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    Damn it, just bought something on AliE last night.

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      Yeah but your item probably come before Xmas 😂

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      They jack up prices with a sale anyway, its all bs

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    Aliexpress don't honor their refund policy.

    • +1

      Oh I was under the assumption they do, as I’ve heard from many people. Maybe just unlucky?

    • +3

      Maybe they changed it recently… What I found was:

      • Item not described, AliE is pretty good at providing refund in my experience.
      • Item posted using AliExpress Standard Postage, because AliE is involved in the postage, AliE will wait till the very last day to rule and the system is annoying that if you were to raise item not received before that date, AliE will not rule it (and may even reject it). AliE also has a way to chase up the package on the last day or two to get the last mile carrier to deliver it.
      • Item delivered very close to the final deadline means the cashback reward won't be honoured, because you need to confirm item delivery at a certain date in order for the transaction to be deemed successful for cashback purposes.
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      Used to be rock solid, but over the past 6 months the percentage of items which are not shipped, have fake tracking and/or acknowledgement from end user (me!) that item has been received when it never has, or that result in a follow up email from the seller demanding more money before item can be shipped, has increased alarmingly.

      Worse still, there has been a definite change in AliExpress's internal policies about resolving. Including for items that should have been received months earlier, their invariable instruction is too wait longer or open a dispute. After explaining that it is impossible to open a dispute when someone other than myself has marked the item has been received when tracking proves it has not, they instruct to wait longer.

      AliExpress are steadily working their way towards a nation-wide blacklist and OzBargain should consider likewise. As someone who was making 10+ orders per week, including many in the hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of transactions, I won't be going back until my half-dozen still unresolved disputes are reconciled and a noticeable change in their ethics and policies result.

    • They did with me, but I only had one transaction where I needed to. I would use PayPal to lodge a claim.

    • +1

      I bought a Samsung battery from them and when I tried to get refund as the battery only charged below half. They replied me after a long time and say it's not their fault but Samsung's. Asked me to write to Samsung and resolve the problem myself! %#%. I lost $20 albeit this was 5 years ago. Never bought from them again. Seems their boss is missing too.

      Compare to the cooker I purchased from Amazon last week. I returned for refund as the material doesn't match specs. They immediately emailed a return label to me and when I post in the local post office, next day I saw the refund $99 back in my account. Wish refund policy was also good.

      • +1

        Aliexpress is like ebay. You are very much taking a risk with big ticket items, though you are generally safe if you buy from official stores.

    • +2

      I buy lots of items from AliExpress, eBay and Amazon. I've always found AliExpress the hardest to deal with when I have issues. Both with the seller and AliExpress, you only have to look at the average seller feedback on AliExpress, it's not unusual to see feedback below 80%, but on eBay it's rare to see any seller below 95%, even the sellers from mainland China. I've had to raise a dispute about a seller on 2 occasions with eBay and AliExpress, on both occasions I was happy with the outcome from Ebay but disappointed with AliExpress. I now only shop from AliExpress when the price is so much cheaper than buying it from anywhere else. In saying that, I've probably bought about 100 items from AliExpress and only had 2 bad experiences.

    • I've almost got all of my refunds I've ever submitted. Must have been at least 10 to 20 refunded items.

  • +5

    Can't endorse any AliExpress deals at present.

    No reflection on the OP, but I welcome feedback from those who partake in this deal to report back on what percentage of items are never shipped, result in emails demanding increased payment before shipping, falsified tracking and falsified buyer confirmation of items received when they haven't been, all compounded by AliExpress's utter disinterest in resolving buyer complaints even after obvious non-delivery of paid items weeks and months past their due date and email evidence of sellers demanding more money.

    Admittedly, I am a sample of one, but I have made hundreds of purchases over the past three years via dozens on different sellers on AliExpress. There has been a profound shift in AliExpress's conduct towards Australian buyers over the past six months. Shop with them at your peril…

    • +5

      There are vaious times that a tracking number was provided and took 2 - 3 months to realise that they are delivered to Brazil

      Complete waste of time - when ordering don't go for the lowest price only but the lowest price AND top rated seller I suggest.

      • +3

        I agree, many sellers on AliExpress have feedback score below 85% (unheard of on eBay).
        When I find an item sold by multiple sellers I always weigh up the feedback score with the price.
        I'm prepared to pay more to a seller who has better feedback from their customers.

        • +3

          Adding to the insult they just kept on extending the buyer protection for more than once in a hope that you will forget about what you ordered or after the the period you will not be able to lodge a dispute.

          Also, I would suggest not to accept their "apologies and resending the item" because I tried a couple of times and items never arrieved and I am unable to lodge a dispute later on.

          • +1

            @siuol: That was one of my complaints, the seller asked me to deal with them direct and not raise a dispute and they apologized for the mistake etc etc and they will send a new one. It never happened after several reminders on my behalf. I later raised a dispute but AliExpress was not interested as the window had closed, even though I was able to send the sellers emails admitting fault and saying they will fix it.

      • -1

        Nothing surer.

        Given the local seller-favoured bent of their support - even for Diamond buyers - I never even consider buying from anyone with less than 95%.

        Particularly when you realise that it is often impossible to leave negative reviews for products which have never been received or even dispatched in the case of those with the common modus operandi of demanding more money before shipping items due to increased freight or problem with customs. Most sellers would have even worse ratings if there was a more transparent way to leave honest feedback.

    • +5

      I've made 200+ purchases over the last 5 years. In that time I've had 4 non-deliveries, one partial delivery (missing item) and one not-as-described dispute. In all cases AliExpress found in my favour and provided the requested refund. (One non-delivery ended up arriving after ~6 months.)

      Delivery time and quality of packaging are both highly variable. In one case I had an empty packet arrive with a hole in it where the item had obviously slid out in transit (yes, refunded).

      I've not had any of the issues you describe. How can buyer confirmation be falsified?

      • +1

        Same here, experience has been fine for me with AliExpress and I've purchased probably 100? Items at this point, definitely at least 50.

        Main issues I had was ordered from bulbs, all arrived broken (the guy used horrible packaging), also some late deliveries.

        Now with PayPal, worst case you can dispute via Paypal

        • i didn't have an option to pay through PayPal, how do i pay through PayPal?

          • @Rickrone: Check out and "select payment method" or if it's your card set up then click on your card details and option for PayPal should appear

            • +1

              @BarginGrabber: let me give that a try. i just have my credit card on file. i like to go through PayPal for the peace of mind.

              thank you.

      • +1

        "How can buyer confirmation be falsified?"

        I wish I knew. I never experienced it once in my first two or three years and consider myself a pretty high-use customer, but it has happened on a dozen occasions in this year, and from different sellers on each occasion since I'd never do repeat business with a seller who I'd experienced it with. Searching on reddit and google, it has sprung up as a common "hack" in recent months.

        Despite my Diamond customer status and having asked the question multiple times in the past six months, AliExpress have never elaborated beyond saying they'll take action against the seller. None of whom appeared to have suffered any consequence.

        Since the item is already marked as received, you have the choice of either leaving a negative review for a product and service which was never fulfilled and then pursuing support for a refund or chasing up support from the outset, but forfeiting the ability to review a dishonest seller.

        With enough stamina, you'll usually end up getting an agent who will refund the order, but it is happening so frequently of late - that there standard response of saying wait another 8 weeks means I have many unfulfilled orders, including from sellers who visibly claim via their own messaging service that they will not send the parcel without more payments - which AliExpress advise you should never agree to and is against their terms.

    • +3

      I buy from AliExpress regularly without issues. Last month an item was not as described and I was refunded fully and kept the item.

    • +1

      Not my experience at all, although I only buy from established stores with 95% + positive feedback. I think the problem a lot of people have is buying from dodgy stores, although I agree Aliexpress should do more to protect customers from those stores.

  • +1

    Had a refund issues with AliExpress in 2010, but the items always good, things to consider that reduce the need for refunds or poor relationship with vendor.

    1 do your research
    2 look at reviews from other people
    3 look at the photos
    4 check the information regarding the item
    5 someone in the community usually responds
    6 expect delays.

  • dang it, i just bought $200 worth of crap.

    meh, its just $15 off so like 7.5% discount for me.

    best deal is to spend $28 to get $4 off which is roughly 14% off. i think the rest gives you 11% off.
    looks like im buying more crap, thanks a lot buddy.

    • The codes likely wouldn't apply to your order. AliExpress codes are usually rubbish

  • +1

    One of my order still in China after 35 days and it was shipped via epacket. Their service from good to bad.

    • That's a worry for ePacket, which regular users will usually tell you is amongst the fastest and most reliable tracked services. I often pay extra for ePacket when available because of their preferable service.

      ePacket is typically suggested to have a 20 day max delivery time from China to Australia. Hopefully it's just shipping delays and not just the increasingly common failure of many AliExpress sellers to fulfill the order as promised…

      • ePacket is and has been slower than AliExpress standard shipping for at least the past 6 months. The AliExpress standard shipping has improved a lot from about that time.

        • Can't say that I've had the same experience.

          AliExpress and Cainan typically have estimates more than twice that of eParcel. I know that all carriers have had challenges getting product out of China and into Australia for the past eighteen months, but I'm unaware and genuinely curious about how this would not have impacted the usual Chinese carriers, or how they've actually improved in recent times. I've read plenty of recent forums from AliExpress regulars but haven't heard this before. What's the theory?

          • @UncleRico: I've bought probably 30-40 items on AliExpress over the last 6 months. My AliExpress standard shipping up until about a month ago has been arriving in about 2 weeks. I haven't had a single ePacket item arrive within 3 weeks.

            Someone did mention on watchuseek that AliExpress standard shipping was improved about 6 months ago as well but I'm not 100% sure what they did to improve it. Just know that everyone started talking about how they too were getting their packages in a couple of weeks, where it often used to take 60-90 days. To the point that they would forget they'd even ordered some stuff that was turning up.

            • +1

              @Hagla: I follow that WUS thread. I'm getting all my watches, parts and tools much quicker than any time in the past two years. But guess why? Because I have to pay or pay more for shipping. (Yeah, I know 'free' shipping was factored into the cost before.) I'm sick to death of the dispute system which I am increasingly using. 'Extend, extend, extend' says Aliexpress. Or post it back to China for a refund/exchange. You pay, then we'll pay you back. WTF! No! I'm not paying for their incompetence.

            • @Hagla: Agree. Ordered 100 item over two months with most arriving within 2.5 weeks.

              Some take just over 3 weeks now due to slow Auspost.

          • +1

            @UncleRico: I finally received my Aliexpress order this morning after 55 days via ePacket. If anyone order now will expect to get their order after the New Year.

            • @KOBH: Glad to hear that it turned up, even if it was 35+ days late.

              I've had no such luck with six separate orders from six different sellers, all with 95%+ ratings, all more than three months overdue. And AliExpress still wonder refund and concede they were never sent - inspite of half of them being accompanied by messaging saying they required more money than already paid to ship them.

              AliExpress is rapidly devolving into an extension of the CCP policy of defrauding Australians at every turn…

    • +1

      That's normal at the moment, the entire Australian postal network has colossal delays inbound, outbound, and in-country.

  • I've recently bought a couple orders from multiple sellers, ranging from $100 - $200 per seller and found shipping quicker than expected. I did try to cancel an order and the seller said they already shipped it, which is fair enough but i think they just did it to not lose an order. I've requested a few refunds where the item hadn't arrived and had no issues so far, but they haven't been expensive items.

  • +1

    I bought a burrito blanket from Aliexpress back in July, according to the shipping information its still stuck in China and the prices for the item have jumped up 2x so I'm just waiting forever now.

    • +1

      Acknowledging that shipping times have obviously been impacted by the worldwide pandemic, in my experience, anytime a product is available on sale or has a rapidly escalating price due to supply and demand, and hasn't left their warehouse within a week… you're never going to see it.

      Many sellers just seem to have a philosophy of late (at least with Australian buyers) that if they aren't making the margin they want or can elsewhere, they will not abide by the contract of sale. Not least since AliExpress do nothing to compel them except approve a refund, often months after the unfulfilled order.

      I hope I'm wrong in your case.

    • have a + for burrito blanket

  • +3

    I've had a really challenging time with refunds through AliExpress and had to engage my bank who is now considering putting a freeze on any transactions to this merchant due to others also having the same issue.

    I'd be very wary of buying something no matter how cheap it may be because of this.

  • Most of the products I wanted to order had free shipping, but when i add them to cart, they show extra shipping cost. Which means I have to buy each item using buy now button to get free shipping. If I add all items to cart they would come to more than $100 + $61 shipping making this discount worthless. I believe this is done on purpose.

    • You can change the shipping type before checkout. Sounds like you should be able to change it to free shipping.

      • But when the item is added to cart, there is only paid shipping options available. No free shipping option available (but is available on buy now option)

    • try usd

  • +1

    Their shipping has gotten worst over the last 6 months. Used to take 3-4 weeks at best, now it's taking 2 months for some items. Seems they've changed shipping methods, apparently all items are now tracked but we all know the tracking numbers are all bs

    • The whole world is experiencing massive delays in logistics due to the pandemic. Shouldn't be much of a surprise anymore.

      • I understand that, but I also shop at bang good and their shipping hasn't gotten this bad.

  • +2

    AliExpress has an alarming number of fake taking cases and they do nothing about it. Look for other alternatives.

  • will be no cashback if using those code, right?

    • +1

      Last couple of sales I've received cash back successfully when using codes

    • AliExpress push these coupons hard to their affiliates and offer a lot of incentives across many products. They should track no problem.

  • Do these codes tend to be usable multiple times?

    • Yes they can, used 9TS7 to get $7 off on two different orders

  • good timing.
    everyone ready???? 4 mins to go

  • -2

    "Please enter a valid promo code." - standard Xi

    • +1

      same here doesnt work 9TS4
      but 9TS7 is fine.

      • -1

        They must have removed 9TS4 from the sale. When I posted, 9TS4 was listed in this link.

  • 9TS7 used up already, i was too slow :(

    • i got it.
      just now. sydney time 6.10pm made payment
      weird. try again?

      also works with any item i think not just the ones with sale banner. just try yourself

  • Please enter a valid promo code

    • All three coupons are still working.

  • I cant use 9TS15. This promo code has a usage limit. Please apply another code.

    • That's weird, just tested that one on an item i'm watching and it works

      Edit: tested all 3 and they seem to work for me. Wish there was a bigger one though.

      • What are you planning to buy?

        • Been looking at a Bafang ebike motor

      • Probably you can only use each code once :/

        • Yes I know, was testing them all in response to the users above that are saying they’re all expired or not valid 🙂

          • @Chickenleg: try testing with any items as well not just ones with Trend Spotting banner

  • How do you prioritise top rated sellers in your search result?

    • once you have done a search you will see the options "Best Match - Orders - Newest" near the top right of the search - click on orders - these are the top selling items - usually the best sellers and best reviews

      also when comparing price - always go for "aliexpress standard shipping" as its very reliable and arrives fast - some of the other shipping options are unreliable and not worth bothering with

  • Tried all codes and showing it has been used up. PERTH 430PM

  • When time do they reset the codes?