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Topex 4V Lithium Cordless Staple Nail Gun w/ 1,000 Nails & 1,000 Staples $49 (Was $59.99) + Delivery ($0 to Most Areas) @ Topto


Easy to use 4V Cordless Staple Nail Gun. More convenient for application work. which has no load speed of 12000-19500 rpm.To ensure you not easily tired even for long time use. Then it Widely used in roofing, making furniture, flooring. Deserving your trust !

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  • Could this be concealed under a jacket?

  • Is the battery replaceable?

    • From the photos, clearly not a removable one, however betting internally still uses an 18650 cell, although at only 1300mAh, could be it uses something smaller? Also likely spot welded in though. Then there's the fact that cheap clamshells sometimes never go back together right. So really comes down to how comfortable you are pulling it apart and whether you have a spot welder or are willing to risk using a soldering iron, should you have one of those but not a spot welder.

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    Almost read it as $10, but save $10. Great marketing strategy.

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    It seems the associate is not interested in replying to any queries. Is this a reflection of the customer service ?

    • If it is $10 per unit, it would have been ozbargained by now.