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Catch: 20% Cashback (Cap $25) 6-10pm @ ShopBack


Nice cashback deal that should apply to all categories including electronics. From 6pm to 10pm.

Would go well with the $15 bonus ($110 spend) via the Shopback app.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4046)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +3

    $15 bonus ($110 spend) via the Shopback app

    • +2
      • Yeah, it isn't available to me.

    • I got it, but exactly what to buy from Catch? :S

    • Isn’t then the 20% cashback deal is better than the $15 cashback $110 spend (= 13.6%) cashback deal?

      • +3

        They stack… the $15 is just a bonus in addition to the regular cashback.

        • Looks like you’re right! T&C’s on the $15 cashback $110 spend deal:

          The $15 bonus cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you'll receive shopping at Catch.com.au.

  • +1

    Anyone know if preorders are included?

  • -1

    What time does this start?

    • +5

      6pm to 10pm AEDT

      • Thank you

  • Works for catchconnect?

  • Might get 2 switch games.

  • Check if you’ve got an afterpay deal too if you use it., I’ve got $10 off $25

    • +1

      Will the Cashback track if I use Afterpay?

  • +1

    does cashback track if paying via gift cards?

    • +1

      AFAIK it doesn't

      • thanks mate

  • is paying with gift cards count?

  • -1

    what's good to buy, i don't need anything.

  • +1

    What's the catch?

  • Do these offers generally include Marketplace sellers?

  • +2

    No way I’m going to browse that ugly ass of a website looking for a “deal”

    • I wish all those Bugger's that battle me in the quick fingers stakes at the start of codes had your great attitude hehe :)

  • Perfect for Zelda joycon(119) if you have that 15/110 deal as well. Final price 80.2delivered

  • Any recommendations for a wireless PS5 headset? Besides the Pulse 3D as the price of that has been jacked up on Catch at the moment.

  • just to be clear gift card can not be used right?

    • Nope

      • Cool. I am too lazy to cancel my current Kogan order and re order from catch tomorrow just save couple dollars.

  • I never use shopback in phone. Does this mean that i have to use catch app as well instead of in app browser? Can anyone clarify please?


    • Shopback app. Choose catch website. Login, add, buy.
      Don't use the catch app

      • When i click it says “Continue to app” then forward me to catch app :/

        • Don't click the link. Open shopback app manually

  • Is this 1 per account?

  • Cash back still valid if using catch gift card?

  • +1

    If I pay partially with store credit, can the balance earn cashback?

    • i have the same question. i am unable to remove the credits on the checkout page.

  • +3

    Purchase $137.50 worth for the full $25 cashback.

  • Apple products eligible? Doesn’t say it’s excluded

  • Great deal

  • Stackable with this $5 bonus deal?

    • Yes if you opted in

  • Anybody know if cashback valid for pre order items ?

  • apply to apple?

  • +1

    Noticed prices have been jacked today by >20% for several of the LEGO kits I was watching. Revoking: no deal for me.

  • No Unidays codes anymore?

  • So can we actually use club catch for free shipping or will that void the transaction? and I assume can’t purchase club catch items to qualify ?

  • Would be great if anyone knows the below about Shopback’s cashback terms for Catch.

    It says in the Shopback app that Club Catch 30-day free trial for new members is ineligible for cashback.

    So does that mean people who are on the Club Catch trial membership, they won’t be eligible for cashback?

  • Is cashback eligible with the student discount codes?

    • Want to know also if this work?

    • No

    • do not use ANY code if you want cashback. and also no gift card use

  • Does this include catch marketplace purchases?

    • +1

      Not in exclusions so should be ok.

  • Should be 20% cashback per transaction yeah? Rather that once per account?

  • I am not seeing the option for free pick up from Kmart???

    • answer my own question, I was trying to get Dread - pre-order does work on this i guess…….

  • +1

    Most Switch games I'm interested in are $5 cheaper on Amazon.

    • +1

      if able to get dread for free pick up from kmart, dread + paper mario will be $68 total after all the shopback, pretty good deal I would say, but only if……

  • +2

    I purchased two items for pick up at Target which came to a total of $110.99. So excluding 10% GST then the items costed me $100.90.
    Shopback's cashback tracking says $19.90. But 20% of $100.90 is $20.18, not $19.90… I've being short changed. But seriously Shopback needs to check their calculations here.

    • -5

      You should be happy you have tracking and not whinge over 38c Unbelievable !

    • +1

      You did your maths correctly, apparently Shopback didn't. It happened to me before.

    • Can I ask how long did it take to track for your order?

      • +1

        Took about 11 mins for me. I ordered through Chrome on my PC. It's likely tracking time will vary from person to person depending on when the order was placed and how busy Catch becomes.

        However, even though my order was just over $110, I noticed the $15 bonus cashback for spending $110 hasn't being updated to Reward Pending… So now I'm worried that the cashback calculations was off because the purchase amount that Catch sent to Shopback is under $110…

        • That's fast, mine is not tracked after 1 hour. (Using the shop back app)

          From experience that these bonus sometimes do take longer than the normal tracking. Fingers crossed that yours is simply delayed and not affected by their dodgy calculation.

          • @victorheaven: just over an hour for me to get tracking.

            • @cloudy: Thanks for that…I did use the "spend $75 , get $15 off" offer (no promo code used). I wonder if this invalidate the CB.

              NVM, just got my tracking after 2 hours.

              • @victorheaven:

                I did use the "spend $75 , get $15 off" offer (no promo code used)

                Can you elaborate, i thought those were all codes you had to use.

                • @cloudy: On catch’s front page, there are a lot of offers like 15% off etc, one of them is “spend $75 get $15 off”.

                  After you click into that link, adding items that total $75 will automatically gives you a $15 discount.

                  • @victorheaven: oh nice, hopefully you get it, i saw that and assumed its a code and wouldnt stack with CB but hope it does for you

                    • @cloudy: I certainly hope so, the $15 discount was automatically deducted and I didn't see a promo code being applied anywhere (I had the option to put in another promo code, which I obviously didn't)

                • @cloudy: There is a promo run by catch, everyone can get it, and no code required for selected items.
                  The normal 15 off promo is targeted by enter a code.

  • would join the party if i got the 15/110. nothing really caught my eyes yet

  • Did anyone have any success with getting CB tracking by buying items from their "spend $75, get $15 off" category?

    Didn't think that would be an issue given I didn't use a promo code..

    NVM, just got my tracking after 2 hours.

  • available for more than one transaction?

    • +1

      Didn't say one per account. 2 mins left

  • Ahhhh was going to take advantage of this but forgot about daylight savings hours :(

    Only 9pm in QLD so I was wondering why deal was already marked as expired.

    • Same here, I was wondering why it started early. Lol

  • After activating challenge on App ($15 Bonus on $110 purchase), can you use desktop to make purchase? I just did that. While transaction has been tracked not sure if I will get $15 Bonus.

    • +1

      Those challenge take up to 48 hrs to update and will add to your account when the regular cashback is " confirmed"

      • Thanks mate. as long as website is accepted, I am good.

        • +1

          Basically as long as your regular order is tracked. Nothing to worry.

    • +1

      For past challenges as long as the T&C doesn't specifically say to purchase via app, you could activate the challenge on the app first and could make the purchase on either app or desktop and it would track.
      Looking at this particular challenge's T&C, I don't see anything that says the purchase has be made through app and not through desktop for it to count.

  • Nice - half price beer🍺!
    2 cases of NZ Montleith's Black beer @$67.69ea (love this beer)
    Less cashback: $24.60 (tracked) + $15 bonus
    Paid with Afterpay $30 referal…
    Total should be under $66 delivered

  • +1

    Why is this expired at 9:30pm?

    • Daylight saving time 2021 in New South Wales began at 2:00 am on
      Sunday, 3 October

      thanks to google, it actually expired at 9pm in QLD

  • Omg I missed it, I can't believe it expired 😬😬😬 FML

    I thought it was 6-12

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