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100% Cashback on 1 Meat Free Quorn Product @ Woolworths / Coles via Quorn


Free Quorn to celebrate World Meat Free Week.

Promotion runs from 27th September 2021 to 3rd October 2021.
Claims close on 10th October 2021.


Claims can be made at https://www.quorncashback.com.au for products purchased between 12.01am AEST on 27/09/2021 and ends at 11:59pm AEST on 3/10/2021. All Claims must be received by 11:59PM AEDT on 10th October 2021.

You will receive the purchase price of the product up to $9.00.

There is a limit of 1 claim per household for this promotion.

You must provide an itemised purchase receipt. The receipt must clearly show the participating product purchased, the store where the product was purchased and the date and time the purchase was made.

Claims will be paid into the nominated Australian bank account, please check these are correct when submitting your claim.

Once you have submitted your claim it will be validated within 2 business days. Once validated please allow up to 7 business days for payment to be processed.

Participating Products in the Promotion are:

  • Quorn Swedish Style Meatballs
  • Quorn Sausages
  • Quorn Sriracha Crumbed Tenders
  • Quorn Roast
  • Quorn Mince
  • Quorn Nuggets
  • Quorn Pieces
  • Quorn Cheese & Spinach Schnitzels
  • Quorn Garlic & Herb Fillets
  • Quorn Schnitzels
  • Quorn Hot & Spicy Burgers
  • Quorn Vegan Fillets
  • Quorn Classic Beef Style Burgers
  • Quorn Sausage Rolls

As always, enjoy :)

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  • -1

    I bought them before, not impressed.

  • +2

    That promo name needs a hyphen (Meat-Free).

  • Quick shower, then, uh, Quorn Bolognese. (profanity) love Quorn!

  • +2

    The classic burger patties have great texture and taste.

  • Might try the nuggets and drown them in sauce

  • +1

    The nuggets are great. Would recommend frying up in the pan or fryer. From the oven, they don't get nearly as crispy.

  • +1

    High in protein :)

  • So which one is the best value? We have $9 to spend…

    • +1

      Quorn Roast and Quorn Sriracha Bites, both $9 but discounted to $7.20 at Coles until tomorrow

      • Thank you!

        Roast: $1.59 per 100g (you get a pound for $7.20), Protein/Fat/Carbs: 13.3/5.9/5.1g.
        Sriracha Bites: $1.55 per 100g, (also over a pound for $7.20) Protein/Fat/Carbs: 12.9/8.5/17g (less healthy).

        Both vegetarian, ie. not vegan. Both relatively cheap compared to the other products, but you defs get the most for your buck.

  • Dont forget you're basically getting paid $9 to give away your personal details and a free bite. Is that really how much your personal data is worth?

    • +24

      You must be new here.

      • Yes, new for the last 11 years. I know you can put in fake data etc, but my comment was more a reminder/PSA for those considering using their actual details.

        • LOL…you're dreaming if you think your personal data is "private" and "safe" at this day & age.

          • @CosmicP: Sure I agree, but it also doesn't mean one should be giving out their data willingly to websites for a cheap freebie either.

  • +1

    Check the review.


    • +9

      Close the deal, some guy said he didn't like it.

  • -2

    When is world meat day?

    • +10

      Practically everyday in most cultures.

    • +11

      I bet you also ask "When is it International Men's Day?" every year on International Women's Day

      • 19th November.

    • Ask Steggles (chickens)?

      This question is like asking a vegan directions to the nearest abattoir.

    • +2

      Would have been better if you typed that into Google and found the answer, than type it as a comment and expect others to do it for you. Glad no one did, you had it coming :D

  • +3

    Some of their products use dairy (eg egg), so not Vegan.

    I find it kind of sneaky/deceptive. Other brands do this too like Subways' "veggie pattie".

    Egg substitutes exist, why not be fully inclusive Quorn….

    • Yeah it's frustrating when they go so far but not all the way. It really wouldn't be difficult for them to replace the egg.

    • Yeah, I found it odd that there's milk protein in some of them since my partner has a dairy allergy (but also, egg isn't dairy)

    • You always have to ask. So many establishments serve eg. non-veg broth with vegetables (ie. without pieces of meat) and they call it "veggie" or "vegetarian", because they don't realise.

      Even if it does say "vegan", you still need to check the ingredients as anyone can put "vegan" on their product, no matter if it contains animal-derived ingredients like honey or D3.

  • Normally I don't bother with pretend meat, might try this to see if I can fool my dogs.

    • +5

      Not sure if trying hard to be funny or just lacking sense, as these products aren't exceptionally healthy and also dogs go for scent/flavour, and these products are mostly about texture.

  • +2

    Just tried the Sriracha Crumbed Tenders. Was pretty good tbh. Texture is quite similar to regular tenders.

  • +4

    Massive fan of Quorn. My parents used to pretty much describe me as a carnivore, but now I really only eat chicken maybe once or twice a week, and seafood usually once a week - the rest of the time it's full of vego, with the occasional meat substitute if I want something like a burger or Bolognese etc.

    I'm trying to steer away from even the meat substitutes now, except for the odd occasion, but for those looking to start cutting down on red meat in particular, this is fantastic.

  • +1

    Some are really good and some are bad/average.

    I found the chicken nuggets to be similar to the taste of a chicken nugget and the Quorn Mince Meat to be pretty good. Its always hard to replicate the others, but these two are pretty good.

  • Only had 5 of the Quorn products at my local Woolies (no burger patties). All the products were on 20-30% off at $4.90

  • Schnitzel discounted $4.90 at Woolies

  • +2

    As a non-vegetarian, I used to love Quorn Scotch Eggs as a little picnic food in the UK but you can't buy them here. Probably the best Quorn item I've tried.

    • +1

      Yum! Now i want scotch eggs.

    • +1

      They also do Quorn cocktail sausages there too. Good stuff that.

  • Wasn't stocked in my woolworths :/ maybe it's a sign that it wasn't meat to be..

  • Is fake meat good for the Earth?

    • Not going by the huge number of trays of quorn I see marked down most times I go shopping. It sits on the shelf, no-one seems to buy it, the dates run out, then it shifts to a discount area and all new stuff fills the shelf again. I see people pick up the discounted stuff thinking it's real mince or nuggets. When they realise what it is they toss it back in disgust and walk away cursing lol. It sits there for two days then at closing time on the last day then it goes into the skip bin.

      • Wow you seem to have a lot of free time on your hands to be monitoring those 2 specific sections that closely and regularly.

        • No, they usually put all the discounted food in one place, and while it may be news to you, most people know ColesWorths sell other groceries which are right next to it on the shelf.

    • quorn needs to be fed a huge amount of water and carbs to grow, just like an animal.

      chickens, pigs and cows are already very efficient at turning grains/sugar and water into protein - quorn (mold/microfungus) doesn't seem to be hugely more efficient.

      quorn claims that it is environmentally better than meat (eg. at least a 29% smaller carbon footprint), other people claim that the environment impact is roughly the same as meat. it's one of those TANSTAAFL things.

      • +1

        chickens, pigs and cows are already very efficient at turning grains/sugar and water into protein

        Someone hasn't used Google and shooting with their fingers without using the brain filter. I can assure you that is an untruth.

        • take a look at the feed conversion ratios of modern factory farmed chickens.

          calories in, calories out. chickens aren't running marathons or deadlifting. they're just eating all day and converting a very high percentage of those calories into chicken meat.

          modern factory chickens grow as efficiently as fungus.

          • @devilbabies: If you think obese people are unhealthy. Why would you think you're eating healthy chickens if they don't exercise or obese?

            Whatever that goes into the chicken feed if it can be consumed directly by humans would cut out the middle layer (processing it into chicken feed, transporting it to chicken farm, feeding / heating / cleaning after the chickens, then having to transport them to slaughter etc).

            Guess you are not an end to end process person, just trying to make the cog more efficient.

            • @netjock: Chickens eat a large amount of by-products that would be wasted if it wasn't fed to them. I don't want to eat that stuff.

              Aussie feedlot cows get something like 80% of their lifetime food from foraging grass. I can't eat grass.

              Quorn needs to be fed sterilized sugars and kept at exact temperatures while it grows. Quorn grows on food that is much more processed and has a higher environmental foot print compared to animal feed. It's food that I could be eating.

              Creating food for animals, transporting it, feeding / heating / cleaning, etc all applies to Quorn too. There is nothing inherently more efficient or environmentally friendly about growing fungus.

              • @devilbabies:

                Chickens eat a large amount of by-products that would be wasted if it wasn't fed to them. I don't want to eat that stuff.

                By products which can be redirected. Simply put, compost fertiliser for growing stuff people want to eat. If you don't want to eat by products are you sure you want your food to be eating by products? Just like my comment about wanting to eat non exercising, obese chickens fed with questionable by products.

                Aussie feedlot cows get something like 80% of their lifetime food from foraging grass

                Land that could be used to grow food people to eat.

                Quorn needs to be fed sterilized sugars and kept at exact temperatures while it grows. Quorn grows on food that is much more processed and has a higher environmental foot print compared to animal feed. It's food that I could be eating.

                Glucose is the same stuff that give you energy. Quorn just doesn't grow out of thin air. As for temperatures, haven't you seen how meat chickens are raised? In barns that are temperature controlled.

                You must be having a laugh or you are just that misinformed.

  • How is the submission process vetting the "once per household" limit?

    • An address is requested which can be free form or looked up.

      The submission form asks for a "Postal" address but then has a validation after submission that rejects PO Box addresses.

  • Do they throw in a free quornhub subscription?

  • Submitted cashback this morning and received approval within an hour. Now to pan fry those schnitzels.

    • +1

      Submitted mine yesterday and havenโ€™t heard anything?

      • check your junk folder

        • Have you received the funds already in your bank account?

          • @JHoliday: Not yet, it said like within 5 business days

            • +2

              @LLK: Just received the approval email today.

          • @JHoliday: I purchased on the 27th and payment into my bank account today

            • @iceshadow: Same here. One of the quickest turnarounds for cashback I have seen.

          • @JHoliday: Received last night

  • +2

    I just tried the nuggets, it was not bad, the missus liked it too.

    It's funny seeing how some people lost their mind about this though.

  • I visited Coles today and bought the most expensive item they had: the tenders. Will try tomorrow.

    Have tried Quorn before and quite liked it. Always a fan of free noms.

  • +1

    THANKS op. Bought the nuggets, because there wasn't a big choice of products in my area. Put lots of sauce on and you don't taste a difference to chicken! By the way I live in Quorn!

  • I've done the deal, but the best part was discovering that Quorn still do sausages.
    I thought they had been discontinued.
    I prefer Quorn sausages to real ones because there aren't any concerns about saturated fats or red meat, and they taste OK. To me anyway, the rest of the family won't touch them.

  • The local Woolies had hardly any Quorn products - 300g mince for $6.20 so around double the price of real meat…. Worth a try for free - Chilli quorn/3 bean mix will be the go I guess - that should cover any odd flavours….

    • Oddly my local Woolies had no Quorn products at all too, went to Coles instead with heaps of stocks and also 30% discount.

      Submitted my claim, got an approval email almost instantly in less than 10 mins.

  • Got my cash deposited all good today :)

    • Same here!!

  • I lodged my claim on Monday. Was approved on Tuesday and got paid on Thursday.

    I bought the Quorn Sriracha Crumbed Tenders.
    There not the the worst but there not the best. They at least have a similar texture to meat.

  • Quite interesting, apparently mechanically separated meat does not taste like meat at all and requires tons of spices and food additives to make it edible in a form of mcnuggets or other "manufactured meat" products. Wonder why veg base mince can't be processed in the same way.

    • Try the nuggets. The only difference between Quron nuggets and supermarket chicken nuggets is the texture. Quorn's is not as firm. Maybe it's more difficult to reproduce the texture of ground up chicken heads in smaller form. The texture is spot on for the Garlic & Herb schnitzels.

  • I tried the Garlic & Herb Fillets with this deal and they are awesome. Perfect taste and texture.

  • Very weird, I lodged mine last Wed and received a confirmation email but haven't heard anything else since then. Anyone else in the same boat?

    • Yeah, submitted Wed, confirmation email Thur, nothing in my bank account yet. It does say up to 7 working days so that isn't up yet but it seems everyone else got their money real quick.

    • I'm still waiting on mine.Submitted last Wed.

    • +1

      Got my cashback this morning.

  • I submitted the claim last Saturday. I did not got any confirmation email.
    I only got the message stating my claim would be validated within 5 business days.
    Is there anyone successfully claim without a confirmation email?
    I am still waiting for my cashback.

    • Same here. Still waiting.

    • Me too, submitted on 4/10, received no confirmation email and now is more than 5 business days

    • Same. Still waiting and no confirmation email. Submitted 5/10.

      • Just got mine. Thanks OP!

    • I received the confirmation email last week but no cashback yet. It was supposed to be up to 7 days, so they must be a bit slower processing.

  • Submitted on 29/9 received cash back 6/10

  • I submitted my claim on 02 Oct. Received email "claim has been approved on 05 Oct. until now still haven't recieved my cashback or any other email.

  • Still waiting as well - claim was approved on 5th October. Tomorrow will be the 7th business day… so hopefully it'll come through soon.

    • +1

      In the same boat here. Approved on 5th October and nothing in the bank account yet.

  • Submitted on 2nd October, approved on 5th October. No cashback yet either.

    • I submitted on 2nd as well but just received one email - claim successfully submitted. Did you get another confirmation email?

      • +1

        I never got the confirmation email after submitting, just an email on the 5th of October saying my claim was approved and I'll get the cashback in 7 working days.

  • -2

    I'm gonna try and return their product if I don't get my cashback soon.

  • +2

    $9 cashback received today (15/10). Submitted it 1/10, approved 5/10.


  • Also just received mine. ๐Ÿ‘
    Sriracha bites were a good recommendation, thanks crew!

  • has everyone received their claim as I still have not received it yet

    • I just received mine yesterday, claim submitted 10/10 and was approved 11/10.

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