[ACT] Timber Ridge Reclining Lounger Chair $49.97 in-Store @ Costco Canberra (Membership Required)


Bought this in store for $49. Wasn’t advertised as a special price but noticed online is twice the price.

Screenshot here of in store price canberra.

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Costco Wholesale


    • It's definitely コカ・コーラゼロ

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    Bought this in store for $49.

    Do Costco round down to the nearest dollar ?

  • Anyone know if it is state wide or just Canberra?

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    This counts as shopping for essentials, right?

  • To me that looks like a $50 chair any day of the week
    Methinks it May be a grossly inflated rrp

    • Have you actually look up how much this cost usually at other stores?

      • I understand that
        But do people buy them at that price?

        A bit like yd tarocash and connor all have $99 rrp on their shirts but will only ever sell them for $20-$30

        • I don't see why they wouldn't if they were in the market for one. It's not always this price if you look up how much these go for else where. I actually considering one now that Summer is around.

  • Thx this looks like a great price and just in time for summer. Anyone knows Epping Costco got any?

  • What’s the weight limit on this bad boy?

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    Just in case you are not aware the last two digits of the price at costco often let you know whether it is regular price (costco regular price), manager's markdown or clearance. See https://www.businessinsider.com.au/costco-prices-tags-explai... for example. Anything ending in .97 usually indicates clearance.