[Pre Order, PC] Battlefield 2042 $62 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I for one will not be pre ordering but others might be.

Release date is now November, 19 2021.

Hopefully they're pushing it back to ensure the game runs bug-free but who knows.

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        but that does seem to be the go with modern 'updated' games.

        • I agree, especially on Nintendo but I'm pretty sure this is a brand new game
          There is 2142 and this one 2042 which are not the same.

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    Wish Steam would stop plugging their $89.95 price. vultures

    • Steam always does that with most pre-order AAA games though

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      Steam doesn't set the price. They're a storefront selling what is ultimately a competitor's product. Valve get a sizeable cut of the sale but the publisher, EA, sets the price. EA will need to pay Valve for the privilege of selling through Steam so they're probably keeping the price high to protect their profit margin. I feel your outrage should be directed at EA rather than Steam.

      • I agree 90%. I think steam is taking a big cut from sales which hurts the smaller guys and deserves some flack.

        • Yet the sheer number of customers you can market to and convert to paying customers on steam makes up for it somewhat. Or in our capitalist world, they can start their own product to sell games cheaper and take a smaller cut?

  • Thanks ordered

  • Is this a good price?

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      If I were a betting man I'd probably put a couple dollars on this being the cheapest it will get this year.

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        Harvey has it for $69 and can take advantage of $30 off $100 spend through latitude pay.

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          I dislike Harvey with a passion.

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        I made the same bet for BF1 ultimate edition only to see it drop 50% for Christmas :(

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      The only good price for a pre-order is zero.

  • How do Amazon PC game codes work? Like can I redeem it to a Steam or Origin key?

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      It would be through Origin.

    • Is this a physical copy or digital download? The fact it has dimensions make me think it's a disc

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        I don't think they do discs anymore, noone has DVD drives anymore so pointless

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        It is a physical copy with a code inside, they haven't done disks in physical copies for a long time.

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          Even when BF3 was disks I still had to download so much! Was awful considering the internet I had back then.

      • Thanks everyone for the clarification! Had no idea they sent out boxes with codes. Seems like a waste of materials/transport so will stick with download.

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      The last game I ordered through amazon (Fallout 76) they sent out a physical box with the redeem code inside. This meant I didn't get the game until 3-4 days after the game went live.

  • Thanks OP, cancelled my previous pre-order for $69

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      You dont have to, amazon have preorder price gurantee, so you will pay the lowest preorder price after your order.

    • Doesn't Amazon have their best price guarantee for preorders though?

    • nice

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    from memory Battlefield releases are typically rough on launch.

    • I believe the term you are looking for is "pre-Beta stage undeveloped rubbish".

      On the up-side, at they aren't releasing their content in a completely broken alpha stage of development like some of the industry-worst developers, like what Grinding Gear Games does to Path of Exile.

  • Ive only ever had one preorder arrive on time from Amazon. They used to have a launch day guaranteed delivery but something always went wrong. Others may have had better luck.

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      Well with how rough Battlefield launches are, it is probably a good thing if the order doesn't arrive on release day XD

      • Too true.

  • Is this physical copy? Amazon doesn't deliver the code through email?

    • Hah I literally said to a friend I shared the link with, who cares if it's a week late

    • It is a physical copy with only a code in it.

  • I'm in, thanks

  • thx op, preordered

  • seems cheap for a new game? buy now or wait?

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      Cheapest I've seen so far.

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      cheap … or all its worth?

      • Nothing has indicated so far it's anything near worth a $60 game.

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    Very good price but I shall wait for review first so I don't make the same mistake as I did with cyberpunk ;(

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      Or play the open beta coming out early next month. Make your decision then.

      • Open beta does not reflect the final game though… beta is for testing and finding bugs before release of the full game.

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          Well I think if there was an open beta for CP2077 more people would know to avoid it

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          From my experience with beta releases and as an IT consultant, any open beta will largely reflect the release product. Feedback will be gathered sure, and the easiest fixes will be applied, but any large gameplay issues worth not buying the game will likely not be fixed within a month.

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          If it's good in the open beta, it's not going to get worse when it goes gold.

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      Always wait for reviews unless you get peer pressured into playing or being left out of your social group.

      In which case the bro code comes into effect and you do whatever the group wants. Pre order away

  • I spoke to Amazon Customer Service. They said you get a code for the beta via email when the beta becomes available and you’ll receive the product on the release date. Which is a box (assuming it’s a BF2042 cover) with a redeemable code inside.

    Any one else reached out to them and received the same feedback I’ve been given?

    • I think last time someone said this is valid for US customers only.

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      there won't be a beta due to the recent 4 week dely and time constraints in getting the actual game complete…we will be the testers upon release. battlefield games are alway broken in the first few weeks… unless you want to be an unpaid game tester, dont pre-order.

      • Source? Can't see why the beta period wouldn't also be pushed.

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          From Amazon:


          Thanks for your pre-order ######## for Battlefield 2042 - Windows PC. We are currently trying to source your beta code and expect that code will be available to you by Tuesday, 5 October 2021.

          If you'd prefer to cancel this order, please visit ‘’Your Orders’’ at http://www.amazon.com.au/yourorders to cancel your order, or for more options.

          Amazon Customer Service

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            @darkly: I just got mine today.

            • @Fixel99: Did you manage to redeem it?

              • @SickDmith: Yep I was able to

                • @Fixel99: From Amazon? I haven't received anything more from them yet.

                  Was it Steam or Origin?

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                    @darkly: Yep from Amazon. I had been pestering them about it a few days prior so it might have been because of that. And it was Origin. I wouldn't have expected a Steam code.

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                      @Fixel99: I spoke to Amazon

                      The Game itself is a physical copy sent to us with an Origin Key inside.
                      The Beta code varies and we could be emailed either a Steam Key or Origin Key by Tuesday 5 October 2021.

                • @Fixel99: Nice.
                  Did you get the game tile added to your Origin once you redeemed it?

  • Another price drop to boost lackluster preorder numbers

    Lets hope they pull a BF4 and salvage it (looking at you BFV)

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    best of luck to those pre ordering an EA/DICE game.

    • They'll be back here acting like they are 15 levels down in a salt mine within a day or so of the game's release.

  • If I want to preorder does it make sense to preorder Standard version and buy season pass later or preorder Gold from the beginning?

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    It's not a pre-order when Amazon doesn't even charge you until it's shipped.

    • They do charge you if you have account credit/gift card balance

    • If you have an existing Amazon account, you'll be charged.

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    Don't pre order people

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      Games are ok, just not people?

      • I preordered a baby with, at and in my wife. I hope it ends up being an alpha, not a beta.

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    So many people never learn from not to pre-order games.

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      And others just keep saying 'don't pre-order' because it's the cool thing to do.

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      literally never been burned by preordering, learn to do your due diligence instead of parroting nonsense online

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    I know not to pre-order, but I haven't bought a BF in ages (Since V). Just wish this was a GamePass type title as I would like to play/try it on my big screen tv. (Yet I suck playing FPS on my XSX).
    Geez. Dunno if I'll even meet min specs. Got a 970 and a Ryzen 5 1600..

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      If you have Xbox gamepass for PC, you have access to EA play which will give you a 10 hour trial to play the full game as if you owned it when it releases.
      Hopefully that's enough time to decide if you want to buy it

  • Do they also have 100gb updates like cod warzone?

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      Last Battlefield didn't have massive updates, so I'm going to say no.

  • It's $60 here and you can specify which platform? Why's my link different to yours and $2 cheaper?


    • This is Amazon US link

      • lol ty just realised facepalm oh and do you know if OPs deal is for origin or steam?