EGO 56V 5.0ah 47cm SP Mower Kit with 56V 530CFM Blower Skin + Free 2.5ah Redemption Battery $949 + Shipping @ Sydney Tools


Good deal here. The price of the mower is normally $949, but here you get an additional 530CFM blower (2 generations old but still decent, worth $249), as well as a 2.5ah battery with fuel gauge (worth $199) through redemption on their website as the spend is over $800.

No C&C option, and shipping cost is not great (~$80) but if you were going to get it delivered anyway it's an excellent deal.

$448 worth of extras all up priced separately, or essentially this free $429 blower kit.

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    I ordered one of these earlier today using the click and collect option.

    No stock anywhere in Sydney at the moment but you can still choose which store you want to collect from to avoid the delivery fee.

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    I haven't got an Ego mower yet but I have their whipper sniper, hedge trimmer and blower and they are good quality and perfect for households.

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    Supplier promotion - same deal also available at:



    TotalTools also have the following combo for $799:

  • They also have the smaller for $799. It has a smaller deck, and doesn't have self propelled function.

    Trade tools & Total Tools both have both models for the same price as a pre order, so it looks like this is the normal price for this new kit

  • Is this an overkill for household purpose?? Can anyone share your thoughts on this pls? Thanks.
    I’m actually waiting for deal on Ryobi 36v mower.

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      Not at all - in fact I would say they are aimed primarily at the household market.

  • 47cm out of stock most places. Do we think it will come back in by the end of the month or should I just go the 42cm deck? I have about 400m2 of lawn.

    • The product didn't exist yesterday, I think it's been added before having stock allocated.

      • You mean it didn't exist as a bundled kit in the one box?

        The items are all pretty much in stock as seperate items but I guess they are waiting for the bundled kits to come in from China.

        • Yeah. I went into Total Tools to see if they had it in stock (since Sydney Tools didn't). They had the 42cm bundle boxes, but not this deal. They matched the deal though with the two separate product boxes.

    • I was tossing up the same thing.

      I settled on the 47cm as it means you will get the job done a bit quicker and I read on other forums the 47cm and 42cm have the same size deck, just one has a longer blade.

      Sydney tools said they can have a sales rep. call me with a stock ETA for the 47cm kit.

      • The Sydney tools in Fyshwick ACT had one 47cm but wasn't listed on the site. Called up and paid over the phone then picked up. Going to sell the blower and 2.5mah battery as have a 4 stroke one already.
        Raining today but will give it a run tomorrow morning. I'm on a slope so the propelling feature should be good for the ol back.

        • Self-propelled didn't even factor into my purchase but was by far the most amazing feature when I used mine for the first time yesterday. Absolute game changer on my hilly footpath.

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            @t3chshopper: Mowed all my lawns yesterday. I'm converted. I'm coming from a $1.5k Honda mower and this is way better. Time will tell who lasts longer but the Ego was much easier to operate and cuts great.
            I did about 500m2 of sloping lawn and needed to charge once halfway though.

            • @grasspun: Glad to hear it worked out well for you too.

              I'm not sure how much lawn I have. Could be only 250m2, and only part of that is on a slope. I got the whole yard mowed with my 5.0mah battery. I even had enough left to use the same battery in my line trimmer.

              To be fair, the grass wasn't particularly long, but I couldn't wait to try it out. Either way, I've got two 5.0 batteries with a 2.5 coming via redemption, so I thankfully won't have to charge mid-job any time soon.

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    My level of annoyance is large. I bought the 799 mower and a separate fast charger yesterday.

  • Thanks OP. Sydney Tools was out of stock, but I walked into Total Tools and they just priced matched it for me with the mower and blower in their separate boxes.

    Looking forward to using it on the lawn this afternoon. Great companion to the Ego line trimmer I picked up last year.

  • Wondering if Ego will allow the September bonus battery kits purchased in October to count towards the battery redemption promo? Sounds too good to be true. I bought the line trimmer bonus battery kit last month, perhaps I should have held out a little longer

  • Just got an email from my local Sydney Tools stating this kit I ordered will be ready for pickup in 5-10 business days.

  • A week ago I rang Trade Tools and was told they were still taking pre-orders and they already had over 100 on order with delivery expected to be November\December depending on freight issues out of China. So I waited until October to place my order to ensure my invoice was dated in October and therefore I would qualify for the free battery. So today I went into my nearest Trade Tools store Archerfield, Brisbane with the intention of pre-ordering the "EGO 42cm Mower Kit Plus LB5300E Blower Skin - LMLB1703E" for $799 plus an accessories to take it over the $800 mark so that I could then qualify for the free battery and to also ensure I arranged in-store pick up to avoid delivery. However, to my shock they had just received stock and was able to walk away with my purchase! I ordered a spare mower blade, however once I got home I released that maybe I should have got the shoulder strap for the blower in lieu of the blade as you can always sharpen the blade to extend it's life. Either way I'm very happy with my purchase.

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      Nice! I was going to visit Trade Tools, but stopped in at Total Tools first. They also had the 42cm bundle boxes in, but not the 47cm. I was stoked that they still sold them to me as a bundle.

      I used the mower yesterday and was very, very happy with it. Even the wife, who was a bit surprised at the purchase, was totally on board once she checked it out. She'd borrowed a cheapie 18v Ryobi mower once when our Honda was in the shop, and didn't even bother finishing the yard, it was so bad.

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    Also combines with this deal Bring in any corded or cordless mower skin and get $100 off between 14-26 October. I traded in my Aldi mower skin from an old $199 deal, got to keep the batteries, charger and line trimmer it originally came with. All up paid $849 for the 47 cm mower/blower kit from Total Tools in Ballarat. My battery redemption claim has been submitted and approved already.

    • Can confirm this, I traded a 20 year old victa mower today for the 47cm +blower kit for $849 + qualified for the 2.5 ah battery submitted and approved within 30 min

  • Free delivery with Total Tools.

  • Any pointers put there for an ego line trimmer or best deals for them?

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    Any thoughts on an EGO Multi Tool with the following attachments:

    Hedge Trimmer
    Pole Saw
    Line Trimmer

    (approx cost $1400)

    vs the equivalent batt Kombi system from Stihl?

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