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[Pre Order, PC] Battlefield 2042 $62 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I for one will not be pre ordering but others might be.

Release date is now November, 19 2021.

Hopefully they're pushing it back to ensure the game runs bug-free but who knows.

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        • Other commenters have suggested it's origin code. I can't see that on the post though

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    Just wanna let people know, if you want access to the early access open beta without preordering, it comes with EA Play. So if you haven't redeemed your $1 games pass or already have games pass then you can redeem your included EA Play subscription and be eligible. Also you get a 10 hour trial for the early launch on November 12th as well.

    • Whats this $1 deal? I can't seem to find it

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    The gold and ultimate editions have the Year 1 Pass Pack: 4 New Specialists (1 per Season of the Year 1 Pass), 4 Battle Passes (1 per Season of the Year 1 Pass), 3 Epic Skin Bundles (”Blistered Earth”, ”Tempest”, and ”Cold Blood”).

    If we just buy the standard edition do we have to pay for battle passes later too to get that extra content? How does this shit work?

    • Yes.

    • So they're going the specialist path like Rainbox Six Seige?

    • So they have said that game changing content will be all free, only cosmetics will be selling for money. From the data leaks I've seen, most people think the new specialists will be locked behind a season XP thing, so you play the game, get XP and unlock specialists.
      If you buy the Year 1 pass, you get the cosmetics, plus also instant unlock the new specialists.

      This is all speculation though, I haven't found any direct confirmation of this, other than them saying only micro-transactions are for cosmetics, all game changing stuff will be free.

  • Real mates NEVER let their friends pre-order games. Not once, not ever.

    Especially given the fact that dev's like these never release their games even close to being in a finished state.

  • Wtf i just ordered it for $47 standard delivery. Some $15 promotion applied. I think it was some welcome promotion but I'm not even Prime anymore. I'm not complaining.

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    Anyone else get the Early Access Beta code from Amazon?
    I've redeemed it but nothings showing in my library..

    EDIT: turns out its not ready yet. Countdown here:

    • Ah I was wondering where it was, thanks!

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        I registered my code days ago and im getting this error when I try and play the beta.

        Seems to indicate I don't have early access rights, hopefully it clears up when the beta actually opens.

        EDIT: You can preload it by navigating to BF2042 in the Origin store and selecting "try it"

        • I think it's because the beta hasn't started yet? That's what I got from my research on Reddit haha

          • @opadi: @opadi yeah hopefully its just that, though I would of expected a message saying its not open yet rather than a prompt to pre-order the game.

    • I pre ordered with this deal last week, but haven’t received a code yet. I contacted Amazon customer support and asked when I would receive the beta access code.
      This was the response:

      “Thank you for your email.

      You will receive your code within 24 hours of the game being released. You will receive this code via email.

      If you need any further information, please let me know and I will be happy to help.”

      • I still haven't received my code. Went through about 6 customer reps before they told me there was a problem on EA end and I have to wait 24 hours for them to send the code to Amazon to send to me.

        Seems like a cop-out.

        Anyone in the same boat?

  • got the code, redeemed via Origin, however the game wasn't showing up in the library. Trying the code again says it was redeemed. Now downloading beta via 'Try it', will see what happens =/

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    Gosh this game feels awful. I know it's a beta, but horribly disappointed by the gameplay and atmosphere. Cancelled pre-order.

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      Same. Very disappointing.

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      Same here

  • Looks like it's back in stock (now $69).

    Has anyone received their code yet? I'm guessing they email it to you rather than post a box with a code in it?

    Also - can this code be redeemed in steam or is it for origin only?

    • No these ones are posted supposedly. Will be for origin only.

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