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Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera $89 (Was $219) @ The Good Guys & JB Hi-Fi


On clearance, these are the older model, looks like they are clearing them out. Do your research before purchasing.

JB Hi-Fi Link

Available in store (TGG & JB), click & collect (TGG & JB) or delivery (JB Only, ~ $4.99).

Thanks to Price Hipster

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    Always found it weird to have indoor security cameras, like it was just pointless. So I bought 2. Thanks OP!

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      Indoor, on windows sills looking out to the external of a house.. Saves wiring etc

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        I tried that, but there was a glare from the window at night, so the camera won't see anything on night vision.

        • You need to disable the IR lights and place IR lights to the side (think camera flash) or outside

  • Do we need pay subscription for cloud storage or we can use internal sd card ?

    • Cloud only. $90/year

      • Cloud only. $90/year

        What !!!!!

        • +21


          Cloud only. $90/year

        • I don't get the point. If your home is broken into and possessions stolen, you'd file an insurance claim?

          What's the point of having the video?

          • +7

            @scphotos: Proof to show your friends

          • @scphotos:

            What's the point of having the video?

            To show the grandkids…

          • @scphotos:

            What's the point of having the video?

            Youtube fame? Could start up HCOA - HouseCam Owners Australia…

            Jokes aside, this review seems ok:

          • @scphotos: To get your home porn videos back

          • +1

            @scphotos: For Police to catch the baddies?

            • @Trishool: Even if the police catch then, you need to sue them for the insurance premium. It's a stupid system

              • +2

                @nephilim: I wasn't suggesting that there reported to the police so you can get the thieves to pay the premium, it was just about getting justice. Is happily pay the premium if it meant the rivers get a fine and gaol time.

          • @scphotos: Just in case if you have a nosey neighbour you want to nail! 😇

          • @scphotos: Especially if the camera is stolen as well… then that Cloud only $90/yea will go to waste. Unless the thief uses your camera for their "own videos"

  • Do your research before purchasing

    Anything in particular?

    • Newer ones r better, more features but pricey. Bound to b plenty of articles on this online

    • +1

      It’s almost like the phrase all conspiracy theorists say… “Do your research”

      I’m sure the op was actually being helpful, no offence

      • +2

        More so covering their ass, OzBargainers can be a very tough crowd.

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    Hopefully google/nest allow these older cameras to be visable in google home app. Currently you have to use two apps, google home (newer cameras and doorbell) and nest (older cameras and doorbells). Bit of a clusterF.

    • +2

      Just Google being Google.

    • I hate that they are pushing the nest cams into the Home app. It's increasing the amount of clicks I have to perform before I could watch a feed. Plus the Home app takes longer to load than the already very slow Nest app.

      • +1

        Agreed. I moved from Arlo to Eufy to Google Home/Nest. I thought i would be moving to a more mature product but ends up i just went back to an MVP.

        • Have you looked at the Wyze Cams. Tempted to try them out.

          • +1

            @doxy: I had considered them before but wanted a more 'integrated' approach with other home products, which is why i went the Google path.

            Might actually look at Ring/Amazon now.

            • @crazycs: Yeah, this is my main reason with sticking with them for now. That and sunk cost. I might order some Wyze Cam v3 and run them in parallel as a trial (at places where i need extra coverage around the house).

              Not sure about Ring coz of the police stuff they have with their cameras in the US.

        • Just put Home Assistant on a Pi4 and be done with it :)

    • I have this and i'm able view them on Google home app (it wasn't working till last month)

  • subscription Is more expensive than the camera. What a deal! haha

    • And that's the point really.

    • -1

      Printer inks are also more expensive than printers. So…

      • +2

        Printers are a scam

    • That's the whole point. In the Tech/SAAS industry especially, recurring revenue (ie. constant subscription-based income) is much more valuable than one-off revenue, for obvious reasons.

  • Great cam. You can stream from home app. No longer need of nest app. Shame it doesn't support sd card.

    • Do you get alerts from the camera in the home app?

      • Never tried alerts on this cam.

    • Unsure why someone -ve you but I'm a jedi and I've brought balance to the force.

      • Thanks, may the 4rc be with u

  • What are the new features of the new wired version if the indoor best can going to be?

  • +6

    If this also captures sound, I should get this so when the wife and I have fight we can look back at the footage as to who said what.

    • Yes it does.

    • Perfect for the divorce case hearing too!

    • unless you subscribe

      • +1


  • Could be ok for a baby monitor?

    • I bought one from Amazon around $30. It was good enough.

    • +3

      Are you referring to a new born lizard?
      I guess they could use this

  • Get a Tp Link TAPO then. Cheaper and 3MP

    • This one is also 3mp

  • If you don't want subscription, just get the Eufy cam, it saves footage into the memory card in the Homebase. Picture quality is very good too.

    And it's wireless, just need to charge battery every six months

    • What if someone breaks in and steals the base Station? Curious on what solution u have in place for this.

      • -1

        Buy a new one?

        • Sounds like that defeats the purpose of a security camera.

  • Can we use trust me bro sources for research purposes?

  • Look amazing for the price! 1080p is enough, no need for 4K, will be good to keep an eye on the kitten whilst i'm at work too lol

    Do you need the Google Nest Hub for these? And can you stream them through a PC browser also?

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