Katoomba Exotic Basmati Rice 5kg $9.99, Tata Premium Loose Leaf Tea 450g $4.99, 7L Steam Airfryer $149 @ ALDI


Aldi is having Indian food sale from 6th October. Happy eating.

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    Do they deliver/Click and Collect?

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    FYI the bulk spices are quite expensive (~$3.99/200g). You'll find the same spices for much much cheaper at your local indian store.

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      i aglee

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      10$ for a 5Kg Basmati rice bag imo is a deal. Not sure of the quality.

      • Woolies have 5K bags of "exotic" basmati for $10 right now.

        • According to the rice gods of OzB it's the worst you can buy.

          I went to my local Indian grocer and bought the one premium or whatever was recommended.

      • Well if Katoomba is the same brand whom make the awesome roti, then it should be good!

        • Thought so too :)

      • My local indian store has 5kg Basmati Rice for $9.50. It'll be pretty shoddy quality no doubt, very starchy and with additives. You're better off paying $20-$25/5kg for good quality rice that'll be significantly better. India Gate is a good brand that is high quality, prices start from $13 all the way up to $25 depending on the variety of rice

        • I have been using the top quality daawat basmati rice until now, but since all the Katoomba products are very good. I am assuming this one would be too.

  • Anyone know what this steam air fryer is or has experience using it? Does it use steam instead of air?

    • Looks multi-function, for example you could steam then brown. I want to get one to play with. :)

      3 cooking modes – steam, air fryer and combo

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      I found a decent first impression + 3 month ownership review on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJfPhiXtnGA

      They seems pretty happy with it.

      • I just watched it, I don't think that's it…

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    How’s this basmati rice?

    Finishing off the maharajah that everyone hates on.

    Bought 5kg of Riviana from woolies for half price.

    Should I get this too?

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      Can never have too much rice

    • If you want to eat decent rice, get a bag of Watani rice from Middle Eastern or maybe Indian stores. It costs about $15-$16 for 5kg but you'll never touch any other rice.

    • this Katoomba basmati isn't bad, certainly better long-grain that the usual Riviana from woolies. But as others have noted, the India Gate and more 'premium' brands only found at Indian grocers are still the best - but then those aren't at this price. However, that Tata tea looks good, and slightly cheaper than my usual rival brands like TajMahal and Red from the Indian grocers…

  • No Biryani sale no deal!

  • Very interested in the airfryer and steamer in one! Looks like a good idea! Anyone has used something similar before?
    I'm on the fence only because I have a great air-fryer already.

  • Katoomba Exotic Basmati Rice - has anyone tried this before? How is it compared to say India Gate?

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      India Gate and Daawat are best Basmati, coming from an Indian migrant. For daily use this is a good deal


      • Thanks kanad. Will check it out in Indian grocery store as Woolies has it out of stock

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      My personal fav is India gate Classic basmati rice. Daawat is good too, but I like the India Gate classic better, it has the nice aroma.

      Also, slightly cheaper and for daily use, the Costco Kirkland basmati rice is quite good as well.

  • Never tried katoomba so can't comment on the quality. However, I loved the taste of india gate classic, dawaat and laal quilla from one of the indian stores called MKS spices near my parent's house. I guess they usually have these premium varieties on sale.

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    Oo Tata premium tea, might get a bag. Very good for masala chai.

  • Katoomba reviews please

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    Im gonna call it.
    Katoomba rice will be awesome

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    2 weeka back I bought Katoomba Exotic Basmati Rice 5kg for less than 7.5$ in MKS , Dandenong..

    No deal

    • Go ahead and neg it. How's the rice btw?

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    It's not fair to neg this deal just for rice.
    Ps: I have not yet opened the rice bag, so really I cannot provide the feedback. Usually Katoomba products are good and surprised to see such low price for 5kg basmati rice.
    Thanks for your effort for this post 👍

  • Do they still do sur-charges on credit card purchases?
    My wife and her family refused to go to Aldi because of this even though they can make bigger savings than going to Coles or Woollies…
    (won't go to IGA as well… firm worshipers of flybuy and coles rewards…)

  • Still have the surcharge. I think its around 0.5%.
    I find coles/woolies more convenient

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      I pay via eftpos to avoid the surcharge

      • Eftpos still has a surcharge right?

        • eftpos savings no surcharge

          mastercard/visa debit card yes surcharge

          • @dajackal: ok. got ya now. Yes i have visa debit….ING….so guess it's that.

            Sorry thought EFTPOS = DEBIT CARD.

  • The bar fridge is a part of this sale too. 93L beverage chiller

    I want one for the shed and will suit the space under the bench plus free up a little space in the main fridge too ;) $300 seems good vs schmick/hisense, etc. which are typically over $500 for ~100L

    Efficiency is better than some small fridges I've seen previously……3 stars.

    Seems good with triple glazing glass door, LED lighting and 3 yr warranty.

    I'll probably line up tomorrow to get it. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Any comments vs a wine fridge (there is one for sale at Aldi too, looks great with the timber shelves but read somewhere as they use a different tech to a fridge to maintain humidity it's not great for constant opening and closing doors to keep temps or something along those lines).

    Beverage Chiller specs FYI.
    *Triple-glazed glass door
    *Temperature range: 5°C-18°C
    * 3 adjustable steel wire shelves
    *3 Star MEPS
    * Model: HBRBC93B
    *Weight: 32.5kgˇ
    *Dimensions: 842mm(H) x 480mm(W) x 440mm(D)
    * Internal LED lighting
    * Adjustable feet

    • Looking at the wine cooler a little closer, besides some obvious difference like timber shelves, double glazed door (vs triple), digital control….it looks from appearances the the cooling system ist he same as the beverage chiller - a compressor (as opposed to a thermo electric)…..so essentially you are buying for aethetics?

      Hopefully my store will have a choice, but I'm wondering if I'm only left with wine fridge, I could use it as a bar fridge quite easily right? It keeps the same temps, it's the same dimensions so only minor difference.

  • Has anyone tried the wild rice or black rice?

  • Went to three Aldis this morning in the ACT, no air fryers…not sure if they had stock or all went when the store opened.

    • Aldi stock checker shows most places sold out… Majura Park and Macquarie still have stock

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        Went to Majura, none in sight. Had all the other new kitchen stuff though. Maybe I should have asked. According to the note at the top of the checker it shouldn't appear in the stock check until tomorrow- did you see the 7L one listed, I couldn't find it?

        • Here's the answer-

          ACT Delays

          7L Steam Air Fryer: new on sale date to be confirmed