EKO 55" 4K Ultra HD Android TV with Google Assistant K55USG $499 (Save $200) @ Big W


On clearance, so whilst stock lasts! Get in quick to grab this bargain!

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  • You guys getting the 85inch anytime soon?

    • Would love to know the same thing!

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    non android version was selling at $379. Its better option to buy at that price + a googleTV?

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    The software is very laggy

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    Even the BT remote needs to be pressed a few times to turn it on / off or switch to different inputs

    • This one looks like it's got the updated remote. If you've got the old one, email their support and they'll send you the updated version that doesn't have the problem.

      • That's interesting - I've got the QLED version of the TV, and wonder if that remote would work too.

        I don't think the remote itself has problems, I think the way the TV responds to the inputs is the issue - i.e. the Google Assistant button. Probably doesn't have enough RAM I'd guess.

  • Had the 32inch one, agree it's so slow to operate. I'd suggest getting a FireTV or Chromecast TV rather than using the Smart features.

    • I have a Kogan Android TV. There isn't enough memory in it, so things are reeeeally slow. So I just stream to it since it's got built-in Chromecast.

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        Developer mode; limit background tasks to "never keep" .

        Doesnt fix it, but takes a good step in the right direction.

        Also disable animations.

        • Hey! Great tip. I'll try that. Switching between apps is painfully slow.

  • Any chance of a clearance on the 40" version?

  • Bad tv.

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    TV will only last for 12 months.

    Should be a disclaimer.

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    How are these TVs anyways? I want to buy a 65” Tv. I think about LG OLED. Then cheaper Hisense, sometimes Sony. Non of these I can justify easily. Then I see these EKO tvs, I get all confused. Why would I pay $2K+ when I can get one of these for $700

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      The technology of the OLEDs is different to these, entirely. I won't list the differences here, but it's an easy Google.

      Hisense, Sony, etc (if they are similar panel types…) - mostly this is to do with software on the TV, support, and quality of the panels themselves.

      For instance, there are lots of manufacturers that use panels from the same manufacturer, but the top-tier brands get the ones that they want, and then the "lesser" brands get the rejected panels. You can see this when you compare cheap phones vs expensive phones. Whilst the screen tech is the same, the reality is that the screens are not.

      Generally, more expensive brands mean that you have a higher chance of getting a panel that doesn't "bleed", and that if/when your TV breaks you will have people around that can fix it, it has spare parts, and you have someone to yell at, etc.

      the EKO TV (disclosure - I have the QLED 65" one) is a gamble. I'm pretty happy with mine, but it's definitely not perfect. The software doesn't run very well, because the TV itself is underpowered - not enough RAM, not enough Storage, etc.

      However, as I know I can safely ignore it and purchase a Chromecast or a Shield, I can get the benefit of the screen, and ignore the rest.

      • Thanks Droz.

  • Does anyone know what the distance between legs on this TV is?
    I can't find it anywhere, and I want to put it on top of a set of drawers. Thanks

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      1.2m. Just measured mine.

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        Thank you!!
        Won't fit on a 80cm then sadly

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    Using the EKO 58" QLED one right now, the TV has developped horizontal lines at the bottom 6 months into its life, waiting on the next TCL discounted TV to replace it

    • 6 months? Can you return it?

      • You bet, it's Big W!

      • I plan to.

  • Just returned one of these to Big W 11 months after purchasing - not only had the TV become slow and laggy like other commenters say, but out of nowhere the entire left third of the screen turned distorted like the LCD was busted.

    I paid 370ish after using a Woolworths gift card 10% off deal down from $399 at the time. I think mine was the 50" version. No loss obviously as it was under warranty but definitely concerning.

    • Mine's becoming laggy - I think I might do a factory reset and see if it blows away all the caches and things - but the screen is still budget-magnificent.

      I recently tried using a Chromecast with Google TV, and my goodness the performance difference is astounding. Recommended for those that are sick of the underlying OS and remote on the EKO!