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2x 1kg Roll of Grey Black or White PLA US$23.76 (~A$32.84) Delivered from AU Warehouse @ Enotepad Official Store via AliExpress


This previous deal is back:


This time with grey, white or black. Also stacks with this deal if you buy 2 ($3 USD off) or 3 ($6 USD off).


Be careful not to select PETG if you are after PLA.

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  • Is this PLA+ ?

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        User name checks out…


  • If there's anyone that has used this PLA can you please comment on the quality?

    • both black & white printed fine from last deal

      • Side By Side ?

  • Thanks, good price. I ordered the petg to try

  • +3

    apologies for my early comments, I didn't see it was 2kg. in that case it's much cheaper and I now bought 2 sets based on the reviews here.

  • +1

    Thank you, bought 3x2kg.
    Time to steal a car by downloading it and printing it.

  • just note it will take a few weeks to arrive, even though it 'ships from AU'.

    Have printed with both the black & white and both are fine.

  • I havent used what I have, do I need more? lol

    • +1

      The answer is always yes lol

  • So it's 2 rolls of the same colour for each order I assume?


    Plastic Printing Filament For Children Scribble


  • I'm getting 2x 1kg spools coming up for $23 delivered, not $32?

    • USD

      • AUD. PayPal invoice showing $23.37AUD, the same as the checkout amount in Aliexpress. However it's showing as $23USD in my orders section in aliexpress.

        Bank account showing $23.37 AUD taken from debit account.

    • I got charged $23.53 AUD (grey) on suncorp. It used their "buy now" option and it wouldn't let me add other cart items.
      I then did another order (black) and got charged $33.35 AUD.

      Perhaps we got another deal for using the "buy now" option?

      • Looks like we both got the glitch in the matrix where it may have charged us in AUD for the USD amount.

        Lucky for us!

        • Mine says it had a payment of AU$9.82 from "Super Deals".
          I'll take it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Price has changed…. I think I cant work it out

    • Click Australia first, then choose from the grey, black or white.

  • pla OOS

  • PLA s0ld out

  • Do you guys recommedn the use of the drying spool holders Like the one on that same sellers page for $55

    • +1

      I have managed without one. I keep my opened filament in an airtight container when I am not using it and it seems to last a while.

      Do you live in a humid area? If not I wouldn't bother unless you have a problem with filament going bad.

      • I'm in western Sydney so not particularly humid and I do have a vaccum sealer so I guess I can reseal spools with some silica when I am not printing anything. Thanks.

        • Westie here too.
          Mine sits in a clear container that I toss all the little silica packs into.
          Been fine so far.

        • I'm a westie too :)

          I got a food vacuum sealer from Aldi and use it to reseal my rolls when I'm not going to use them for a while.

          • @wallet72: also a westie, haven't had any issue with keeping PLA or PLA+ dry with desiccant in storage boxes but recently got into PETG which is much more hygroscopic. One roll I received had moisture out of the bag so going to have to dry that one up.

            If you're sticking with PLA, you should be fine

    • I have the sunlu one and it's ok, you need a few mods to make it work better but it works well.

    • No, this is used for very hygroscopic filaments like Nylon, and even then, this is used if you're printing those frequently (out of convenience). If you leave your PLA out for a while and you reckon it's impacting print quality you can throw it in the oven.

    • Waste of money. Buy a cheap dehydrator if you need to restore Nylon or improve ABS that has been exposed to moisture.

  • Has anyone managed (or asked for) 1 of black and 1 of white? Are they allowing it?

  • +2

    Thanks op, bought PETG black, seems still available or I am missing something. Now I need 3D printer, any good deals ?

  • I just bought 2 rolls for $22. Thanks OP.

  • I was thinking, why is everyone crazy over PLA when PETG is technically better?

    • High print temp required making it harder to print if you have PTFE hotends

  • I got it today that's quick.

  • Got mine today which is pretty quick for Perth. I might have overdone it with 12 rolls.

  • Received my 6x rolls of PETG last week (Perth), have to say its pretty good filament, performs better than well known brands IMHO.
    I printed near flawless part using default generic PETG settings in Cura with 0.2 draft quality. Great value for money

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