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60% off Avanti Flip Top Storage Container 5pce $39.95 + Delivery @ Choicenter


With the airtight Avanti Flip Top Storage Container Set, your pantry staples stay fresh longer. Made of durable and BPA-free plastic, each container comes with an easy-open flip-top lid. The clear bodies of these stackable containers also make contents easy to identify.
Key Features:

BPA-free and durable plastic containers with airtight seal to keep dry goods fresh longer
Clear body makes contents easy to find and identify
Top opens easily with a flip of the handle on the lid
Stackable to save space and keep containers organised
Wide opening and rounded corners let you pour, refill, and clean with ease
Ideal for storing your pantry staples or other knick-knacks

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  • The identical (Anko) product can be purchased from KMart for a third of the price. Yes, the Kmart version has a white seal instead of grey, but Avanti also has white seal versions.


    As for the quality, these are very impressive for the price. I have a few OXO containers (start at around $20 each) and they are just as good.

  • Thank you for your comments

    Every brand is different , even they produce similar products. So the price is different according to the company price margin and quality of raw material

    Anko produces really good products in that price range.

    However," Avanti Flip Top Storage Container 5pce $39.95 + Delivery" is the best deal recently