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NordVPN: 95% Cashback for New Customers, No Cap @ Cashrewards


30 day money back guarantee from Nord for peace of mind.

Cashback is eligible for new NordVPN customers only.

Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

The amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

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  • go tthis last time money just got put through.

    • Im stil l waiting….

  • +8

    Can confirm that my cashback from the last 95% NordVPN deal was confirmed, $111.66 on a $113.92 purchase = $2.26 for 2+ years.

    Can also confirm that selecting another country e.g. the US to avoid the 10% GST will not affect your cashback.

    In retrospect I'm not actually sure why I received 98.01% cashback instead of the advertised 95%, but I'm not complaining..

    • +1

      Hey dogsryummy,

      Does NordVPN work with Netflix/ Paramount Plus US, UK ?

      Do they support other locations like Canada ?

      I've been using VanishedVPN for many years mainly because Netflix USA.

      • Using Nord vpn from the past 6 months and yes it works with Netflix US and others. I does support locations like Canada, japan, South Korea (found some interesting content on Netflix South Korea)

        • +1

          Not very good on Japan Netflix as I seem to get disconnected every 30min and have to refresh a lot

        • I am able to use Netflix US but no paramount , Amazon or Disney plus . What’s the trick to get into this ?

      • how about prime

      • +1

        I use it regularly for Canada (my partner is Canadian), great as it works across other platforms like CBC (Canada's main broadcaster, I watched shows like Burden of Truth and it has the entirety of the great British baking show on there which is a lockdown necessity). It could have issues with caching on the Canadian one at times, but it was generally good, never disconnected just sometimes slow.

        Paramount plus has different accounts for global vs US. So if you try log into the US it'll just tell you your account doesn't exist. It works on other countries (I tried Paramount+ Canada, it doesn't exist in the UK yet) but there's next to no content, much like here.

        It has been pretty solid. I know there's various security issues with it but the other day I was downloading at 25MB/s (bytes, not bits) while connected to it.

      • +3

        Everyone here is misleading. Nordvpn DOES NOT 100% currently work with US, Canada, other countries Netflix. Just google it and you'll see that Netflix has started blocking VPNs lately and have introduced a new system to detect VPN IPs. They've also gone as far to blocking some residential IPs as well. If it does work it maybe a lucky situation.
        I strongly suggest against buying this service assuming you'll be able to watch US Netflix amongst others. This is not to say it won't work for other countries because it does however its not as reliable as it once was few months ago.
        Should also be noted that, netlfix is targeting all VPNs and not just Nord so there's really no win situation.

    • Just to make it clear, if I get the 2 year plan for $137.24 I should get a return of 95% from cashrewards? How long did you have to wait for the cashback?

      Current vpn just ended, so this is very tempting.

      • That amount seems unusually high, did you leave GST on by any chance?

        • +1

          That's including nordpass premium whatever that is… and $12.48 GST

          • +2

            @Steakz: From what I remember last time, NordPass Premium doesn't give you cashback, so you'll be paying out of pocket for that. Only the standalone plan nets you the 95% cashback. Untick that unless you need it specifically.

            GST doesn't give you cashback either, so you should bypass that by selecting another country like the US.

            With your current selection, you'll only get 95% cashback on the $89 portion of the plan, so that works out to be $84.55 cashback on a $137.24 purchase, which isn't great imo.

          • +2

            @Steakz: @Steakz,

            NOTIFICATION : 1 to 7 Days
            ESTIMATED APPROVAL: Up to 95 days
            Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

            I removed nordpass and register in USA to avoid tax.
            $89 for 2 year (AUD122.56 + international exchange rate)

            Hope that help

            • +1

              @Darkfurnus: And @dogsryummy thank you gents for being so informative, much appreciated. đź‘Ť

    • +1

      The reason you got more was because change in exchange rates probably.

    • +1

      AUD lower vs USD in the couple of months between payment and rebate.

    • did it only take 2 weeks for the cashback money to come back then?
      2 weeks ago was the last deal

  • I’m worried- I just signed up and it prompted me to reset my password. Don’t think I’ve ever used them except for maybe a free trial back in 2018.

    • +1

      Contact Nord and ask for refund.

  • Just received my Cashback this week from the last time this ran - 100% recommend

    • so it only took 2 weeks for the cashback money to come back?

      • Could have been previous to that - Cashrewards says 31/7/21 tracked the sale

        • +1

          Also received from 31.7 deal

  • Waiting for my PIA to expire and get this.

    • +2

      Why not both

  • +1

    How does this compare to Surfshark?

    • +1

      Better surfshark has now moved to the netherlands within the 14 eyes country they also have a history of data servers seisures. I have both but would not trust surfshark for a while till proven otherwise. Nord is also faster and better ping software wise they are similar

      • Thanks!

  • How NordVPN can be compared to Kaspersky VPN?

  • CR failed to track my order..

    • Pulled the trigger as well, it does say notification within 1-7 days. 30 day money back promise so if it doesn't track and CR won't assist, take them up on the promise.

      • +9

        Hi guys. Note that unlike other stores, NordVPN tracking is not instant. They batch reports sales to us in blocks, so please allow between 1-4 hours for it to track into your acct. If it hasn’t tracked by then, it almost certainly won’t and could mean the sale was attributed elsewhere due to plugins etc (use the CR mobile app for better tracking success). You also have NordVPN’s 30-day money back guarantee here which is a huge plus. Cheers.

        • Thanks TA; now for the nervous wait to track, but good tip on the 30 days guarantee.

          • @Dealhunter967671: If you follow the Cashback guidelines, you shouldn’t have any issues :)

            • @tightarse: Just an update: tracking came through @ $113.21 aud (paid $121.93 aud, registered in US tho).

        • Thans TA. I got my tracking notification.

        • I have purchased it yesterday through cashrewards.It has not been tracked yet.It being more than 16 hours now.Can you please assist?

          • @Ss88: Hi. Have you checked your CR acct in case you missed the tracking email? I have no idea how you purchased or if you had AdBlock/Honey/Ublock activated or clicked away before purchase etc. My suggestion is to cancel via the guarantee and re-purchase using the Cashrewards mobile app as this deal ends midnight. Cheers.

            • @tightarse: Thank you.Have cancelled and will reorder through app.Much appreciate your help

              • @Ss88: Anytime. Let us know how you go :)

      • did you get the notification immediately? CR did not track my order.

        • Just got my notification after about an hour.

          • @ajr5k: hopefully, mine comes through as well, else I have to go through the trouble of contacting nord and canceling. I am just getting this for Netflix. It is not worth it for the full price.

  • My 2 year sub ends March 2022, just got renewed to June 2024 for the same deal ($3.30, choose US)

    • +1

      New customers only. I hope you started a new account / email.

      • +1


      • Yup. Looks like I got cheated on the payment page. Was displaying the $89 price on payments page (which seemed reasonable enough) but got charged in USD. Wonder if I can get a refund.

        • The $89 asking price has always been in USD..what do you mean?

        • It's US price, but you'll still get back 95%. It's still peanuts for 2 years, unless you wanted to change to a fee free card

    • How did you manage to get 2 years until June'24 if you bought it today?

    • If you just extended your existing account you won't be getting cashback.

  • Was about to get this but when you get to the payment page the "cashback activated" tick on the chrome extension icon seems to disappear so I'm a bit worried that it may not track properly?

    • +1

      Hi Gimli - hope you are well :) Think I've now fixed this. Please try again and let us know if ok. You can always use the CR App if unsure :)

      • hey TA!
        Thanks for the quick fix. Activation is showing up on check out page!

      • As someone else has already reported, the CR deal page says "95% cashback", but underneath (under "NordVPN Offers & Coupons"), it says "72% off 2yr plan". I'm confused—-are those two just completely unrelated offers (95% is given by CR, while 72% is given by Nord) and therefore both apply/both are stacked together? Thanks.

  • +1

    How is NordVPN for torrent downloads? Asking for a friend!

    • +2

      A friend told me it works just fine.

      • +2

        My friend wanted me to say thanks to your friend

  • +1

    I guess Nord have reduced to 2 years plan instead of 3. Joined a year or two back and got a 3 years plan for less than $5 (95% cashback).

    With respect to accessing OTTs, I felt Netflix, won't matter for which country, loads way too slower with errors. Amazon Prime can't be accessed at all. I use only these two so can't comment on the rest.

    With respect to auto connect and overall speed, does a not too bad job with occasional dropouts and slower response rate. Sometimes it's a good idea not to update and wait for them to fix the errors with the new version updates. I faced a lot of issues with auto connect after updating. Had a word with the support and rolled back to previous version for a while and then updated to a later version after Nord applied the fixes.

    Overall, for just under $5 for three years not a bad deal at all.

  • +1

    For the two-year plan, it is showing $99 instead of the $89 that people are quoting above. So what am I missing?

    • Did you change the country to U.S. ? Also tick off the NordPass thing.

      • +1

        Yes to both.

  • +3

    Have been using Nord for 2 years now and its hot garbage. Frequent drop outs when torrenting, doesn't work with Netflix, far slower than my last vpn (PIA). Always need to try a number of different connections in order to find one that isn't a slug.

  • -1

    Just got this, wondering what do you guys use the VPN for?
    Any recommendation? What's exclusive on Netflix?

    I can only think of using this to pirate NFL and F1 better?

  • New User means new nord email right? And I have used my current Cashrewards account for similar cashback from Nord before. Will this affect this time in any way? :|

  • +2

    I signed up today, my Mastercard (with no international txn fees) was debited $121.93 and within about an hour I got an email from Cashrewards saying they had tracked $113.21, so for 2 years + 3 months NordVPN it's cost me $8.72

    That means it's slightly less than 95% cashback but it's still cheap.

  • +1

    @tightarse, cheeky question! how often does this offer come up with CR? For those who have many months to a year left on their sub?

    • Interested to know too.

    • +2

      Not a cheeky question at all. Whenever NordVPN tells us they want to run an increase and provide us with increased rates, we generally oblige :)

    • Just do a NordVPN search at the top right hand of this site and you'll see all the previous offers.

  • +1

    How to get this deal if you are already claimed this 3 years ago?

    • +2

      New NordVPN email address :)

  • Got the deal but only shows on my click history on CR not My rewards :/ I am very frustrated now

  • -3

    No cap, fax, no printer, copy, no translate

  • +1

    Purchased and recieved email from cash rewards that it has been tracked for $113.21 within an hour.

  • Wonder if someone has tried F1TV via VPN?

  • @TA International transaction fee applies?

  • Thanks!
    tracked for $113.21.

  • @tightarse, the 'new customer' applies to NordVPN right? I've claimed NordVPN cashback via CR before so I'm just wondering if I sign up for a new NordVPN account but claim with the same CR account, I'll still get the cashback right? Thanks.

    • Yep, that’s fine :)

      • Thanks TA. Awesome customer service!

  • +3

    This is my experience from the last deal

    Cashback experience

    Don't forget to disable your adblocker on the Nord site, not only on nordvpn.com but also on nordcheckout.com. You'll be navigated to the second site once you click on Grab the deal from the first site. There's a high chance you'd make a mistake by not disabling the adblocker on their checkout site and ended up not getting your cashback tracked/ validated.

    I can confirm you can avoid the GST by selecting another country and still get your cashback, I chose Sri Lanka. The final price was A$121.93 and got the cashback confirmation for A$111.49. I've received the email within 30 minutes. Slightly less than the claimed 95% but I'm happy as I got a total of 28 months for A$10 (24 Months + 3 Months bonus + 1 month extra as a referral bonus). Too early to comment on the Cashrewards as the cashback is still pending and will be approved in three months only.

    About the VPN

    If you are after a VPN for your Android Tv, then this is a no-go.
    I'm using a Chromecast and I can't ever get connected to the USA/ UK/ Japan servers, but it works fine on the laptop. And the Android tv app is still usable with Netflix on Korea and few EU countries.

    Nord's refund process is pretty seamless, I got refunded for two of my accounts within 5 business days.

  • Thanks, pulled the trigger on this!

  • Just signed up for this and the cashback worked okay… looks like NordVPN double charged me GST though - so added an extra 10% at the checkout, and then another 10% of the GST inclusive amount…

  • +1

    Can confirm. Purchased the 2 year subscription for $121.93 AUD. Got cashback for $113.21. Wasn't subscribed to cashrewards before this so with the $10 referral offer included, I effectively netted +$1.28. Neat.

  • Does checking United States instead of Australia change anything other than payment? And do i have to enter a zip code? New to VPNs

  • When it comes to gaming is nordvpn a good choice or is there better? Like exit lag, express vpn etc etc?

    • Why game with a vpn, it's only going to make things worse.

      • +1


        I bought it and can't even find a match lol.

  • Anyone have any ideas about connecting to Vietnam server? My fam wants to watch some contents in vietnam so very tempting…

    • -1

      What vn content is actually blocked?

  • +1

    Now the 2 year plan is 72% off but Cashrewards says only the plan with 69% off is eligible. It’s been one hour and still haven’t see anything in the transaction history:/

    • I bought late last night it came through after an hour.

  • I'm already on a five year plan (PureVPN) which cost just $50AU but it won't expire for another six months so I'm guessing that this offer would start on sign up? Does anyone that registered know thanks?

    • Well of course it starts at sign-up (and payment made) otherwise there would be no point in signing up. Perhaps I am misunderstanding your question?

      • Certain plans have a start date (such as SIM cards). Anyway I don't need another plan at this time.

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