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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones - Black $249 Delivered @ MyDeal


Colour: Black
Overall Dimensions: 18cm x 17cm x 8cm (HxWxD)
Product Weight: 0.3kg
Audio Cable Length: 1.2m
USB Cable Length: 30cm
Battery: 20h

Great price when combined with 12% Cashback from Cashrewards

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  • I wish nc 700 would be in similar price. I like the aesthetic of that.

    • I'm with you. That design just speaks my language.

      • +8

        Before you pull the trigger, I'd suggest trying some on in a store. I really wanted them but they were a lot less comfortable than my QC35's. Maybe I've just got a big Caucasian head but they are far tighter than others so I couldn't imagine hours wearing them. I'll upgrade to the qc45 as soon as a deal arrives, and I agree they are not as attractive as 700s.

        • Thanks for the insights. It's hard to try things in this Corona era. I already have Sony XM4, I wish QC45s have a similar design language to 700s but they're straight up boring 😔.

    • +4

      Close, QC45 just got released.

      • I’ll be posting a QC45 deal in a week. Exciting times!!

        • Ooh really now?

        • If so, I'm keen but with $499 RRP the same as QC35ii I'm hoping for more good deals on both soon. A lot of margin in these units as this and past deals have proven

        • QC45 sounds like a good purchase if you don't already owned a QC35ii. But I doubt we'll see a deal on QC45 this year where the price is under $350 :(

  • +2

    Nice - I did however just buy the nice Sony headphones!

    • the sony is better anyway

  • +4

    Are these AU stock or grey imports?

  • This or Sony xm4?

    • +3

      Xm4 for best anc and sounds. I love my xm4.
      If you are concerned about the microphone, then Bose is the best option.

      Im using my samsung buds live for teams call.

      • sony crushes bose

  • +3

    I've got these, sony, and airpods pro. These are my most frequently used because they're comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

  • +3

    Just a review from my side!

    I had QC35 II for over few years the problem now I’m facing is it’s not connecting very well with latest Bluetooth devices for example Sony Google TV, MacBook Pro M1, etc. I think ths BT version in 4.3 and all latest Bluetooth devices are version 5.

    They still do connect but it’s hit and a miss. Some time connects but cannot get voice working.

  • Waiting for them to come back to amazon, at least my warranty easily workers out with them.

  • +3

    Wow, I've had my QC35-2's since 2018, I remember back when I thought "Oh QC35-3/QC-45" was going to be out by the time my 35's wore out but I amazed that my headphones have lasted this long.

    Battery is not what it used to be (lasts about 12 hours from 18 hours) but damn, I've only had to change the ear lining once a year and even thats only $13~ for a replacement set.

    • Love my QC35's, during lockdown spend the $80 to get a new set of ear cushions and case (zip would only go halfway) and use them for Teams meetings daily

    • +2

      I would buy 100 of them if they sell for $26 each.

  • Has anyone received their product? Mydeal is absolutely hopeless with response…

    • Still waiting here. Don't look at MYDeal on product review.

      • They have finally arrived. (19th) Australia post (Covid) was probably responsible for much of the delay.