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12-Month Prepaid Mobile Plan (60GB, Unlimited National Talk & Text) for $99 Delivered @ amaysim


Optus 4G Plus network

60GB data. Additional data (if you run out) is $10/1GB

Unlimited data banking
Each time you renew your plan, any unused data will be added to your bank.
There's no limit on how much data can be stored in your data bank and no expiry period, as long as you stay with your plan.

Unlimited talk & text
Standard talk, SMS and MMS to mobiles & landlines
Calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail

Renews every 1 year
Automatically renews for $120 every 1 year

Amaysim: $21
Cashrewards: $21

Total after CB - $78.

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$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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  • if you buy this you miss out on potential Groupon deals

    • +1

      Of course. This one is for people who are not sim hoppers and prefer long-term plan.

  • Groupon deal you need to port in and out…

    But if you can data bank.. consider getting the Groupon deal first, activating all four then moving onto this .

    • the moment you move plans im pretty sure even if its still amaysim you lose your data

    • +1

      Data bank is forfeited if changing plans, unfortunately. I reckon Amaysim does this to prevent people from banking data and move to PAYG, or the $60 Talk&Text only.

      • Damn lol

      • or the $60 Talk&Text only

        I can't see that plan anywhere on Amaysim's website, is it still available?

        • +1

          Available for existing customer only. It’s in the recharge menu in your account.

  • I want the $150 plan for $75 with $50 cashback from Cashreward back.

    • +1

      Ask Tightarse. But the problem remains with Amaysim not recognizing the transaction, hence the previous deals had to be cancelled earlier than expected.

  • Hope this comes back in Jan as my Boost runs out

  • Already have a month to month with them but want to keep my number. Can I sign up?

    • +1

      Only option is porting out then coming back again. You can use the $2 Telstra or Optus sim for that.

      • +1

        Thanks! If the Amaysim SIM delivery takes more than 30 days to arrive, does that mean I'm not eligible for the CB?

        • Honestly have never been in this situation as delivery took 2 weeks at most in my case. You may ask tightarse or CR for clarification.

          • @hawkeye93: Once it took more than 4 weeks to me (during lockdown in Melb). I will clarify with TA. Thanks so much

      • I remember that Optus $2 sim has to be recharged when activation procedure since 2019, is that still now?

  • Buy the Sim now and Activate in Jan 2022 possible?

    • You can, if you don't care about CB. Otherwise, has to be activated within 30 days. Or just come back later in Jan 2022 to see if there's any other deal.

  • why would you get this over the Catch deal?

    • +3

      If you don’t need that much data, this is only $78.

  • How long is this last? till 31/10?

    Can I get the 2G/28 days for $0 first then buy this deal after?

    • You can but need to port out and in again. Last date to purchase is 31/10.

  • Will this work in a Optus Prepaid Network Locked phone without the need to unlock ?

  • +1

    I wish amaysim had an option to gift excess data to family and friends like Belong.

  • I'm getting this error message at checkout 'Our shopping cart isn't working right now…' Is anything else having this issue?

  • -3

    LoL floptus, should be valued by the reception of the network, would be $10

    • So you no longer require network in title? :))

  • any 6months deal?

  • Catch us better for $109 double data? With 20% off? And others

    • Currently with Catch Connect, need to port out somewhere to port back to Catch

    • Yes if you need that much data. Otherwise this is only $78.

  • So does the SIM (and therefore plan) get activated at the same time as purchasing it? Or does it get activated when we jump on the website to activate, after we've received the SIM in the mail?

    Reason I ask is that my dad's existing plan (with another provider) expires in late November, so ideally I would only activate it around that time.

    • +1

      It is not activated on purchase. You start the activation after you receive the SIM. It is done online. A simple process.

      I asked them about the activation date and they replied it has to to activated within 3 months from date of purchase

  • Just want to add, I received an offer of $100 for 165gb (normally $200) for not recharging a spare sim… so if you have time to kill maybe activate a free sim https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/654810 and see if they offer it to you =)

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