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Gigabyte LHR Eagle RTX 3060 $888, Eagle OC $918 + Delivery @ Techfast


Enjoy :)

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    What a terrible deal.

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      What’s ur fair price?

  • The article you link is about 3060 V1, these are V2 lhr so you can only unlock up to 69% reliably of the maximum hash rate

    • The article is written recently but copied from another guys work earlier in July on the v1 card I suppose. But if anyone has this card and unlocked using those steps please share the love

    • Nice.

  • No and No!

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    How about a 3060-ti for ~$800?

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      Agreed, last deal Asus 3060 Ti for $840.00

      • That deal was before another price hike. Also those shipped only in December. Sure compared to MSRP and price at launch this is not a deal at all. But with current prices that are increasing each day?

  • i need a deal on Gaming PC!!!!

    • +1

      Expect one around 2023-2024 when the new foundries are up and running.
      Hopefully we get in a situation of oversupply.
      Nothing but bad news between now and then.
      Only hope is that ethereum proof of stake helps a little, although its more likely that another cryptocurrency will fill the void.

    • Plenty

  • 🦅

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    Excuse me? How is a lhr twin fan 3060 worth 888$? Its not even a deal even given the gpu shortage right now.

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      Where's your deal for a 3060, in stock, that's cheaper? A deal could be a deal today but not tomorrow or not in 1 month for some people. Why not share with others?

      • -4

        Right this second? No i dont have a deal. However, I bought a evga 3060 on PLE for my friend just two weeks back for 879 . And I didnt post it here because its not a deal compared to something that was on here not even a month ago with 3660ti's going for 850~ and basically every 6600xt deal posted on here nearly every week.

        This is ozBARGAIN for gods sake. If its not a deal it doesnt matter its avalible right now to buy or not.

        • +6

          Just because it's not a deal for you though doesn't mean its not a deal to others. I think you missed my point entirely. Mind you I am not buying it either.

          I'll wait for a 3070 ti deal… I hope to see all deals on 70's regardless of if you think it's a good deal or not. :)

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            @equinoxxx: But I mean… almost anything can be a deal to different people. I thought we're all supposed to be cheapskates here to an extent.

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              @m3ndL3: Totally agree, but I think in our current environment we have with GPU's it makes it difficult to "determine" if something is a good deal. For example, I with the recent hikes any deals from say July can't compare to something today because the market has changed since they were listed.

              I mean we have a good system to vote for deals. If the community thinks it's not a deal they will neg it to oblivion :)

              • @equinoxxx: That's fair. In my opinion, if you take the trend of pricing over time, the local minima would be the "bargains".

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      Perceived value of an item is very different to purchasing an item with the lowest amount of dollars. So, although I hear ya. It’s still a deal unless you can find it cheaper

      EDIT: Also, don’t forget what a lot of these are being used for and how they can possibly even make you money.

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    "How is that a deal? I would only pay the MSRP which is outdated by a year."

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    Lol at people saying "how is this a deal" again seeking pricing below MSRP which we have not seen for 2 years, and even then it was rare

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    Came for the RRP comments. Was not disappointed.

    • I don't usually come from the MSRP comments but I probably will the day GPUs hit that mark again.

      • Don't hold your breath

  • Damn even pricier then what I paid for my 3070!

    • You think a 3070 is pricey, you should see what I paid for my 3080!

  • Ah yes, the controversial GPU deal.


  • Forget the mrsp, this is a card that is a lower performance and higher price than the 6600 xt. Makes no sense to buy a 3060 at this price point.