will make money if they all switch to the lesser coins as mining difficulty will be extreme.

    • gamers arent buying 3090's for 3k mate

  • +4

    as cool as ray tracing and dlss etc are i will never understand why this card is $1000 better than a 6900 xt to some people

    • +26

      AMD coat their cards in an extremely bitter substance, Nvidias gpus taste much better when licked. Worth the small premium I'd say.

      • +2

        once prices go down a bit ill have to try the delicacy that is a 3090 pcb

      • +1

        So each used GPU I've bought has been pre-licked?!

        Jesus. Why didn't I know about this before now??

    • @lachlantula Where can you buy a 6900xt for $1998 or less just curious?

      • +3

        if u keep an eye on ozbargain like how folks do for this card there's been quite a few that pop up around $2k over the last few weeks.

      • +4

        a few weeks ago, PLE was selling a XFX 6900xt for $1999
        cheapest rn is $2299

      • +4

        Yep ASRock was listed at both $1900 and $2k recently

      • +1

        Recently… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/646068

        Not to mention most would prefer ASRock to Gainward…

    • +2

      Sure, but a better comparison then is the 3080 Ti, which is still (marginally) faster in more tests than not vs 6900 xt, and costs the same amount of money.

      And it has dlss in games that support it to further that lead. And ray tracing as a bonus.

      • the 3080 ti is quite good i agree.

    • 6900 xt has virtually the same mining rate as the 6800 xt, whereas the 3090 is substantially better at mining than the 3080.

      In this market, prices are determined by ETH hash rate, not gaming performance.

    • +1

      For productivity tasks using CUDA, NVidia may be the only option, plus 24GB of VRAM could be quite an advantage.

  • I thought no lhr 3090 exists´╝č

  • That 3080 tho.

  • lol what
    double the price of the 3080 i got a month ago with only 20% more power

    • +3

      Damn, you got a 3080 for $1500.. show me your ways master.

    • +1

      If you want gaming, the 3090 is not worth it, but it is apparently better for designers and such that use resource intensive programs on the card, movies etc.

    • +1

      33% more hash rate and 140% more Vram, gaming performance is irrelevant, cards are priced based on how well they mine crypto.

  • +3

    It's not a lhr according to the description

    • Which part describes the lhr vs non?

      • It's written in the base specification section

        • Gainward website mentions nothing of it. Very odd.

          • @PlagueistheCheap: The person who listed the cards on the website clearly was just copy pasting a base description and editing. They must of left LHR on there to start but its' been edited now.

  • BTW note all of the other RTX cards also available

    • +1

      lets be honest, i trust the gainward one over the gigabyte one

  • +4

    There's no such thing as LHR 3090….. what am I missing? The comments on the product @ tech fast say NOT LHR, the product link to manufacturer website also says nothing about LHR… http://www.gainward.com/main/vgapro.php?id=1090&tab=ov&lang=...

    • +2

      I don't think you are missing anything… It's not a LHR because they don't exist

  • +10

    If $3000 for a GPU isn't a bargain I don't know what is.

    • Bulk buy I'll take two.

      • +1

        Broden would have bought 10. Amateur

        • Aaah.. good old broden. Wonder what's he upto nowadays

  • +1

    Shit.. Here I am still running a 970 GTX..
    Ughhh. Crypto is the worst thing ever for gamers who just want to buy a decent card and not have their wallet shredded to play some freaking games..

    • Do a search on rtx on their site and see if the other cards are more what you were looking for

    • +1

      Same here, and I thought I was spending big bucks when I bought the 970 for ~500!.

    • It could also be the best. They become very cheap after the inevitable crash

  • +1

    $26 delivery

  • +5

    You mean this "deal" applies to no one? A 3080 Ti is less than 5-10% different at most and way cheaper even at an inflated price. Anyone else who wants a 3090 should already know where to buy one or won't care about paying another $100 for a better known model.

    tbh I don't like the idea that people with money can't look for bargains but that's a trivial argument considering this is on the verge of being a total waste of money.

    • I may have jumped the gun on saying it applies to no one but this product doesn't exist in a vacuum.

    • +1

      This deal is for miners or those needing a GPU for workload purposes.

  • Surprised the miners haven't bought all the stock yet :-O

    • Just brought 10

      • +4

        where did you bring them to?

        • +1

          Stupid fingers have a mind of their own some times :|

  • This or 13 pro max???

    • +1

      Why not both? Since they are apple and orange.

    • +2

      Why waste your money on either one?

      I'm still gaming on my gtx760 in 480p and I dont understand what compels idiots to spend this kind of money on graphics cards. HODL.

      • +1

        It's just consumer­čÉĹ, no logical explanation. They probably think you're poor or gaming on a 4:3 360p monitor.

      • imagine gaming at 4k its next level

    • +5

      Gainward are far from unknown

      • +2

        You still remember the glory days of golden sample models eh

      • Yes the old Gainward bliss cards were fantastic also.

        • Those were the days

      • -1

        To be honest, other than EVGA, MSI, Zotac, Gigabyte, ASUS, and Palit, a few of my friends and I haven't ever heard of Gainward either. Are they very reputed?

        • Pretty sure Gainward are the same as Palit or one of the other major brands, but it's a regional branding which is why we don't see many of them locally.

        • +1

          Gainward are Palit. Palit make the most graphics cards in the world IIRC, and their 3xxx Phantom PCB's are considered very good/top tier quality.

          Their market just simply isn't in Australia, so people think they're no-name when in reality they're one of the best and OG's.

        • +2

          Ok zoomer.

  • If it's the cheapest on the market, how is this not a deal? Asking for a friend

    • Yeah I know someone said pay 100 more for a name brand but if I was after one I sure as hell would not pay 100 for a gigabyte blower model….

      • I know some would pay extra for the blower type of 3090 to be able to put cards in multi GPU (not gaming) system without using raisers etc.

    • Muh M S R P




  • +1

    as cheap as iphone 13 pro max 1TB.

  • +1

    Ok price for the 3090, but the rest of the Gigabyte model prices are pretty bad.

  • how much can one of these things make in terms of mining anyway?

    • 10 dollar a day

      • after electricity costs?

        • +1

          Just get a coal fired generator mate. I have 10 of these mining 24x7 and all powered by clean coal so I'm doing my bit for the environment while generating a passive income.

          • +1

            @bumbandito69: you shall get more by send your coal generated electrity back to grid.

        • +1

          8.5 after electricity cost but you have to take into account bitcoin price which always fluctuate

  • Three freaking grand.

  • Wait, how much is a gainward phoenix 3080 worth now?

    • +1

      one of them was sold on Ebay for 3k so that make 3090 a bargain haha

      • What the funk! That is an insane price :o

    • gainward phonnix 3080 is the LHR version, I saw one on ebay at $2000 for weeks without selling. the Phantom one currently sold on ebay above 2600, because less and less new FHR cards for selling now, even the used ones selling above 2600 now.

  • +1

    I bought the same brand 3080 from techfast 2 months ago for my gaming pc even though my 2070 super was doing pretty well because I figured chances are the card won't drop to below msrp even when eth2 comes out so its worth buying now if i can mine on it and play halo infinite when it comes out in december with good graphics. I originally wanted a 3070 because they are more efficient but since I couldn't find one below $1400 I figured might as well get a 3080 for $1800 who knows maybe the 3070 might have lacked a bit of raw power. the 3090 I did not buy at $3000 because its nowhere near as efficient in terms of cost to power and electricity cost to power.

    on quickminer medium setting here are its current stats, last few days since crypto gone down not doing as well:

    $8.30 a day
    temp 58
    vram temp 92

    my 2070 super was whisper quiet, the 3080 is a little louder, but not louder than most computers and not louder than my 1 fan graphics cards for sure. very occasionally it will rev up and the fan will blow hard for a few minutes even though the vram temperature never goes above 93. it runs fine on my old 750w power supply no problems so far at least. the card is so heavy it will need a room for a brace to be put underneath it so no second graphics card. 3090 is i think the same size or bigger than the 3080. i don't know if a 3090 will be safe to run on a 750w power supply.

    if i was still on my 2070 I would not buy a 3090 now for the following reasons:
    it won't make even half its cost back before eth2 so there is more than a little risk financially if you want best deal on a card that will play the games you want but will mine.
    halo infinite will likely run well enough on a 3070 or 3080 i think
    i worry the 3090 will be hotter and louder than the 3080 which is already almost too loud for most people who expect modern quiet computers and 92 is already almost too hot to mine on.

    • the actual power consumption is about 220w for the gainward 3080, 92c is bit hot, you can fine tune the card, many people get constant 100mh/s under 90c.

      • yes when i play games it can reach 220 but for mining on that setting it is 156. quickminer fine tunes the card for you, any time i tune the card the performance gets worse. if they are getting 100mh at 90degrees im guessing they have an open rig and run the fans higher.

  • And gone. Dammit, slow again

  • guys is GPU price on the rise again? seems like it is…?

  • I miss when a bit over month ago BPC tech had EVGA FTW3 ultra 3090 for $3000

  • This is a real bargain considering most 3090's are going for $300-500 extra

  • I jumped on this deal last week - ordered and paid pretty shortly after this came up.

    Sadly, only yesterday they advised they "oversold" the product (despite it showing In Stock at the time), and are apparently issuing a full refund, but I'm still waiting for the refund.

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