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amaysim 2GB/28 Days Prepaid Mobile Starter Pack $0 Delivered @ amaysim


Optus 4G Plus network

2GB data. Additional data (if you run out) is $10/1GB

Unlimited data banking
Each time you renew your plan, any unused data will be added to your bank.
There's no limit on how much data can be stored in your data bank and no expiry period, as long as you stay with your plan.

Unlimited talk & text
Standard talk, SMS and MMS to mobiles & landlines
Calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail

Renews every 28 days
Automatically renews for $12 every 28 days

No CB as CR and SB have reduced rate to $0.

Promo Terms

I have updated the link so now it goes directly to checkout step, with code already applied.

Referral Links

Referral: random (601)

$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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      Already there - $0. Try for free first renewal.

        • +1

          I have updated the direct link to the checkout. Also added the Promo terms above. Try again.

  • $10 first renewal.
    Ongoing is $12/28 days.

  • Apparently renewal is when you first buy it

    • In amaysim terms, "First renewal" is the "first 28 days", not the renewal after the first 28 days.
      So yes, this deal indicates the first 28 days is $0, but cant seem to be able to get this deal.


  • Can't get to $0. The max discount is $2 for the $12 plan, so it is $10 Delivered.

    Promo: FM29BK
    Special value offer! Now only $10 for first renewal. Ongoing is $12 for 2GB/28 days thereafter.
    Promo terms apply.

    • +1

      That's not the correct one. QKVGHF is the one I can see right now.

      • You need to put this in the deal.
        The website is not opening the same for all. I think you have updated the dea link.

        Now it is showing $0 for me as well.

        • +1

          Yeah, already updated the link and also added the terms above. Don't know why it shows differently to each of us.

  • Are we all seeing a different website? I can clearly see "$0 first renewal".

    • Yeah, I don't know why but it's clearly there.

  • +4

    Ok guys, I have updated the link so it will lead you to the checkout directly with promo code already applied.

  • +1

    Special terms and conditions - amaysim mobile – October Unlimited 2GB Mobile Free Offer 2021

    Eligible Customers will receive the offer below for their Eligible Plan:

    • Free ($12 off) UNLIMITED 2GB - $12 Mobile Plan for the first renewal.
    • Ongoing $12 for 2GB/28 days.
    • Valid until 11.59pm (AEST) on 31 October 2021.

    I'm sure this is most likely 11:59pm (AEDT) - they missed out on realizing that AEST and AEDT wont be the same on 31 October 2021.

    • I wait till the last day to order it coz sometimes cashback sites and Amaysim may stuff up/miscommunicate about cashback rates. In other words, profit may be possible.

      • :-) Was thinking on the same lines. But looks like they have streamlined now. In line with ongoing merchant offers, they have also updated the Cashback Rates.
        So, for now now it is $0. However, I agree with your point.

        So the ideal way would be to order a new number on 31-Oct, so that it comes "pre activated", right? And the 28 days period gets reset after you make the first usage on inserting SIM in device. Am I right ?

        • I prefer to order big data ones. I probably wont order it or try it in November.

          • @Neoika: Previously, if you choose to port a number, the SIM won't be activated until you initiate the porting. At this point in time, you can still choose to activate a new number. I'm not sure if this is still the case.

            Edit: confirmed here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11138933/redir

        • so that it comes "pre activated", right?

          based on my previous dealing with amaysim, it is preactivated when ordered
          so if the physical sim gets to you in 15 days, you will have 13 days until recharge!

          if you want to change that you have to get in touch with amaysim for them to reset the activation (and they do act as if they are doing you a big favour)

        • It's quite simple, if you do not verify your ID after buying the SIM then it will not be pre-activated. I have ordered many SIMs from Amaysim in this way and not once have they been pre-activated. I use PayPal as the payment method and this may be required to do this.

  • Great find Op

  • Worked fine for me, thanks good deal.

  • Can we store the sim for long term? What happen if this sim is first-used after 31/10?

    • +1

      31/10 is the last day to get it for free. You may activate it later.

      • How to activate it later? For that we need to be choosing Porting, right ?

        • +2
          • @Neoika: If you choose porting, does it have to be that number when you port or can it be a different one later on?

            • @rainbowbutterfly: Yes, I did try to change to another number, but in vain. You must proceed with that number or choose a new number. Maybe there is a way via customer service help.

              • @Neoika: This info is not correct. There is an option to pick a new number even if you initially nominated a porting number

                • @CoronavirusVaccine: Exactly. During the port in process, they let you change to pick a new number.

                • @CoronavirusVaccine: I mean you cant change the nominated porting number to another existing number. Suppose both A and B are your existing numbers. Initially you set number A to port, but when it comes to porting process, you cant change number A to number B to port. I answered the question accordingly.

  • Thanks OP

  • Anyone know when it needs to be activated?

  • Thanks OP, good find

  • Good find OP. I was looking for these deals early this week for my expiring SIM plan.

  • I think you can also get $10 credit by signing up via a referral

    • But you’ve already enter the promo code so can’t use referral one, unfortunately.

      • +1

        Works fine last time I tried. Referral is a url link not promo code.

        • Ah yeah, my bad.

        • When I use the referral link, another promo ($10 for the first month) is attached and I can't remove it to put in the correct promo code…would love to hear how anyone managed to get the referral and this promo!! Thanks

  • Are you able not to renew and keep the number as incoming calls only?

    • +2

      Yes for 1 year

    • I think when setup, you can change plan to pay as you go plan, for 365 days.

      • +2

        You can use it for a month, then after expiry update to 365 days …
        I just do it that way hoping to get an additional month.

  • I don’t like the fact that you need to register your credit card or PayPal to setup

    • +3

      Long Live prepaid credit cards with $1 balance

      Edit: btw I didn't downvote

      • +3

        Revolut is a perfect solution for those cases.

      • is BPAY better or not?

        • Revolut is easy to create a virtual card to authorize, then drop off it. keep your credit card secured and unknown,

          • @ddz123: Or wise too.
            I just prefer the prepaid ones as I have that ready in a spreadsheet, and I don't need to worry about blocking the card or making sure the balance isn't too high.

            • @johnmelb: It is a limited prepaid card though. create one card, use then delete, easy for me.

      • Cheers mate.

        Looks like some legend gave a positive one to correct it

    • +1

      No reason to neg you.

    • Zip Pay single-use card.

  • Thanks. Just got one!

  • +1
  • Is this a good option for a free churn sim ?

  • -2


    Will get several to refer myself in doordash, uber eats, etc

  • Don't forget Shopback for a $3.50 cashback ;)

    • Already reduced to $0, unfortunately.

      • Weird just arrived in my account.

        • It looks like "pay as you go" rate.

        • it will be rejectd at the end

  • the term doesn't exactly say you can't use it with a referral. So might work, will see.

  • How to disable automatic renewal after 28 days. Thanks

    • Just use a dummy card like revolute

    • +2

      change payment method to bpay

    • You can turn off Auto-renew from your account: My Dashboard > Plan > Manage Plan, or in Settings in the phone app.

  • Just did it tgrought shop back for $0any idea how long takes to track the $3.50?

    • Already dropped to $0 CB this morning.

  • +1

    anyone else getting this error "Our shopping cart isn't working right now…"

    • Yes i am getting it when I am trying to port a number which is already with amaysim. Then I changed the number (so this new number is not currently with amaysim) and it was fine.

      • I don’t have existing number but an existing account

        • Same Ehty. Did it eventually work? I will rejoin with a different email address if it doesn’t.

          EDIT - worked for my wife who has an existing account.

          • @chrisharry53: Nah still not working

            • @Ehty: I got there. I have had my mobile number attached to 2 different email addresses over time with Amaysim. I logged onto both and one has the sim order on my dashboard although I did not receive a successful message or whatever like when I ordered my wife's on her old existing account logon.

              • @chrisharry53: Oh yes, Even mine visible on dashboard and it mentions Your SIM card is packed and ready for delivery

                • @Ehty: I rechecked and not showing now. My wife had no trouble and got an email the SIM is on the way.

                  • +1

                    @chrisharry53: I got an email saying sim is dispatched

                    • @Ehty: I give up and am getting the Woolworths 40gb plan for free after Cashback.

                      • @chrisharry53: Hi, has anyone managed to work out a solution to the cart error?
                        I previously had an account but no longer. I tried different email address, different payment methods, and via husband who did have existing account but nothing working.

                        • @Gidget: I didn’t think I was successful in making an order however a new SIM message was on my dashboard, which disappeared and then the SIM arrived in the post on Monday. All very odd.

                          The Woolworths one is the best deal though.

  • Thanks OP - will be useful to put in my new iPad Pro!

  • Would this be perfect as a burner SIM for Gumtree sales? Not a huge fan of giving out my personal phone number

  • +1

    I also have 'Our shopping cart isn't working right now…'
    I'll try it again later. Transferring number from different career.

  • 5 hours after starting activation no service and the website is down.
    I'll see if the sim will get activated or not.
    They do know about the issue it seems.

    We've identified an issue which means you might have some trouble logging in or managing your account on our website or via our app. Hang tight, we're working on the fix and we'll keep you updated.

    • sim got activated after +/- 8 hours

  • Mine arrived yesterday, it was a new number…cheeky Amaysim - the account was already active as of 4th Oct, so expiry 2nd Nov…essentially, the 28 days is only 18 days…

    • you might get text later saying they noticed you've just started using your sim, and adjust the expiry date accordingly. otherwise, just hop onto the support chat and they should either give you an extension or add credit to your account

    • +2

      Always port number or pick new number with paypal linked- that way they won't come pre-activated.

    • If it doesn't happen automatically like @tdw mentions (which can happen) - contact support via chat (website) during business hours, they will sort you out.
      I had a few issues with them, but chat was always able to sort it out (although I had my doubts at first).

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