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[Refurb] Dell Latitude E7270 Laptop / i7-6600U / 16GB RAM / 256GB NVMe SSD / HD / Win 10 Pro $400 + Delivery @ PC Takeaway


Hi all,

We decided to run an Ozbargain special for anyone who is in need of a nice refurbished laptop for home, work or school use.

$150 off with E7270 at Checkout

Here's a quick link to LaptopMag's Review back in 2016 (Review is of 8GB variant): https://www.laptopmag.com/au/reviews/laptops/dell-latitude-e...

i7-6600U (2.6 GHz, up to 3.30 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 3 MB cache, 2 cores)
12.5” HD (1366 × 768) / Intel HD Graphics 520
Windows 10 Pro loaded with digital license

Includes OEM charger, and OEM Docking Station valued at $89

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  • 6th gen, so no offical supported windows 11 ?

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      Runs nicely with Mint Linux and you can push the screen resolution slightly higher.

      • Can you easily adjust the laptop screen brightness on Mint?

        • +1

          Not near my unit and I'm now using Chromebooks as my primary OS but I'm pretty sure you can (sorry interstate for the week)

          • +2

            @Limbot: Interstate? What country do you live in?

            • +1

              @ozhunter68: From Tassie, in Queensland 😀

              • @Limbot: Lucky you. Be careful as SE Qld could now go into lockdown any day.

                • @ozhunter68: Yes watching news closely every day. Have to mitigate risk and decide what your risk profile is even just to go on holidays these days,

                  • @Limbot: Agree. Wish you all the best. When you due to fly back?

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    1366 × 768 is NOT FHD

    • Thanks, updated.

      • That's very sad. It was looking a bit interesting before that fact come to light.

  • +1

    HD :(

    • MD

  • +3

    Even on a 12.5" screen I wouldn't go with 1366 × 768.

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    In lieu of a similar spec SFF PC this might be a workable option to run a Plex server if anyone's interested. I have a refurb 6th Gen i5 running Plex and it's fantastic. 6th gen supports Quick Sync for decoding and encoding.

    • Or Xpenology which will allow for PMS to be run as well as heap of other packages. I have been running Xpenology on what started as a 9020 Optiplex SFF for ages now and it runs exceptionally well.

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    Hi Rep, have the old batteries been replaced with new ones?

    Also how much stock do you have?

    • +1

      Hi WatchNerd,

      The original batteries haven't been replaced with new ones. We do test the batteries individually during our refurb process.

      We have 15 of these left, with some more on the way.


  • +1


    • Their website says 30 days…$400 is fair the spec and docking station. However, what will u be using this for? If for surfing, a chromebook can do it.

      For games? It will struggle…

      The resolution is also a big put-off.

      If these were $300 posted, that would be considered a deal.

  • $15 to $30 delivery charge

    @JustinFR Does the site support PayPal?

    • +1

      The privacy policy does not point anywhere… https://pctakeaway.com.au/?page_id=3 "Page not found" generic WordPress page ID that was deleted?

      Smells illegal / error prone

      • Hi UsernameChecksIn,

        At the moment, the website does not support PayPal. Our payment system is through Stripe, and the Google Pay option is available.

        Thanks for bringing the Privacy Policy issue to our attention. We will have that looked into ASAP.

        As mentioned in our first post, we are a small local business that have recently entered the online space and are working things out as we move along, the website being one. Number one priority at the moment is to not smell illegal.

        Thanks for your feedback.

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    Arrived in one of the roughest conditions for a used refurbished laptop I have ever seen (much-loved).

    Comparatively worse than many secondhand corporate and school-issued devices.

    Did not imagine I would miss the grading/condition systems used by some secondhand dealers.

    Good to have spare + dock to fallback on for connectivity to old systems.

    Will check later how well the other components and apps hold up.

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