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Gigabyte Vision RTX 3070 8GB GPU $1199 + Delivery @ ConneqComputers


I found this looking for 3070s today this popped up. Got myself two of them, the website is a bit slow but past experience with Conneq has been positive. Seems like a really good deal considering the current market. I hope the RRP warriors are satisfied :)

1st Edit: 4:42 website seems to be down. Tried to be nice before I got a confirmation email. Whats with all the troll comments…
2nd Edit: 4:57 might've been a price error RIP…

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  • Website too slow stuff that

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    Why does it seem that only gigabyte are pushing out GPU’s recently. It’s driving me insane because I won’t ever buy a gigabyte product again, just bad overall experience with their products.

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    • ASUS Gpus are great and their post-sales warranty service is good too.

      EVGA i've heard are good but you gotta send it back via shipping whereas ASUS has a service centre.

      MSI i've never touched but every one always has something positive to say about their performance and quality.

      • Thank you. I’ve had nothing but nightmares with gigabyte, I don’t mean to be negative about the brand but that’s just my personal experience.

    • Hi Ghosts, EVGA and some smaller manufacturers are releasing GPUs. Many in stock to buy right now for less than 1400.

      • Hey Terrence, thanks for the reply. Could you please let me know what stores are stocking them. Thank you much appreciated!

        • Check out the 3070 that just got posted - PNY or something. Good deal if you don't want to deal with TechFast

    • What's wrong with Gigabyte GPUs? Can you share your experience please

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    thanks OP, bought 10 for neighbours.

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      Make sure they’re not tapping on ur electricity:)

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    good find.

    p.s. is 3070s availabke now?

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    I feel like this store needs to be verified

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    Got 20 for Solitaire 2021. Lets rock.

  • Anyone besides the OP ever heard of this store before?

    • Its a small shop in Cabramatta

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    Can't Conneq to your website, false advertising.

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      Hey mate this doesn't have the associated tag… Noob

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        obviously missed the joke…Noob. 🙆‍♂️

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    Website is dead…?

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    anyone able to open?

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    is this website reliable…seems not opening in normal way. Anyone can provide review on website who has bought previously.

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    New accounts just made to comment on this deal and upvote and buying up the stock. Sock puppeting? Peddling the scam?

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      lots of parents with 3x children hmmmm

    • Not to mention the guy buying 3 for his kids to play Fortnite which will run at over 100fps on a 7 year old card

  • Ozbargained

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    absolutely gorgeous card, very reminiscent of the radeon vii. good find.

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    This site has had the patented Ozbargain hug of death.

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    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

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      got same error too.
      so people arw too eager to get thsi bargain😁

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    $200 cheaper than EVGA. I would pay an extra $200 and get the EVGA because it's easy to return if there is an issue.

    • Where is there an EVGA card for $1400? Still kicking myself I missed the PLE preorder the other day :(

      • It's literally the most basic of the lot. Nothing to go crazy over

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          Totally agree, just I can't find any 3070 for $1400 at the moment.

          The PLE one was $1139, thus why I'd like that :)

  • Thanks

  • Did not load

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    Think we just DDOSd this poor company.. rip 386 basement server.

  • Might as well wait for the 4000 series to get the 3000 series

    • HODL!!!

      Untile stock shortages at 4000 series launch ensure that it too retails at a markup.But not to worry, you can then HODL until 5000 series launch when…

  • "2nd Edit: 4:57 might've been a price error RIP… "

    The site is still down, how can you even see that?

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            @fazl4: That's fine mate, no need to call people names.

  • Amazing GPU - got one on the 3080 range with this build :)

    • It's funny, I actually ordered the D-P mobo because of your build :)
      And bc I'm still waiting for my N7 White :)

  • Nature is healing

  • HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.


  • They got pwn3d

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    This has actually been up on their website at least 3 weeks prior, once you checkout and get to shipping it says there are "no payment options for your state". Managed to get a hold of them over the phone about 2 weeks ago and they told me they had no stock.

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