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50% off Storewide (Some Exclusions) @ PUMA (Stack with 12% Cashback @ Cashrewards)


Code tested working on sale and full prices items.

Stack with 12% Cashback @ Cashrewards - Expires 29/9 (FAMILY50 listed only).

Also can try promo code PUMAFAM5639 - thanks Ehty

Offer valid until 4th October 2021 while stocks last. Offer valid against all eligible items, any ineligible items will have a flag denoting 'EXCLUDED FROM PROMOTIONS'. For full list of exclusions see the exclusions page Promo code must be applied at checkout to apply discount. Without use of promo code, offer will not be applied to sale. Offer valid for 50% off full price and an extra 50% off sale items.

Standard shipping is $8 or free over $100 spend.

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  • Not again!

  • Btw, the links for slides and hoodies are not working.

    • Working now!.
      also PUMAFAM5639 works for 50% off.

  • +5

    Doesn't work on AC Milan or Man City (lol) jerseys.

  • +4

    I got some trackies from them last time delivered for around $27, been a great buy. Working from home they're getting worn 50% of days.

    • +11

      So yours are 50% off.

      • +2

        Yep - even the hardest working pants need a break.

  • +1

    Been waiting for the Clyde all pro. It's literally not available anywhere in Australia ) :

      • Good if you are a size 7 8 9 10
        Bad if you are another size.

    • I bought them at around $110 and they were reduced to about $68 a week or so after. That said they were still a great buy. Nice shoe but they rub my pinky toes slightly.

      Edit: prices.

    • Same here, ended up getting a pair from the US for about $150 shipped.

      There's not a great range of Puma basketball shoes available at the moment compared to 6 months ago.

  • Suede's are excluded:(

  • +3

    when did their website become so shit to navigate?

  • +4

    Doesn't work on Deviate Nitro shame

  • Thanks OP, grabbed some gear at half price.

  • +4

    Time to puma pants

  • Are PUMA runners any good?

    • +1

      I personally go Adidas for footwear and Puma for casual clothes. Best value/quality combo

      • Designs aside, what does Adidas footwear offer that Puma doesn't?

        • +2

          Eg: Adillete slides are more cushioned than Puma for similar price, UB better than equivalent Puma runners etc. But Puma clothes are better value and have nice cotton/polyester mix

          • +2

            @RoeJogan: I wouldn't call UB runners. The Puma nitro range are fantastic runners and beat the Adidas adizero running range in terms of value for money.

            • +2

              @Broomstick: Haven't kept updated with Pumas latest offerings so that may be the case. Good to see innovation from Puma 👍

            • @Broomstick: Really? Looks like they are $250+…

              • +1

                @nugeorge: The Adidas equivalent to the Puma deviate nitro carbon plate running shoe is the Adizero adios pro 2 which is $360.

                If you are after a midrange running shoe, there are plenty from both Puma and Adidas at good prices especially during sales but the upper level running shoes always seem to be excluded from promotions.

            • @Broomstick: Really? UBs are made for running. Just the cushy kind and not the racing kind. Certainly won't kill your feet like the 3leaf stuff. But good to hear that Pumas are back in the sports game. I basically didn't pay any attention to Pumas when I looked for proper sporting shoes for many years as they have been pretty crap for a long while.

  • Thanks OP ! Seems prices are similar to their outlet stores but from the comfort of home and free delivery (order over $100) :-)

  • +2

    I don't need more shoes !!!

    2 x Smash Suede Sneakers ordered :(

    Thank you.

  • +3

    I always lol'd at people repping car brands on clothes… ended up buying one for the lol's myself to qualify for free shipping.

    Thanks OP

  • +6

    And just like that, $122.50 disappeared from my bank account

    • join da club

    • bring back jobkeeper

  • Thanks OP

    $140 gone from my acc

    Happy Days!!

  • +2

    Thanks - Just went to each category and sorted from Low to High and went crazy :P

    4 pairs of shorts, 3 shirts, 1 hoodie = $100

    • I did the same thing!

  • +1

    Does anyone know why the Selena Gomez range isn't on the website?

    • sold out it looks like

  • +1

    thanks! Kids shoes sorted.

  • +1

    A bit annoyed that the puma socks are excluded , love the socks one of the best socks I've ever had

  • +4

    Also, 12% cashrewards

    • +1

      Thanks glad I saw this before checkout. So I redo all add to cart again. Let's see if this cashback comes through

  • Op link posted doesn't work for $12.50 hoodies?

  • +1

    12% at Cashrewards. Promo code “FAMILY50” is listed on Cashrewards site so make sure you use the same.

    • +2

      Yep, just did it and have $40 coming back my way

  • Liberty collab not included :(

  • Not sure if my order went through…I order less than $100 using Afterpay but didn't show the shipping fee and I was charged. Just wait few days and see if it decline or not.

  • +5

    Is it just me or the website is crap?

    • +3

      I added about 6 things to my cart, go back and it’s all gone. Waste of time.

    • Takes like 1min to load a page on mobile, I cbf

  • +2

    Qantas has bonus points with Puma at the moment if you want to stay away from CW like I do. Virgin 2 points, Qantas 6 Points.

  • thanks OP
    also they really need to work on their website lol

  • +1

    Very annoyed. Put an order in via afterpay, happy to take my money (via afterpay) but order is not in their system.
    This happened last time as well, so I suggest people should check their e-mails/accounts to ensure their orders are in Puma's systems.

    • +1

      It happened to me last time as well.

  • VIXENS50 also works with 50% off, untill OCT 4th

  • Paypal link not working but CC payment method working fine

  • +3

    Wanted to buy… but website is horrible. They need to fire their webmaster for the crap design and navigation, and get a better server due to the pathetic speed.

  • I wanted some Puma Suede Triplex sneakers but I am us 11.5 and looks like they don't do half sizes anymore :/

    • Same. I'm a half size as well and didn't want clown shoes. Annoying that they have 1/2 sizes in their other sneakers.

  • +1

    So there's an issue between Afterpay and Puma's systems. Basically Afterpay will take your order details in but there's an issue with the confirmation being sent back to Puma.
    So you'll get a situation where the order is in Afterpay but not in Puma so your order will not get processed whilst money is being taken out in installments.

    I've had confirmation of this from their customer service just now.

    Solution is to try another payments solution.
    Paypal worked for me and I was able to pay it in 4 installments via Paypal.

  • +2

    Bought 8 pairs of shoes for the kidlets and their cousin for $20/pair then CR on top. Winning.

  • Bought 2 hoodies and 2 trackpants, hopefully the size is right.

  • Can't see an option to remove an item from the cart ;-(

  • Anyone had their order shipped yet? I ordered a pair of shoes last Tuesday night and only have an order confirmation so far.

    • I got notification yesterday, due to arrive Friday via shudder Couriers Please

      • Thanks, I'll give it a couple more days based on this.

        And yeah, good luck with that!

        • Just checked my emails. I ordered 28 September, 2 October was "dispatched", 4 October was notificationf rom Shippit.
          ETA Friday 8 October. Let's see how that goes! :)

          • @nafe: I ordered on the night of the 28th and nothing since then. If I don't get anything today I'll follow up with them.

            • @rith: Amazingly, I got an SMS at 6am saying my delivery was onboard for today - arrived at 7:50am. Well done from my local CP guy!

              • @nafe: Finally got a shipping notification this morning :)

                (Using Aus Post, it turns out).

    • +1

      Not sure for you, but my items were shipping out of Victoria, where AusPost seem to have stopped parcel collections for five days. It's expected to continue as normal tomorrow, so hopefully the items start moving tomorrow.

      • Mine is coming out of VIC but apparently has been picked up. Maybe diff as coming via CP?

  • I ordered on 28/9 and my shipment arrived today. I am stoked as shipment was a lot faster than other companies i have ordered from prior to PUMA and i am still waiting on my orders to be delivered.