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Eve Apple Homekit Wireless Motion Sensor $68, Eve Weather Station $111.99 (eBay Plus $66.30 & $109.19) Delivered @ Eve via eBay


I only saw this today but if you're an Apple Homekit user, Eve Ebay store has 20% off their products expiring today (26/09).

The item I am interested in is the Eve Door & Window Wireless Contact Sensor $52.50 ($69.00). This sensor is firmware upgradeable to Thread networking. I've got a few already and have found them to be reliable and resposive.

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    Overpriced to start with.

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      Hugely overpriced - for instance:

      Eve Energy Switch Smart Plug & Power Meter Apple HomeKit Technology Bluetooth $85 (before discounts)?

      Really, even with apple integration. A basically smart plug power meter with apple home kit compatibility for $85. Insane, even with the Apple tax (despite not being an official apple product).

      • They’re capitalising on the lazy tax of people not looking around

      • I bought this like 4 or 5 years ago when there weren't many options for Homekit compatible smart plugs… it was great at the time, but in 2021 seeing the competition, I wouldn't buy it again.

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    The other brand to try which is compatible with HomeKit and very reasonably priced is Aqara. Look it up on AliExpress.

    • ++ especially if you have Conbee (in my case) or Smart Things (I think), you can break out of the MiHome cloud system mix and match various devices

    • Interesting and didn't realise. Do you need their hub in order to use any of the devices?

      • Yes

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    Eve products are expensive per piece,
    just want to put my 2 cents in, their apps is probably most polished of all the smart-things company out there,
    their app let you read energy consumption as well as give you signal strength, this is perhaps not widely available if you're using other smart company platforms

    However, if you're purely wanting Google Home/HomeKit integration and won't touch Eve's smart functions, yea, they're pricey

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    Very happy with my Eve Door & Window sensors, they work really well.

  • Ive still got some of the Eve Door & Window Wireless Contact Sensors NIB. I used one and it worked great (so now has a flat battery) but fell out of the home automation groove.

  • Thanks OP, bundled with my $100 voucher I had and the code to snag a room and a weather for $148.81

    I had a Gen 1 weather that stoped recoding temp after about 4 years. As per @frkino comments about the app, I really like the Eve interface and the history that it tracks. I’ve played with the Netatmo, which are nice physical devices but iOS app is so so. Also Eve have more devices to add to the echo system and they appear to play a lot nicer with other HomeKit (and home bridge) devices.

    Yes expensive, but if your already bought in, this is a not bad deal (short of when all the gen1 devices were EOL and office works/JB ran them out at $30/$40 each).