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Ozito PXC Kit 3-in-1 Blower Vacuum-Mulcher Kit w/ 2 x 4Ah Batteries and 2 x Fast Chargers $100 @ Bunnings


Website shows full price but marked down in the store. Possibly able to price match in other stores /states.

Still few remaining at the Melville store near the garden section.

Great value especially considering the high power batteries and quick chargers.

UPDATE: Not out of stock, people still able to price match at other stores using the receipt. (See cook99's comment below)

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  • State special? It shows as $179 here. They also cancelled my drill order.

    • Just updated the post sorry, it was marked down in the store.

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        You guys can walk into stores in WA? I’m so jealous.

        • +1

          So can I in vic as stores are open up in the regions

        • +5

          We can yea, been quite lucky here. Apart from a few short lockdowns things have been pretty "normal" for the most part.

        • +2

          Well we are hosting the AFL GF tonight, with 60k people cramped like sardines into the stadium. So yes… we can walk into stores… 😬

          • +1

            @moo: 😬

            Good luck in 7 days! Let me know how you go.

            • @cnut: Hey donut (I meant cnut, but autocorrect went with donut…so thought I’d stick with it). Just an update. So far so good, no COVID yet! Phew!

              • +1

                @moo: You’re alive! I’m glad to hear. 😆

          • +3

            @moo: Just remember the GF is just a loan…. you need to hand it back :D

        • You can in Sydney too except in LGAs of concern

      • Are the bags betterthan the corded ozito blower/vac? Mine sprays dust particles all over the place

        • Yea, wonder what's the performance difference with this


        • +1

          It's kinda the same. Maybe very slightly better RE particles getting out of the bag.
          I have both of them and if I'm wearing shorts and I sweat, I come back into the house with a nice think sandy paste on my shins…!

          The uncorded one is decent for spot cleaning little bits but it feels way less powerful than the corded one, if that'd be an issue for you.
          Maybe that's why not as much sand comes out of the bag.

          • @Deviner: I feel that is summer! Sweaty dusty caking

  • really want this but im in qld… shame

    • Worth calling and checking your store I reckon

  • +1

    1 left - display model

    • Oh I was thinking of heading there in the morning, I guess it’s too late now!

      • i saw a couple take 4.

        • 🤦🏻‍♂️

      • Was thinking the same. Anyone seen any in other WA stores?

    • lol. That'd be mine. Should have asked for a bigger discount.

  • Does anyone have photo of mark down or receipt they can share?

    • +11
      • You think other bunning store will price match?

      • +1

        Thanks mate!
        Bunnings Belmont WA have heaps of stock and price matched no question with this receipt!

        • What exactly did you tell them? Coz my store here in NSW straight out refused saying it was another Bunnings store and not a competitor and it can't price match across different states and it's not possible to verify the receipt is legit 🤷🏻‍♂️

          • +2

            @tojy: "can you price match Bunnings Melville who had these for $100 over the weekend? I didn't make it there in time, here is a photo of a receipt showing the price / same item"

            Might be because both stores are in WA

            • @cook99: Thanks mate! Yeah probably a state thing then :/

        • +1

          @cook99 are you able to share your receipt from Bunnings Belmont?

  • Wonder what the ghost-mulching power is like on that ethereal blower!

  • Got the last one I think.

  • +3

    Doesn't look to be widely available, which is a shame because it's great value with the 2 x 4aH batteries…

  • Anyone get this price in NSW?

    • +1

      Showing $170 on the Powerpass.

      (in Sydney)

      Would have bought it at $100.

    • +2

      Tried asking for a price match using the docket but they refused :/

  • +2

    No luck in Newcastle

  • Can these battery be used in the drill?

    • Yes, I use the 4.0ah on the Brushless Drill Driver

  • Don't think this applies in QLD, employees knew nothing about it when I went in store and were still priced at $179.

  • -3

    I wouldn't bother with this if you actually need to vacuum anything other than a small amount of leaves with it.

    4ah of 36v batteries are only going to provide around 5 minutes of meaningful vacuum suction.

    • +2

      Rubbish comment…….. I have this model and can easily get 20 minutes at full suction out of it I can do my full yard and driveway with ease

      • +2

        Have to agree, generally I blow everything in to a pile so only need I guess… 5 minutes of full suction anyway :)

  • Anyone successfully match price in Victoria? Thanks

    • +1

      From bunnings VIC,

      Unfortunately, our price guarantee applies to lower prices from competitors only, not between our own stores.
      The Melville Bunnings store is in WA which is outside our area and not a store we would mark down items to match with.

      Cranbourne Warehouse

  • 179 at bunnings maroochydore. Heaps in stock

  • First 20 mins debate @ bunnings munnopara west south Australia, with sales people up to manager, and ending even calling bunnings from melvillewas a big no, they are not on 100$ sale, but because i was nice 😅 sold me one for 100$

  • Tried in both Belmont and Cannington WA, showed them the receipt, they both said they do not price match other Bunnings stores..

    • Firstly in my case manager said same thing, after challenging their match price beat by 10% policy couple times, I got the sale. I would upload my photo here but i dont know how, please excuse the new members :D

      Have used same receipt, thank you cook99 for sharing it!

      • Could you share what points you made to convince them? Or what you clause you quoted? As they just refuse to acknowledge it is a 'Live Item' sale and not 'markdown' I.e. in the case of a 'markdown'/'clearance' they are not obligated to price match.

        • +1

          Basically yes i was being told that they dont price match bunnings sale, as it could be a stock clearence/display item etc excuses and so on.
          Have asked who decides when they are making a price match, obviously its them, so basically whatever arguments i bring they can bounce them anyway, so basically i have challenged their 10% price bit policy that is fake advertising.
          I recon i only got the sale because whole time i was nice and a previous costumer of this bunnings, unlikely they remembered my face but i said i will reconsider before going back, as i have another bunnings near by, i recon that was the argument that made the sale.

  • Did any one get a photo of the markdown sticker in store?

  • No luck in Bunnings-Alexandria, NSW
    Tried 2 different times, both refused the price match.

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