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Coles Mocktail Iceblocks $2/10pk (Was $6) @ Coles

  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Mojito
  • Margarita

Haven't tried these yet (added to my pickup order, but got substituted with splits), but they're cheap enough that they look worth it.

Anyone tried & loved/hated?

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  • Nice, don't think they split the difference if you got the Bulla version instead

  • -1

    Never been a huge fan of ice blocks, would much rather have the actual ice cream ones.

  • +2

    Had these and they taste so generic lol. Better than these but after some good flavours in this range (like the caramel latte/ice coffee ones) was a bit disappointed. Most of the pack clogging up space in my freezer now.

    got substituted with splits

    That's lucky, a $2 pack of splits you'll actually enjoy.

    • Haha glad.

  • +2

    They are ok. I am much prefer the kombucha ones.

  • +1

    Only daquiri flavour got my vote, and the kombucha ones were $3 but yet to try them all to comment.

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  • Do these actually taste like the described flavours?

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      A little bit - they're quite tart for an ice block, probably wouldn't appeal to children. The mojito and margarita taste very similar to me. I think they would be very refreshing on a hot summer day, but given the price reduction, I don't image they'll still be around in Dec.

  • +3

    Not bad, more suited to adults tastes, but maybe discontinued.

    I spoke with staff member at local coles last week who said that was the case. I bought last packet. She said there was no more. Yesterday there were 2 more on the shelf. (which I bought)

    Could be still warehouse clearing them out.

    A good point is to use these for making a true cheap easy drink by letting defrost a little and adding some spirit.

  • -1

    these are delicious, looks like they are getting discontinued, plebs

  • +3

    Would be nice to turn into a slushy with some vodka or something, I'm no barmen but ideas are brewing. They had a coffee one but they got rid of that line too, I actually enjoyed it

    • Yeah true a quick blend would make a great slushie.

    • i liiek the way u think!!

  • +2

    I liked them. And there arent enough non-dairy options out there.

    No surprise they are being discontinued - who would have bought them for $6? Its water, sugar, juice and salt. Surely they would have been popular if originally listed at $3.

  • +1

    Just updating to say that they were both still on clearance at my local Coles yesterday

    • Thanks! Decided to put a pause on dairy for a bit so will actually order some this time!

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