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Gaggia Classic Pro Manual Coffee Machine (Grey, Blue, Red) $589.99 Delivered (Was $639.99) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Very good price for a popular machine. Red, Blue and Grey all available.

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  • Every person and their pet needs this.

  • Black one is never on sale :/

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      Apologies, didn't know there was a Black on offer. Have amended title

  • I haven't tried this unmodded before, but with a modified prv set point, and a new logic controller these are absolutely exceptional.

  • To the Gaggia Classic Pro owners, I am looking to buy the 9-bar OPV spring mod kit by MrShades. If you did this mod before, where and how did you get this kit?

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      Umm… from Mr Shades @ shadesofcoffee.co.uk ;)

    • Mr Shades direct, it wasn't cheap.

    • i got mine from mr shades. but before that was too impatient and cut the OPV spring from 25mm to 20mm and that worked well too.

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    Reviews suggest it's mediocre without modding. And if you do mod it, time/cost/risk make it much more expensive than initial purchase price.

    • Naturally any mod increases the price but you won’t find a boiler machine with PID temp control under $800 (or even sub-$1000) anywhere else. Yep, you need to do the tinkering though. Once that and the OPV mod is sorted you’ll make cracking shots.

      • The PID mod is not for everyone, module alone is nearly half the cost of the machine, and there's irreversible wire cutting, also ugly installation sticking out on the side.

        If you factor in your time and risk of screwing up, it's way more that sub-$1,000.

        For under $1,000, I would suggest Barista Express/Pro or Dual Boiler. Beyond that, need a $3,000+ budget (it's a big jump).

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          I agree. This and the Silvia made sense 15 years ago (I had a modded Silvia for many years), but now that Breville and Sunbeam actually make decent machines you might as well just get one of those if you're not wanting to spend $3k.

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          The PID module is $20USD delivered to AUD, there's no irreversible cutting and the wires feed through an existing hole so you can place it anywhere you like.

        • At which point you should stop and ask yourself how often you drink espresso and if it is worth making at home.

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            @FlintSkin: Exactly the same question you can ask someone with expensive golf clubs, or a genuine Les Paul.

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            @FlintSkin: Not everyone buys expensive coffee machine (this isn't expensive by any stretch of imagination either) and grinder to save money on buying coffee from cafes.

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            @FlintSkin: It's not so much about saving money but more about convenience, making a drink the way you want it and when you want it. Some people actually enjoy the process, becoming a hobby.

            • @browser: I think a lot of people misunderstood my comment. I use an Aeropress and a Bodum Pebo at home. I looked into getting an espresso a while ago and settled on the Breville DB. Since then it has been unavailable or overpriced. It's also quite large. Speaking for myself, I rarely drink espresso. I don't see the point in getting an espresso machine if I'll dilute it since there are far cheaper, easier and more consistent ways of making long black at home.

              • @FlintSkin: Plenty of options out there, a bodum or stovetop maker (if you like it strong) is hassle free and convenient and good if you buy ground coffee. Those Aeropress' are interesting, some people say they're very finicky with the filter paper and getting it right. Instant is the easiest just get Moccona :P.

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            @FlintSkin: It's not unusual to have and enjoy good coffee at home, and using it more these days when WFH. The prices being charged getting take aways are constantly on the up, not to mention the waste and the quality is so hot and miss depending where you go.

            I've had the Gaggia classic for over 15y and still going great. It's the kind of machine you don't feel you need to upgrade after a few years. The PID mod looks interesting but I've never felt I've needed to do it, but probably fun if you like tinkering. May look into it if it's cheap enough, wouldn't spend too much on it. It's more about getting used to the machine, getting the grind and tamping right etc. The waiting for stream for a couple of minutes could be improved with a dual boiler but I'm not pumping out coffee after coffee, and usually doing other things in the morning at the same time.

        • You can get PID's for peanuts on aliexpress.

          • @Jhonka: Had a look at old mate's youtube video, the $28 one he uses looks a lot nicer than the $12 one
            The 3d printed enclosure may cost a lot to get done here, unless you know someone.

            His parts add up to about A$100, almost half the price of the shadesofcoffee kit, which is handy but probably similar install time. Could almost pay someone $80 to help do it

            Although that's pretty cheap for PID and the temp controller, not sure if need the heat sync.

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        boiler machine with PID temp control under $800 (or even sub-$1000) anywhere else.

        Mate this is ozbargain, Breville dual boilers regularly go below this price and have these features out of the box.

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          Also dual boiler trumps single boiler by not having to wait for water to heat up or cool down when switching between brew and steam.

        • Mate, they do and that’s fine if you want a mass consumer appliance and not a machine.

          Hats off to breville for delivering a stack of features for a pretty good price - there is a definite market for it. It’s also pretty big, though. For some, the smaller footprint of the Gaggia will be important.

          Different markets and I’m just happy to see people support the specialty coffee market and move away from instant and pods!

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            @fookos: Frankly other then size I cant see a single benefit of going with the Gaggia, the Breville has a better base machine and further support for better mods (ie Slayer shots/mods and flow control).

            I don't understand the comment about "Mass consumer appliance" when that is the whole selling point of Gaggia's they literally invented the mass consumer coffee machine.

            There is a reason why the BDB goes head to head in the 1.5k Euro price point, in Australia where we get it at sub 1k AUD regularly there is just no reason to go for anything other then the BDB till you go super further into the price points (ie 2k AUD+).


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              @Jofzar: I totally agree that the Breville BDB is an amazing deal in aus. And its probably the machine for most people. But its not that always that simple for everyone.

              The Gaggia has a smaller footrpint. Its easier to get inside for mods. Its more user servicable. Some people actually want that challenge of upgrading it gradually themselves, and experimenting, over optimising for out of the box.

              The BDB is also more complex and breville definately has more durability issues in their line up from the people ive spoken to.

              It might be a niche - but people who the GCP would be better for do exist.

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                Its more user servicable

                This is the only thing I disagree with, the BDB has been torn up by the community so many times any issue you have will have a solution/instructions on how to fix it.

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              @Jofzar: I've seen a crapload of posts about the poor longevity / durability people are getting out of the Brevilles, but yeah on paper it is clearly ahead. When it's reasonably common for a $700+ machine to die in the first few years that definitely gives me pause.

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              @Jofzar: The Gaggia classic makes better coffee than those other mainstream machines, good enough reason for me. Recommended the rancillio sream wand upgrade (seems like they may have fixed this from the crappy black plastic attachment) and lowered drip tray.

    • I partially agree. The mods are fairly cheap and easy. There is a big community and lots of support. You can have a setup to rival a machine costing over twice the price with a little effort. For anyone that wants to tinker a bit, this is an amazing machine.
      If you just want to take it out of the box and press a button, maybe look at other options.

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      I’m not even a coffee jerk and still can’t stand this machine. It’s very flimsy and lightweight and so you have to forcibly hold the machine down to insert the tight fit group handle. Filters are pressurised. Steam handle has a foamer attachment that is impractical to remove. Seems to leak everywhere. No idea how it got a good reputation.

      • Must agree. Seen this in store the other day and first impression was it looked cheap. Then again if it makes a decent coffee might be worth it. I been eyeing the Rancillio Silvia but cant justify the price just yet.

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        Must disagree on every one of these points. I've owned a Gaggia Classic for 10+ years. It's extremely well built and solid – hardly flimsy or lightweight. It has always included non-pressurised filter baskets. The steam wand on this advertised pro model is also updated from the old one too – the image clearly shows no foamer attachment (which was always very easily upgradeable anyway). It has a deservedly good reputation.

      • Sounds like you're overfilling the basket, there's a clear point when the handle is hard to lock in.

  • how they compare to the breville bes920?

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      I’d much rather make and drink a coffee with the breville.

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      Different beasts. Breville is semi-automatic and more geared to someone who is interested in learning more but needs a bit of handholding along the way (I have a 920).

      This is a fully manual machine, which, according to the interwebz, is exceptional with some basic nodding.

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        Breville 920 is also fully manual machine.

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          I think they’re trying to say that it has the OPTION of timed shots, which incidentally shouldn’t be a problem if the coffee is ground and tamped properly.

          • @DingoBlue: Which also can be done on the BDB, the BDB is just a far superior machine.

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        Do not listen to this guy. Neither breville or gaggia is fully manual. Do you even understand what a full manual espresso machine is? Please do not write about something you clearly have no knowledge of.

        For clarification they are both semi automatic machines

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      That is way superior to this. Its a dual boiler which rivals machines costing $2000+.

      This is even worse than a Bambino Plus out of the box. No comparison.

      • Although I agree that the BDB is much better than this, if given the choice between this and a Bambino Plus I would take the Gaggia every day of the week.

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      Beville BES920 is better in every way. The features in Breville rivals expensive prosumer machines.

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      Pay the extra and go with the dual boiler. Better in every way by leaps and bounds. If you’re spending around the $500 mark the difference between a sub-$500 and a $500-700 is marginal.

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    Note it's better to get a good grinder than a good coffee machine.

    • This is actually true. There is a Youtube channel Hoon's coffee that did a comparison of Breville Barista Express vs Quick Mill Vetrano (5x the price) which initially had results that showed the Quick Mill pulled better shots. But later he found out that if he used the same grinder (Niche Zero i think) and pulled shots from both machines, the result was almost identical. So it shows that the grinder was the one that made the biggest difference.


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    So while I was shopping around for coffee machines I found this review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HIGdYy5of4 which gives a good run down of this machine and others in it's range.
    I ended up going with a Lelit Anna instead of the Gaggia but from what I can see the Gaggia isn't a bad machine by any means but it can be made better with some mods

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      +1 on the Lelit Anna

    • James Hoffman is the king of coffee. Hope you hit subscribe. You won't regret it.

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    I've had a couple of Gaggia Classics in the past, and one thing to be aware of is that the aluminium boiler will corrode over time. It's very slow, but if you intend to keep a Classic for more than 5 years you should really be prepared to pull the whole thing apart and clean the inside of the boiler about once a year.

    I have personally seen two Classic boilers which corroded so much that tiny chunks of aluminium came off and blocked the pipes, which is bad both in terms of the machine not working but also in terms of you ingesting aluminium particles.

    • Aha yeah. I bought a second hand classic and when I went to open the boiler the bolts were so rusted/stuck the heads just snapped off 😂

      • Could happen with anything, what was the general condition like? Always worth inspecting, a few bolts wouldn't cost much to replace if the rest of the machine is fine.

        • Condition was average but I got it for a pretty good price so I wasn't bothered. I don't think the previous owner ever opened the boiler. He said he ran vinegar through it to clean. The boiler was full of scale. Cleaned up nicely though and has been rock solid.

          • @Jhonka: That's a pretty good outcome ;)
            I've got a small tub of that descaling powder for the blank grouphead, and a few sachet of the stuff you run through it, haven't bothered too often but should every 1-3 months (one or two coffees a day).

            Have had it since 2014 or something, in storage for a while, a few years ago had to get a service and they replaced the water pump as it was leaking (with a Bezzera). Pretty solid overall considering the number of years I guess.

  • Wow, never would've thought people would mod coffee machines. Seems like a rabbit hole I'll have to dive into one day

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      I don't even understand why they need to. These mods seem to mainly be correcting bad design decisions. Voiding your warranty to fix things that shouldn't need fixing is silly in my opinion, just look elsewhere. Every review I've seen on this machine includes a rant about "why did they do this?"

      • +1

        Exactly! Some machines, including the Gaggia Classic have been around for a long time - before features such as PID controllers became mainstream. So it makes sense to update/mod an older machine that still works to improve extractions.

        What it doesn't make sense is to buy a brand new machine in 2021 with the intention to mod it when there are other machines with more features at similar price point.

        Whether boiler is better is a moot point at consumer level. At the end of the day, if an appliance can consistently heat up water to a desired temperature, does it matter if water comes from a boiler or thermoblock?

  • The Gaggia Classic Pro does look good in photo, 58mm portafiler is also a plus, but I wouldn't buy one due to lacking features out of the box.

    After all these years they are still making and selling it, so obviously lots of people like it.

  • How does this compare to the Silvia?

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      Silvia is way more solid, but also many hundreds more.

  • -1

    These entry level Italian machines are way behind times and given Corona tax way overpriced for the features IMHO. Everyone harps about build quality and ease of repair. What they should be talking about is availability of spare parts because without proper maintenance any machine will need repairs often, irrespective of build quality. The cheaper machine manufacturers do not encourage the buy and repair model so spare parts are not that easy to come by. That aspect is changing though, now with the used market full of Sunbeams and Brevilles.

    When it comes to taste, majority in Oz drink milk based drinks, a good Barista can arguably make a better espresso with a more expensive machine because of consistent temperatures but reality is with a decent grinder and good coffee beans anyone can make a cafe level milk based drink with a half decent machine. What would vary from one machine to another is number of back to back shots, heating times and simultaneous frothing. But if any of that matters to you.. this is no good anyways and if it does not, for the reasons stated above it is over priced.. Just my opinion though..not a Barista here.

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      Gaggia classic pro parts are readily available locally.

      • Yes that is what I said . But an OPV is 30 bucks a PID is 300 bucks plus delivery, , pushing it into a Breville dual boiler range when on sale and even then it will not have pre infusion. Bambino has a PID , 9 bar at the group head and pre infusion and when it goes bad, buy a used one, replace what you need and you are still ahead both in price and technology. Now.. I must state that I have a Silvia v6 and it has taught me a lot but I am just tired of tinkering to get the same quality every day. They became popular when there was no one around now they are relics. Look at Quick mill sunny..even the Italians are getting the message. Moreover at least my Silvia has a reasonable clearance under the grouphead.. this thing stock will not fit a coffee mug, forget a pair of scales. Add another 100 for a low drip tray..mods cost money.

        • Bambino uses crappy 54mm portafiler though so it's not perfect either.

          • @dji1111111: You forgot it also comes with only pressurised baskets. The size is not crappy, infusion is better controlled when the surface area is smaller which is helpful for people starting out. It is a well researched machine designed for a specific target audience. It is nowhere near perfect but for the price, in my opinion it cannot be beaten. Combine a decent naked portafilter with an 18g VST basket and it will take on anything in the sub 500 level. Nothing is perfect, it is just horses for courses. People who love to tinker will never buy a Breville and the reverse is also true.

            • @shaidas: most people prefer 58mm because it's easy to find accessories. as if people starting out will even notice the difference in extraction due to different diameter of portafilter lol

              I wouldn't recommend either this nor bambino.

              • @keejoonc: My point exactly, they do not need to notice the difference or compare, whether the ground quality is excellent or below par, they will get a drinkable cup with decent crema, because of the size and double wall hence why I said well designed. The 58mm accessory story also used to be true but now that has changed because of the popularity of these machines. Faema e 61 group heads are still the most popular commercially. Lelit has 57mm portafilters. So all different sorts out there but yes for home use 58 and 54 now, thanks to Breville seem to be most popular.

                Having said that you are of course entitled to your opinion same as me.. I am just starting to learn a few things.. just a beginner. Just try this out though.. go to Amazon and type 54mm, no need to type anything else as a search keyword.

                • @shaidas: If you are are after high quality accessories as opposed to Chinese made stuff from Amazon and eBay, 54mm accessories are still far limited

                  • -2

                    @dji1111111: Really ? I at least admit I do not know much.. you on the other hand just keep talking out of your backside.. What high quality are you talking about ? VST is a competition grade producer of coffee related accessories .. they produce baskets meant for competitions of the best Barista .. they have started producing 54mm accessories, And "high quality" is what makes not so bright people buy stuff.

                    You can either go with the rest of the world as Aliexpress, ebay, amazon indicate or you can wait till you have no choice and then show off your expertise on the "low" quality stuff which you will be buying in 5 more years. On my comment about milk based drinks you state and I quote "Of course it does. Stale beans will make a huge difference whether as a espresso or milk based drinks" .. What in God's name gave you the idea of stale beans ?? Did I say stale beans even once ? Given by your love for a BDB I am guessing thats what you have.. well newsflash.. it is a waste on you. You do realise I own a 58mm Silvia v6 .."High quality" ?

                    • -1

                      @shaidas: What in the world? Basket is only one accessory. You are only scratching the surface.
                      High quality is what not so bright people buy stuff? Has to be the dumbest comment ever. There are plenty of luxury items in the world that are expensive but worth their price tag. There is a reason there is a saying that you get what you pay for. Obviously doesn't hold true always but certainly does in many cases.

                      In regards to the stale beans, how about you get this straight? I never even replied to you. I replied to the other guy who asked about stale beans lol you are hopeless lol

                      Another newsflash. I don't love BDB. In fact, it didn't even make it to my short-list when I was buying my machine. You really are good at going off on a tangent and obviously not great at comprehension. I just states BDB is a much better machine than this or the Bambino for not much more. Australians can buy the BDB for ridiculously low price compared to other parts of the world. It is far more expensive in US or Asia yet it is still very popular and highly regarded.

                      So what if you own the Silvia? I don't understand what you are even trying to say there. I own Lelit Elizabeth with Eureka Mignon Specialita and Kaffelogic Nano 7e Roaster. Oh damn, you stupidly assumed I own BDB. If you were being silly and was trying to have a "size contest", I think I have easily won there. Lol
                      And these equipment aren't wasted on me because I make great coffee everyday and I give away lovely home roasted beans of various origins to family and friends.

              • @keejoonc: Larger surface area is more prone to channelling, result of poor grinding and/or technique, that's why Breville Barista line uses smaller basket, also the basket is tapered to further assist even water pressure.

                One benefit of a larger basket is less mess, because there's more surface area to push grounds around.

    • I actually wonder does quality of beans make much of a difference in a milk coffee. I can definitely tell when I make filter coffee, but if I have a flat white I have no idea what kind of coffee it is or even whether the beans are stale.

      • +1

        I would say depends on your palate. Pure Espresso drinkers will be able to tell..I find it hard to distinguish well extracted shots from most machines in a flat white

      • Of course it does. Stale beans will make a huge difference whether as a espresso or milk based drinks.

        • Yes there are so many variables just within the freshness of the beans and technique, the PID mod isn't essential but may look into it if I get bored.

  • +1

    Skip this and just get Breville Dual Boiler unless you really struggle with space.
    No point paying almost 600 for this when BDB can be had for not much more.

    • Even better get a Bambino Plus, upgrade the portafilter, and pocket the difference or spend it towards a good quality grinder👍

      • Rancillio Rocky $460 :P

        • overrated grinder.

          • @keejoonc: Used to be the go to, probably other stuff around now. depends how much you want to spend. Still using em0480, pairs up well for something cheap.

            • @G-rig: Absolutely no reason to get a rocky when you can get a Eureka Silenzio or Specialita for similar amount of money.

              • @keejoonc: Yeah mate all good - as I say I haven't kept up with the offerings since I got my Classic (original) in 2008 or whatever. The Rocky used to be about $440-480 back in the day.

                Most people won't want to spend $600-700 on a grinder if the coffee machine is about the same amount.

                • @G-rig: Rocky's are still selling for around $459. You can get Eureka Silenzio for the same amount money from Espresso Coffee Shop including shipping.
                  Add another $100 or so for Specialita.

                  • @keejoonc: sounds ok, I think the sunbeam cafe series grinder was less than $200 (maybe $160 at the time) but remembered it was a fair bit extra. Anyway probably worth it, hard to say worth upgrading I think the sunbeam is fine still

      • How do you upgrade the portafilter? Thanks

        • Just buy a better portafilter from Aliexpress, preferably a bottomless one.

          • @browser: Just wondering what's wrong with the over that comes with it, out do they wear out over time? It's discoloured over time inside (yes even after descaling) still running the original one so could be time for a new one. Any Brand/sellers recommend on Ali. Much prefer standard size group heads too.

            May as well get the opv 9 bar spring from shades of coffee. I've got the older machine with two hoses coming into the water reservoir. $20 plus whatever postage seems like a lot, anyone else sell the springs (local coffee machine shops)?

            • @G-rig: Turns out I don’t need an OPV kit as my machine should have an adjustable OPV mounted on the back right of the boiler (pre 2018 original classic). The PID kit looks like some fun, but fiddly as hell.. would be 5h work at least (even with the shadesofcoffee kit ($185 plus postage i assume)

              Wouldn't mind a bottomless portafilter at least, could use a new basket. Neither are cheap locally so recommendations welcome. If you search using Gaggia they aren't that cheap on ebay/amazon/aliexpress, but because it's a standard 58mm they should all fit in theory, just better if someone knows of a decent quality one. The shades of coffee one looks good.