EFTPOS Only Businesses, cash not accepted.

Lot of businesses are adopting cashless payment during this pandemic.

Is it still legal for them to have surcharges on card payments (Not American Express).

I had to pay for a meal that costs $12. The cash was ready in my hand. The server told me they don’t accept cash payments anymore, and that I had to pay with card. Which will incur a 1% surcharge.

Why do I have to be forced to pay the surcharge if no other payment options are given to the customer?


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    Ooft im all for card only but im not for card only and charging a surcharge - surely that's false advertising because you are unable to actually obtain your meal for the amount they said it was going to be? Do they want you to whip out a bank transfer for your $12 meal?

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      Seriously, why couldn’t you PayID/Osko them?

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        Which business @OP?

        Time to name+shame/blacklist again

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          Too many to list. Just today I bought lunch at Chat Thai Sydney CBD and they charged 1% card fee

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        Because the process isn't set up

        I was in some Market research on this about a year ago, Osko were looking to branch out into business transactions, but haven't seen anything more on it

        • Cheers, makes sense then.

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      tap and go with savings account shouldnt attract the CC fee

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        Thats what I do using apple wallet. I have a Debit Mastercard, and in apple wallet(not sure of the Android equivalent sorry), you go to the card, tap the top right button that looks like 3 dots "…" an ellipsis, then go down and under Payment Option I choose, eftpos SAV, instead of Mastercard. No more 0.5% fee at Aldi.

        • do you say anything special to the cashier at aldi or is it automatic based on eftpos or debit payment?

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            @nsuinteger: Nope no need to tell them. If the merchant/their machine doesn't accept contactless EFTPOS it will automatically route the transaction through Visa or MC Scheme for processing.

            It just shows up like this - https://imgur.com/a/y24UKx0, if it doesn't give you the option you might need to delete and re-add your card, I found out that you have to use the actual card if you are re-registering rather than the in-app (your banks IB app) provisioning.

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            @nsuinteger: I just push the card in pop my pin in Aldi kind of shit me but that life dam good eup food.

            • @nikey2k27: Yeah I kind of keep physical card as last resort and use watch or phone for paying. I thought apple pay by default attract the fee from aldi. It looks like I have to change card type on apple pay instead.

        • Android is Google pay, works the same.

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            @Skinnerr: I don't see the option to use EFTPOS as the payment method for my debit cards in Google Pay?

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        Actually cheque or savings attract 30c flat surcharge on businesses on ANZ Eftpos plan anyways. We much prefer debit/credit master/visa.

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        Tap & Go is a credit payment - processed by MasterCard/Visa.
        You must use chip&pin of Eftpos

        • The is what I thought, and not convinced the poster isn't unknowingly tapping MasterCard debit.

        • Eftpos does have a contactless offer. However, I can't find much on their website except their Google, Apple, and Samsung Pay FAQ pages which help you to change the payment routing method. There's also a few other external resources that talk about it

          • @recycledrevenge: For the most part requires an eftpos only card in the real world If you want to choose to use it on contactless.

            Merchants however thanks to least cost rooting on most Visa or Mastercard's in Australia can force contactless via the eftpos network on most dual-network cards.

            And Apple and Samsung also support dual-network cards and they give the user the choice to route it through the eftpos network not the merchant.

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      I believe by law if there is no alternative payment method, card fees must be included in the price.

      Service fees etc, I think they can charge on top (On that subject, noticed that the Perth Royal Show isn't doing gate sales of tickets this year, must purchase online adding more than 10% service/booking fee on top)

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        Yes. The language is a bit "watery" but this is what the ACCC has to say:


        Example: how to display a price where a surcharge is applied to all card payments and cash is not accepted

        A business charges $5 for a coffee, does not accept cash, and all card payment methods are surcharged.

        In this scenario, a consumer cannot actually purchase the coffee for $5. For example, if the lowest possible surcharge was a 15c debit card surcharge, the price displayed for the coffee should be $5.15.

        If the business does choose to display the $5 price, the business must also show the full price of $5.15. It must be at least as prominent as the $5 price. The $5.15 price must be clear and stand out so a consumer can easily notice it.

        The business also cannot display its price as ‘$5 (payment surcharges apply)’, because it is unclear to consumers what the price of the payment surcharge will be."

        The display of two types of prices connects to component prices as discussed here:

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          So does this mean that if they don't have a fee on debit cards then they don't need to do this?

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            @Gaz1: Yes because it is correct - you can pay via debit and be charged the advertised amount. It'd be no different to right now where lots of places have surcharges and they also ask if you are ok with it.

      • You can pay by cheque or savings. Likely OP is reffering to a VISA/MasterCard Surcharge. EFTPOS likely wouldnt attract the surcharge.

    • I thought OzBargainers would be all over cash discounts?

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    ATO approves

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    Local butcher (pre-Covid) opened up as eftpos only BUT they had a minimum charge. Didn’t last long

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    I just get an HSBC card and get 2% cashback for all tap payments. I haven't come across a place that charges more than 2% surcharge, so I'm always ahead.

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      what’s your annual fee though?

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        Its a debit card, so free?

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        $0 annual free on the debit card. 2% cash back only applies to paywave under $100, and cash back is limited to $25 per month.

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          It's actually $50 a month and you can easily just split payments for anything over $100.

      • Zero annual fee, $100 sign up bonus. 2% cashback is active for as long as you transfer $2k into the account every month. You can then just transfer $1.5k out if you're like me and only use about $500/month.

    • I get 2.625% on every tap of my visa with no payment size or monthly limits. I win 😁

      • which card ?

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          z0s0 card.

        • Bank of America Travel Rewards with "platinum honors" bonus. 0% FX fees naturally.

  • $12 x 1% = $0.12. Below threshold for me to consider this post.

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      I knew someone would made that comment. That’s why mentioned the cost in. Obviously it’s not about the 12cent. It’s the principle.

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        (profanity) is this like America all over again? (profanity) hated it. Shelf on item $11.50… check out its $13. Wait what? Thats right taxed AFTER.

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      What would you do with $31.20?

      Not fussed either, however, $30 for some is still a reasonable amount to think about.

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      $0.12. Below threshold for me to consider this post.

      Woah, we've got a big shot over here!!

      • I bet he eats not one but two packets of Ramen noodles in the one meal.

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      Quick mafs!

    • I skimmed read the original post and thought the surcharge was $12, i.e. $1,200 meal. lol

    • $438 over 10 years

      • Honestly.. I think that argument works against your point..

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    If all available card payment methods have a surcharge then the displayed price must include the surcharge. If only credit card payments have a surcharge then the surcharge can be in addition to the displayed price however it must be clear that surcharge apply to those payments.

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      thanks morpheus

      • That was almost like inception.

      • "You take the red pill, you get 6 times the boner torque"

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      1) tap to pay
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      3) new world order, humans trapped in the matrix

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        Yeah, the matrix.
        Pretty sure that is every Ikea I have ever been in.
        Lucky to make it out alive.

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        • Yes, but your reward is a $1 hot dog at the end.

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    Did the business have signs and/or menu stating surcharge?


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    Was it still 1% if using a debit card rather than credit?