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Take 30% off Single Origin Gesha and La Mula Coffee (250g $24.50, Was $35) + Delivery @ Black Drum Roasters


Take 30% off Gesha Coffee (La Mula and Gesha Maji) for International Coffee Day.


250g: Was $35, Now $24.50
500g: Was $65, Now $45.50
1kg: Was $120, Now $84

Ethiopian Gesha Maji: an award-winning natural Ethiopian single-origin that tastes like jasmine, ripe watermelon & fragrant spices.

Panama Gesha La Mula: a competition-winning single-origin from a quality-focused micro-farm in Panama. It tastes like honeysuckle, peach, orange blossom and has a lingering after taste of dried papaya and jasmine.

This discount applies to coffee bags of all size!

Free shipping on orders over $60 to Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne Metro areas.

Use promo code at checkout. One discount code per user. Promotions are valid for AU customers only.

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    1kg: Was $120

    At this price point you might consider bumping things up and doing lines instead… 👃

    • Thank you for your feedback. I understand that this coffee is not for everyone. We have coffee at different price points for this very reason! These coffees are premium award-winning coffees.

  • tonig1 posted at wrong website. This is not coffee snobs forum. :)

    • Thank you for your response - this is why we offer a range of coffees. We do often have discounts on our blends, which are a cheaper price. However, there are some people who do appreciate premium coffee, which is why we have created this discount. If you don't want to buy it, that is perfectly okay! Have a good day. :)

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    $120 per kilo ? GTFOH !!!

    • Thank you for your feedback. We have plenty of other coffees for you to try at a more affordable price point.

      However, this coffee is premium, award-winning coffee. If you have a look at different Gesha's online, our price is actually one of the more affordable prices. Have a good day.

  • OP's 11th post, striking at an average of 3.18 upvotes.

    OzB might not be the target audience. At worst this might be considered marketing spam.

    Would still be interested if anyone has a review on quality. (I mostly stick with entry-level single malts and quality aged blends, but like to have a quality single malt for a special occasion).

    • Hello, thank you for your reply - I appreciate the feedback.
      Do you mean a personal review or the notes from the auction?

  • +1

    Tough crowd.
    Unfortunately for OP, OzB users are really spoilt for choice - especially recently with some amazing prices from a variety of roasters.
    Agree with previous poster that this is probably the wrong audience for this kind of deal.

    With that said, from what I can tell, this is a pretty unique speciality coffee so I'm not surprised by the price. The specialty coffee world is on another level when it comes to prices!
    Ethiopian Gesha sounds pretty amazing…I'm almost tempted. 

    OP - out of curiosity, what did this score? I'm assuming it would have been 90+?

    • +1

      Wow, OP… you chose to take the time to reply to every comment - even the haters who are clearly bagging out your deal / product - but didn't bother to respond to a potential buyer's genuine question. Doesn't make sense to me. Oh well, time to look elsewhere.

      • Hello! I'm so sorry, I was just checking with our team what the score was. They both received 90 at the competition. They are exceptionally unique coffees - if you still choose to give them a go, you won't be disappointed!

  • Seems like a good price for gesha, might finally try some

    • Excellent! Let me know what you think!

      • What kind of roast are they? I don't have an espresso setup so it's filter only for me.

        • Hello! I'm so sorry for the delayed reply. It's omni roast, so it suits both espresso and filter.

          • @tonig1: Thanks

          • @tonig1: Oops, missed out on the deal this time (missed my notification). Knowing that it's suited for filter, I'll keep an eye out for the next one though!

  • If you think $120/kg is expensive you'll flip when you see this

  • i wanted to try a little bag, but shipping kills the deal for me. thanks anyways.

    • Hello! It's the perfect time to stock up. :)

      • lol, i would, but i only buy what i finish in a week. i like my beans freshly roasted. i give away my beans over a week old.
        i use 18 grams of beans, 2 times a day, for a week. 1827= 252 gram. so i only order 250gram size bags weekly.

        • I understand that! If you do want to give it a go, you can freeze the coffee to make it last longer.

  • Good price for Panama geisha. I paid 60 for 200g from Campos

    • Thank you for your feedback!

  • Yeah to be fair, these are gesha beans: Panama gesha in particular always go for really high prices

    • Thank you so much for your feedback! Exactly! It is remarkable coffee, which is why it's at a more premium price point.

  • Slightly tempted, just to try. Might be good to include how to best enjoy this coffee? (I drink espresso, which I presume this bean works well for)

    If anyone is in CBR and wants to share shipping cost, please let me know….that might push me enough to order.

    • +1


      To best enjoy the flavour, I recommend having it as an espresso coffee. That said, it still tastes good if you prefer a more milky coffee.

      It is free to Canberra if your order is over $60. If it's under $60, shipping is around $9!