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Xbox Series S 512GB Console $499 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Jbhifi lists xbox s as "in stock" at $499.

Don't know how long the deal will last.
I am not jbhifi employee, however I am looking to buy xbox series x and ps5 (disc versions)

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    Nobody wants the Series S. They have been cheaper many times before and they don't sell out- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/XBOX%20Series%20s%2...

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      It's a shame everyone just wants the better console. I have both an X and an S and the S is a great little machine. I can barely tell much of a difference to be honest but then I don't own a high end TV.

      Honestly for most people a S is fine. Particularly as a Game Pass machine.

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        Would be a great machine if:
        1) storage was cheaper to upgrade.
        2) had an optical drive for my three generations of Xbox games compatible with backwards compatibly.
        3) was cheaper.

      • I would jump on the S if it had an optical drive.

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          Same, any chance they will have external drive in the future?

          I would jump on the S if it had an optical drive.

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          I stopped buying discs when last gen started so it didn't phase me as I have no Xbox One games on disc. Downside being you have to wait for a good sale for a game. But I have such a large pile of shame it's not a big deal

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      Only if under $200

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        For under $200 I’d buy it just for Retroarch emulation to replace the raspberry pi.

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    I didn't think these were hard to find?

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    Series S isn't really in short supply, especially at RRP. The Series X and PS5 are however.

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    These are not hard to find at rrp

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    Available everywhere for this price not a deal

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    What's the deal?

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    Sorry didn't know that this is not a deal considering I couldn't find any console yesterday other than old ps4 console.

    Admins, feel free to remove this deal.

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    Yeah this is RRP and they've been generally available for a while now. If this was a Series X then it would be a good notice.

  • I just checked Harvey Norman is doing register interest for both series S and X


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      Forget about Series S it's readily available everywhere. No one wants it compared to the Series X and PS5 digital/disk versions

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    Has been available for far less in the past, $364 during eBay + AfterPay deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/634479

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    I don't see the appeal towards this, it has bugger all storage at only 512gb, and it only does 1440p and not 4k. And you can't run discs!! xbox series X is the only version I think is worth it.

    • The appeal is a Game Pass machine

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    Has been cheaper elsewhere using Afterpay and eBay, available everywhere.

  • or buy it off ebay for around $440ish
    no bargain here.

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    449 at target

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    My Eb and Harvey Norman said they can’t sell these things. I’d buy one for emulation but not till they are cheaper

  • This should be worth $399 tops. It's less powerful than the older Xbox One X but yet attempts to command a higher price but with much less features.

    Also who would buy this at full price when the digital PS5 is $599.

    • i heard of people trading in an Xbox One X for a Series S!

      crazy stuff when you dont know the difference

    • People who aren’t a fan of Sony.

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      GPU performance yeah, that's why they're selling it as a 1440p machine when the One X was 4K. CPU side is a very different story, the Zen 2 cores in Series X/S are significantly more powerful than the Jaguar Cores in the One X.

  • yawn ozrrp blockbuster website

  • No dice

  • $349 or GTFO

  • So how’s the drm policy on the new Xbox? I hear you can’t play physical games unless you’re connected to the internet and verify with Xbox Live first?

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      worse with series s because NO Disc Drive.

    • Same as Xbox One. If the game is installed on the primary Xbox, any account can play it (online or offline). If it's on a secondary Xbox, you need to be logged into the owner's account.

  • Too expensive at $499. Cheaper at Target (delivered to store) and still too expensive at $449, IMO. Been much cheaper before and still too expensive, IMO. Not a deal.

    I would be very unlikely to buy an Xbox without optical, given all the disc games we have. If this had decent storage and easy storage expansion, then $400 might be close to reasonable. But when we got the One S 1TB for $170 (a few years ago from Amazon) and plugged in a 2TB external easily, it's very hard to justify throwing this sort of money at MS.

  • Lol poor soul got smashed with negs.