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KRAZY Mixed-up Salt 200g or 2x KRAZY Rub 170g $8.95 (Was $13.90) + $12.50 Postage @ Brunt


Order KRAZY Mixed-Up Salt 200g at $8.95 each.
Receive 2 x KRAZY Mixed Up RUB 170g normal cost 2x $6.95 ($13.90)
You get 340g instead of 200g of the same delicious KRAZY Mixed Up flavour for only $8.95
(KRAZY Mixed Up RUB is the same great KRAZY Mixed Up Salt, the same herbs and spices, but finer flake salt)

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    $12.5 postage?

    • +12

      that's just KRAZY!

      • +3

        You guys just seem salty!

    • If you get your order over $50 it's free

  • +4

    Whats special about this rub? It is 84% salt?

    • It's krazy

  • +7


    This is a bit…vague.

    • -1

      That's a bit KRAZY

    • -1

      Like the Colonel, secret herbs and spices 😎

  • +1

    What's with your thumbnail? "Great news. Out of stock"

    Minimum quantity 10 to post here :p /s

    • it seems to be the promotion they are having, I'm not really sure since it's not explained well, but since one of their products is out of stock, they are giving two of a different one for the same price, even though those two are worth more. (I think)

      • On the money there.

  • -1

    I met OP in a pub once. I called him a name, and I was a salted.

  • +2

    "Get 2 KRAZY MIXED-UP RUB 170g for every KRAZY MIXED-UP SALT 200g you order and don’t receive"

  • +2

    "GREAT NEWS! OUT OF STOCK Get 2 KRAZY MIXED-UP RUB for every KRAZY MIXED-UP SALT you order and don't receive"
    "Krazy Mixed-Up Salt 200g (out of stock receive 2 x KRAZY RUB instead)"
    "Get 2 KRAZY MIXED-UP RUB 170g for every KRAZY MIXED-UP SALT 200g you order and don’t receive $13.90 value for $8.95"

    Thank you. I'm super clear on the value proposition here.

    • +1

      It's all mixed up and KRAZY :P

    • … couldn't very well say one would get the KRAZY Mixed-Up Salt that was ordered (since we're out of stock) …. but you would receive the much more valuable 2 canisters of KRAZY Mixed-Up RUB

  • I had two Krazy Rubs the other night, didn't cost me anything

    • At my local, you have to pay them to start, and pay them to finish

    • LOL 🤣😂

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