If Your Income Was Double or Tripled, What Daily/Weekly/Monthly Items Would You Buy?

Not looking for big tickets like a nicer house, more creature comforts that would make you feel wealthy. For example expensive scotch, quintuple ply TP, guacamole with every take out.

For me it'd be:
Better quality and healthier daily food/ a weekly expensive hobby like skydiving/ a monthly top tier restaurant.

Token "I'm not with a survey company". I'm just curious what people think, maybe some attainable ideas might even pop up.


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    Splash out and double down and get TWO packets of 5 pack migoreng

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      add TWO eggs. spoil yourself, you deserve it

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        Living the dream here guys!

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        But not free range. That's some expensive sh!t.

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        I’d trade 1 egg for some slices of pan fried spam

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          Damn thats too much luxury there.

        • And some garlic rice.

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            @AlienC: Garlic rice?! Are you crazy, mate? The income has only tripled, not increased by a factor of 20. Take it easy or you'll go broke soon.

        • Damn bro, how thick are we talking about with the slice of spam…

        • I would upgrade from eating Indomie to Nong Shim (but only when it is on sale at half price).

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        Add extra fried onions too.

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          Calm down there richie rich.

      • That's literally my go to meal. Couple packs of mi goreng and a pair of eggs.

        • Genuinely had this exact meal yesterday

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      Hey big spender.

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        Dig this blender

    • I upvote !

    • you can get 2 packets of 5 pack migoreng at asian grocers for $3. colesworth are rip offs when it comes to asian products

    • Cheaper to buy in carton. Just check its not out of code though.

    • If you are rolling in the dough, get someone to go to Costco and get the Jumbo sized Mi-Gorengs. Each packet is bigger - (from memory 130g not 85g). Luxury!

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    Probably try organic meat and veggies and eat out at a decent restaurant once a week

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      This would be us. Would love to be able to go organic, but just so expensive, especially with kids etc.

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    Prob subscribe to onlyfans as opposed to trawling the internet for freebies

    • I thought they already got rid of all the good stuff??

      • If they did then I really need to wish harder for that double/triple income increase

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          Maybe paid sub for p/hub? Though then I might miss out on the horny single milfs in my area …

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        They backed out of that.

    • cough it's been said before cough

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      Can I introduce you to a certain discord server?

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        Yes. For research purposes

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        Please message me it so I know where to avoid it.

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    An accountant - to try an avoid some of the enormous tax bill I’d likely have.

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    Indo mi mi goreng
    The coles stuff tastes terrible

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      I am still waiting for the day they sell us bulk packages of the mi goreng universe.

      Like i would buy in a heartbeat a milo tin size of the bumbu seasoning and fried onions (i know you can get this already just proving a point).

      And maybe like a 3L size of the palm oil and other sauces.

      Honestly i would buy a large container of noodle cakes in like a rice bag also i dont mind them crushed up if they have to get optimal packaging or whatever it actually works better for me because then i dont have to cut the noodles later when cooked so easier eating.

      Basically have a huge mi goreng bulk station kind of like how you see at some wholefood type open source bulk food type operations.

      I hate all the packaging and sometimes you want more flavour of something.

      I know you can get dark soy sauce already but the palm oil and seasoning i have not found large sizes of yet which i had hoped costco or another retailer might have.

      Yeah just something i dream about.

      Would never have to leave the house with delivery lol.

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        huge mi goreng bulk station

        You should call it indomie table :D

      • Cut the the noodles? WTH? The indome noodles are like 5-10 cm long at most. Are you using a spoon to eat?

        • I don't know but when I make it it's like super hot and long and I ain't putting a big chunk of scalding food down my throat just little bits.. Imho the noodles are too long I prefer them chopped up like baby food haha lol

    • Try Korean noodles from Korean grocery shop. Their noodles are great but not cheap so only affordable with double income.

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    a cleaner

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      That's a good one. I was always dead against paying for stuff I could do myself, but I still think the best 50 bucks I ever spent was in a handyman that cleared a bunch of holiday weeds that would have taken me like 4 hours of frustration

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        That reminds me of my mates GF parents 20 years ago. they bought the neighbours house… turned it into a hoar storage house

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          The stuff you own, ends up owning you.

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    Hire people to sort stuff around the house + cleaner instead of waiting for husband to have free time (never), put my kids in daycare for at least 1 day a week so I can have longer than 20 minutes to myself and get a massage every week! And something like cooked food delivery so I don't have to think/shop for food.

    • We both work full time and a cleaner just makes so much sense, but we hate people coming into our house.

      We'd end up rushing around pre-cleaning before the cleaner gets here to avoid embarrassment.

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        A robot vac is worth its weight in gold in this circumstance

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          It depends what sort of household. I'm the person with stuff everywhere and my 10000 Amazon boxes around, I haven't used my robot vac for a year because it's just easier to push it around with a stick vacuum lol

    • i get a massage every couple of weeks - well worth it !!

      i have a massage chair, its great, but a proper massage is still better

  • For me it'd be:

    stop worrying about bills

    • That sucks…well I am sure you will get there one day without having to earn 3 times what you earn.

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    Ufc ppv

    • +15

      i'd still stream it tbh

      • Haha, I'd probably buy a few events per year.

      • +6

        F the tomato. He'll never catch me

      • +1

        Haha pretty sure there's vids of the likes of khabib and even Chris Hemsworth using pirate streams. It's not about the money, it's about sending a message!

        • What message? One is unlikeable or incompetent enough to not sustain a membership to… Or to work out how to …

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      If there was absolutely no way to stream for free, UFC 268 would be the one I buy PPV.

      • yep, looking like a banga. Half the fights will probs fall through though… as per usual

        • feck sake 2 bangers already fell out of UFC 267. Silly Dos Anjos and Aljo

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    Probably a nicer rental with a double LUG. Steak for dinner 5 nights a week, although I used to do this when I was single but prices have doubled since then.

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      I’m living the dream :). Although you do need a chest freezer and a good knife to cut your own.

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        how do you process the meat? do you cut before freezing?

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          Most of the time I cut them into steaks, then vac seal and then freeze.

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    Ozbargain platinum membership.

    Get formal training in automotive mechanics to help out in the forums on a permanent part time basis.

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      I am sure we can all chip in and help your dream come true ;)

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      Also get uncapped advise on road rules with ​auto generated ms paint diagram.

      Free subscription to crypto trading forum posts.

      Lastly , 100% guarantee on refunds from poorly researched purchase, marketplace transaction, and have a mod report the suspected crime to ACCC. All from a 25 word post.

      Gosh, so much I can get if only I have my disposable income increased to cover the membership cost.

    • FYI: Even mentioning it here excludes you from ever joining

    • Rev up your engine?

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    Double my wage, Probably a cleaner. Triple my wage, a gardener.

    • +2

      This. I’d also buy annual leave from work and save/pay off the mortgage a lot more than I am know.

      My salary increased a lot the last 3 years, and the biggest difference I’ve seen has been around being less stress out about money and buying nicer breads or fancy ingredients/foods. I also bought some unnecessary one off stuff that I had been wanting for a long while and have less of a tight ass filter which needs to change back.

      • +1

        The more you get paid, the harder you are expected to work. People with higher wages generally dont even use all the leave they are given, let alone have the opportunity to buy more leave.

        • In general, yes, but that isn't necessarily the case all the time. The executive team at the previous company I worked for got one extra week of annual leave than the rest of the staff. Ironic for sure, but such was life. Plus the OP question didn't outline all the parameters. Essentially my point was that if I had more money, I would rather work less given the option than spend more money in other items.

          I'd also add travel. If I had triple my wage, I'd travel a lot more than I do now.

      • If your wage doubled, then so does the cost of your annual leave, no?

        • Well sort of, but I’d have so much more extra money that I’m sure I’d care less about some of it going towards time off.

          I just changed jobs twice in the last 16 months, which meant I haven’t taken much leave and I’m just tired. So that is probably clouding my thinking.

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    Australian Netflix 😂
    On serious note, pay for my flying lessons.

    • +2

      SBS onDemand > Netflix

      • +19

        Yeah, can't beat those blocks of 4 ads in a row. Feels just like watching TV 15 years ago.

        • +5

          I installed a pi-hole on my network after snapping a Raspberry Pi on a deal. SBS ads are a thing of the past.

          Note that I watch through an Apple TV and the streaming doesn't seem to work through a browser so YMMV.

          • @samyall: does it help with 7Plus as well?
            That thing is absolutely loaded with ads

            • @jrjr: Don't watch anything on 7 so I don't know, sorry.

              • +1

                @samyall: Last time it tried, it didn't stops 7Plus, just SBS.

                • @nickj: Good to know. Another reason to continue to not watch content on channel 7.

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      So right now you… get flying lessons for… free?

      • FLY SIM 2008 is free

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    Double or triple down on investing in more assets. That's the only thing worth buying.

    • +3

      this is me.

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    A lot more takeaways. The healthy ones are very expensive

    • +10

      How are you feeling today (Moderna wise)?

      • +13

        im feeling better, still not 100 % but my heart feels more normal and the sore arm is almost gone. thank you for asking

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    Your Income Was Double or Tripled…

    Income: $0.00
    Double income : $0.00 x 2 = $0.00
    Triple income: $0.00 x 3 = $0.00

    … would you buy?

    hmm… if only income wasn't $0.00 😞

    • ditto
      but if wife tripled, it'd be get a racecar

      • +22

        you sure about that? wives are expensive

      • +1

        Start a harem.

  • +8
    1. Upgrade my internet plan to highest speed (I have Enterprise Ethernet) 1000/1000

    2. Upgrade and add more automation to my home. Including a smart doggie door :-D

    3. Invest more into share market and have fun doing so

    • +2

      1 is the first thing I did when I landed a contracting role from a full time one.

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