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25% off first year of their Families plan. More words.

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    I've been using Bitwarden for free. How is 1Password better?

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      +1 for Bitwarden

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      I like bitwarden but I definitely prefer paying for 1password over bitwarden.

      The ui/ux of 1pw is just miles ahead of bitwarden. Even simple things like sorting is missing on bw.

      After 2weeks of using bitwarden i gave up and went back to 1pw.

      Edit: also the bitwarden mobile apps are slow af compared to 1password

      • Definitely agree on the UI polish on 1Password compared to Bitwarden. I paid for Bitwarden ($10/y) and 1Password ($3/m charged yearly) when Lastpass decided to limit to one device type, and ended up sticking with 1Password.

        Bitwarden is pretty good value for $10/y individual premium, or free for individuals / 2 person "orgs".

        • Wait until 1Password 8 drops on desktop and it's all electron apps. I don't expect the UX to be anywhere near as polished.

          • @skwashd: I installed the beta on my Mac and it was fine. It was missing quite a lot of features when I tried it but it seems like they're slowly adding them back in. The switch over to Electron doesn't affect me too much since I mainly use the browser extensions and the iOS App, and programs like VSCode, Terminus are all Electron already anyway.

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        Maybe I'm just a newbie to the password managers, I find bitwarden so good.

        1. UI doesn't bother me as much
        2. Bitwarden is free and open source
        3. Mobile apps are excellent (using on Samsung with accessibility on) and so is the chrome extension.
        4. It is completely free for most things.
    • Same Bitwarden

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      I moved from Dashlane to BitWarden and now am using 1password.

      For me, the UI on BW was only passable. It worked but wasn't intuitive or nice looking. Everything was needlessly more complicated than 1P is.

      BWs autofill on Android was also very hit or miss. Sometimes it just wouldn't bring up any autofill options. 1P has generally been more consistent and just worked correctly.

      Browser integration is also better in 1P. Honestly I can't remember my specific issue with BW, but I remember being relieved when 1P just worked properly.

    • When I trialed BitWarden and 1Password I found that for me 1Password was more polished.

      BitWarden also being a small group, possibly 1 person at the time, had less resources available to resolve issues. In particular there was a bug in Safari for Mac where the vault would never stay unlocked for more than a minute that a number of people had encountered. Advice from people on Reddit was just to change browser as there was no suggestion that niche group wouldn’t be a priority. AgileBits on the other hand has seemed to really focus on the Apple environment.

      As an Apple user and a Safari user in Mac in particular, I found Agile Bits product better supported those products.

      It’s worth noting there’s some pretty controversial changes happening to 1Password for the 8.x release that’s in Beta currently, such as the app now being Electron rather than native on Mac, no outright purchase options and no more support for self hosted vaults.

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    I used a whole bunch of them. I have a free for life premium account of dashlane, used 1 password for a year, lastpass before it shat itself, and bitwarden.

    I'm surprisingly pleased with how good Bitwarden is especially when its completely free. If it wasn't then yes 1password is probably the best of them all, but can't beat free.

    I'm using Bitwarden now and prefer it over the paid premium dashlane.

    • What devices do you use (and have tested) your password managers with?

      I’m primarily iPhone and Windows, while 1Password was fantastic on iPhone, on Windows it was crap (I had 1Password 7 standalone) unless I opted for the subscription which I didn’t.

      I’m now on Bitwarden which is so-so on both platforms but hey… hard to beat Free ;)

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        I've got an android phone (pixel), with an iPad pro, and windows PCs.

        On windows, 1password was mainly used with 1passwordX, the browser extension. Works well enough, no complaints.

        Bitwarden isn't like super amazing or anything, especially UI wise, but it is completely free without any limitations, and I found no major issues.

  • As much as the bitwarden interface is a bit meh, $5usd for the family plan is more than I am willing to spend. Maybe $3 usd/month

  • I’ve been using 1pass for close to a decade and love it.

    Haven’t upgraded to 7 though so still hanging onto a lifetime subscription upgrading my Mac I’m sure will end this for me.

  • Cashrewards also seems to be offering 21%?
    USD4.99 per month, charged annually so USD60 - 25% = USD45. Assuming Cashrewards comes off that at 21%, USD35.50 or AUD50 for the year = $10/user.