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Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 3080 10GB LHR Graphics Card $1998 + Delivery @ TechFast


I saw the 3090 getting hate. But what about this guy?

Base Specification
The Gigabyte Gaming OC GeForce RTX 3080 (LHR) 10GB graphics card features a 10GB GDDR6X 320-bit memory interface, 1800 MHz clock speed, PCI-E 4.0, 1 x HDMI, 3 x DisplayPort, HDCP support, OpenGL 4.6 and DirectX 12 support, and RGB lighting.

Details on the Gigabyte website: https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N3080GAMING-OC-10G...

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      Sweet as, where you getting that from ?

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    3090 is not even 20% faster than 3080 except the vram but costs 50% extra and the gainward cards are out of the world ugly so I say given that neither are at RRP this one is better

    • Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated

  • Is LHR profitable for mining now? Is it ending or still unknown?

    • Yes

    • yes, even the 3060 LHR can still make a couple of bucks a day atm.

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      Depends what you mean by profitable.

      Using NiceHash on auto it will make about $4.50 AUD a day after electricity. So would take over a year to mine the cost back.

      You could prob make more by using a different miner. But NiceHash is the easiest.

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        I gross ~3usd a day on a 2070 before electricity costs on Ethermine. Thats at ~30MH/s

      • NH definitely makes it easier (as suggested by blackfalcon53) and a great place to start or even stay. Getting paid out by NH in BTC is great.

        I mine with NH on my 5700XT but with my 3080ti I mine Ergo using herominers pool. If I didn't want to hold some Ergo, if I didn't I'd probably just use NH.

        Most LHR cards will mine ERG, RVN and CFX very well. Mining is definitely profitable now but will be interesting to see what happens when ETH moves from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. There is going to be a lot of hash-power that will move to alt coins

        This is what I like to check for profitability https://whattomine.com/gpus

    • look up nicehash calculator.

      as a guide quickminer takes a small few percentage of your mining income compared to other mining software where you have to set up everything yourself.

      as far as i know LHR cards are right now about 60% as profitable as a non lhr card because ethereum still the best to mine. but when eth2 comes out who knows what will happen. but chances are it won't matter if its lhr or not when ethereum is no longer minable.

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      I used to mine BTC what feels like a decade ago, so I thought i'd check. 4 minutes of google searching and … Maybe ?


      If you can maintain ~$7 a day, ~$200/month, it's less than 12 months to pay back the investment in a 3080 or 3080Ti.

      But, only if the conditions stay stable. If it drops to $5/day or $3/day, that's going to be closer to 18-20 months.

      Not that the 3080 Ti does much (sigh) other than add $500 to an already ferociously overpriced GPU. Judging by the 'skew' of return/profitability is between 200 and 300 days, IDK.

      The GPU uses around 6kw/day (250w/h), so for a 'typical' $0.28/kWh for power (YMMV), it's an extra $1.50 in power each day (roughly), ~$6.87 / ~$8.30 per day, for 3080 LHR vs 3080, is a difference of $237 vs $280 /month. Given the current GPU pricing is … abysmal, and the returns are unstable, i.e. prone to exchange losses and difficulty spikes … you might break even in 9-12 months.

      But, you would also likely be better off with older GPUs, even the $1k 3060 Ti than spending $2k on the 3080, or getting any Radeon card, or even the 10/20 series GPUs from 5-8 years ago. I can't imagine that the LHR's difference of ~20% will hold the hordes back, but 8-12 months is a long time to expect a return. Especially if there's more GPU's coming down the pipeline, which will dilute the eth value, mining returns, and increase pool sizes and difficulty.

      • Interesting. If I went for this I was only hoping for around $500 by around Xmas, maybe Feb and I would be happy.
        I need 3080 performance to drive a 3800x1600 resolution too, so a lower gpu tier probably isn't the best for me.

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    GPU at nearly 2x MSRP are a deal

    Meanwhile, PS5/Xbox X above RRP are a rip-off….

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      Cool story.

      Edit: read this comment wrong and made a shitty reply.

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        An up vote for your honesty sir.

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      yep, everyone building a gaming PC for $4K+ (without a decent monitor) while get to spend some of that $4K on a sweet 65" OLED and enjoy it with my XSX, crazy. Playing the same PC folks in Warzone (I do have a PC too but rather game on my XSX + OLED)

      • difference is your OLED doesnt make you money, only loses.

        • Yeah but an OLED looks way better!

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    What a joke lol should be 1400

  • super cards are coming early next year….NVIDIA just milking it :p

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      yeah right, at what price
      Nvidia is already milkin $$ like crazy, 3080ti - 3% faster - double the price - SOLD out

      at least AMD hasnt treated their customers like mugs by releasing slight variations to cards - what a shify model

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    Il stick with my 1080ti for another year stuff these scalping prices

    • Yep.. got my 2070 super still going strong at 1440p

      • of course its "still going strong" its only one year older than the current gen

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    tired of waiting
    ordered one

    prices aren't dropping any time and will likely only go up

    this is a good card: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7S3Dss4oRk

    thanks OP

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      wise man

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      no thermal pad on the backplate!! yikes…..these can card get really hot with memory junction temp. Even gaming gets up to 100c and mining gets up to 110c.


      need to do this to make memory temp cooler:

      • My memory junction temps with this card max out at 78C. Haven't replaced thermal pads and only have stock fans.

        • Is yours a 3080 Gaming OC FHR from the first batch? Or the LHR one in this deal? I have the original FHR one and it maxed 110c memory temps while mining. Had to do the mem pad mod, which was a huge improvement.

          • @SneakyBastd: Only mined for like half an hour for shits n gigs, so can’t comment on what it’s like under longer duration.

            It’s the og version with full hash tho. Which as I understand it, due to the potential of incorrect thermal pad installation is still potentially going to develop overheating problems down the track.

            • @sickaunt: Ok interesting! 78c while mining is remarkable for our model of card. It'll max temps very quickly while mining, so 30 mins is plenty to test it.
              If you do replace the memory pads, I found 3mm for the backplate and 2mm for the memory chips on the front worked just right. GL.

              • @SneakyBastd: Oh nah, I didn’t check temps when mining. Just gaming at high GPU%, which no doubt would have lower thermals than mining at 100% GPU.

      • Temps aren't super bad, but isn't this the one with the really dumb PCB design that has those special connectors which then make the card longer than it should be?


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      What is the correlation? 3 hours a day still requires GPUs. Am I missing something?

      • Isn't it 3 hours a week?
        I don't think it'll really affect prices much but the correlation could be that young Chinese gamers move to other hobbies, thus demand decreases.

  • Need a deal on gaming desktop…

  • My 1080ti is hitting like 82 degrees consistently while playing OW. Is this shop legit?

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      Yes, Techfast is often featured here for great deals.

      • Thanks mate.

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      They are reliable, just some times it takes a while to send your card. but everyone received their the card ordered.

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      As others have said, reliable, delivery can be a while on computer builds, but a single card shouldn't be too long I think, ask Luke, he's their rep on this site

      I've bought a dozen or so comps through them for myself and others.

  • That's the thing, while most here are holding out for lower prices, others are pulling the trigger and enjoying their time gaming. A tale of sides in the gaming PC gaming world

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    This pricing is not amazing but then again not sure where GPU prices are going… Tempting to upgrade my RTX2080 given used value is also going up, holding out for $1699 again still would be a $1000 upgrade at this price from a RTX2080

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    One day someone will have to explain to me why we are being penalised in part because some people decided to get together and make fake money at the expense of the environment and everyone else.

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      because we live in a capitalist society

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        You know what, I asked and you answered. Kudos.

    • Greed.

      On an unrelated note, did you take that photo in your profile pic, because it's awesome?

      • Hey man, thanks. I did indeed. Appreciate the comment.

  • OOS

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    Disgusting price

  • The 6900 XTs were cheaper than this for a long time. I thought prices peaked?