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Tenda NOVA MW6 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System 3 Pack + 1 Bonus MW6 $169 Delievered @ tenda_australia_official_store eBay


Tenda mw6 if anyone interested , i just purchased as not the lowest price, but $169 for four piece i think its fair price.

Choice recommend router under $200.00

Definitely value for money.!

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    This is a good deal imo

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    I have these. Got them really cheap during a sale about 6 months ago.

    When they work, they’re ok. Range and coverage of each unit is not bad. I find roaming between the units really poor though (using a range of different devices, phones, iPads etc). Some days I notice really bad speeds and I unplug a nearby nova unit and plug it back in and my device then switches to the closer unit after it reboots (meaning the device was previously still connected to a nova at the other end of the house).

    Sometimes the nova’s will just show up in the app as Disconnected. Powering them off and back on and they join the network again fine.

    Tried all options to fix it (fast roaming on/off, capacity oriented mode on/off, a nightly reboot maintenance schedule) and nothing improves it.

    Not showstopping issues, but enough to say that in retrospect I wouldn’t buy them again. For the price I paid though they’re acceptable.

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      Exact same experience with roaming. I’ve found that I had to turn on airplane mode on the device and off again to switch to the closer mesh.

      Wouldn’t buy these again

  • Are these reliant on ethernet points for each unit or do they connect to each other via wifi, as usual eBay description was less details More pretty pictures

    • They create a mesh wifi, meaning they use radio to talk to each other and get packets to the gateway node, which connects to your router/modem.

      But each node has a LAN port that can be used either for a better link to the router or to plug a wired device to your network.

      I have three of these. They work well, and I wish a had a fourth.

  • Ebay listing no mention of bonus unit?

    • You're right, i can't see it too…

      • I just sent to ebay seller a message asking the bonus unit. This link promo only for MW6 2 pack set.

        • Did the seller get back to you?

          • @johndowy: Unfortunately no

            • @dreamerman: They just got back to me. It comes with a bonus unit, I bought it using code: PHCET10 for 161.10

              And 4th unit comes with this order, you don't need to redeem

              • @cheapass88: Hi, they got back to me too this morning and confirmed the bonus unit. Your code is for ebay plus member.

              • @cheapass88: Just noticed the bonus unit is on one of the pictures in the listing, but not stated in the listing .

  • Is the code working for other items?

  • I bought them 6 months ago below is my review.

    Good Coverage
    Easy Setup
    Excellent 4k streaming
    Excellent for basic computing and video streaming.

    No support
    Double NAT issue creates problems with Microsoft teams particularly screenshare or video conf.
    App UI not user friendly.
    Almost NO upload some times.

    • Wondering if this is worth checking re your slow uploads.

      • running MW3 in bridge mode, I always stay next to the main hub (one connect to my router), no issue so far at all.

        using airlink for quest, video calls in discord, all kinds of mmo and major competitive games.

    • To get rid of double NAT configure the MW6 in bridge mode or plug in the MW6 to the nbn box if you have one.

    • Double NAT issue creates problems with Microsoft teams particularly screenshare or video conf.

      Tp Link Deco's have the same issues as well.

      • Configure the Deco in access point mode or plug in the Deco to the nbn box if you have one. Problem solved.

        • Interesting, I will try using my decos in access point mode and see if that makes a difference. Right now I use my work laptop connected to the main deco via ethernet cable to avoid the issues with Zoom.

          plug in the Deco to the nbn box if you have one.

          Not sure what you mean. My main deco is connected to the NBN box (HFC) and is being used in router mode.

          • @BuyOrNot: On HFC some have their setup as nbn box—-ISP router—-Deco router when the ISP router isn't required and will give you double NAT problems.

            Using access point mode won't help in this situation. Keep your Deco configured as it is plugged into the nbn box. Double NAT problems can be ISP related. Who are you with?

            • @Twix: I am with Superloop

              • @BuyOrNot: SL don't use Carrier Grade NAT. Your Deco setup is right and you shouldn't be having any NAT problems.

  • Anyone managed to use these on their own as an NBN router? I got the 3 pack (Mw5c), and Aussie Broadband was unable to help me (FTTC). I have to use them in bridge mode and retain my existing router, with wifi radios disabled. Though my existing router is probably more secure (Nighthawk R8000).

    • just use them as AP

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      Follow these steps.

      1. Unplug the Nighthawk from the nbn NCD.
      2. Wait 30 minutes. Don't skip this step or else the MW5c won't connect.
      3. Do a full factory reset of the MW5c.
      4. Plug in MW5c to the nbn NCD.
      5. Configure the WAN connection to IPoE in the Tenda Wi-Fi app.
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        Thanks Twix, that worked! 30 mins did the trick.
        For me, I had to connect using DHCP as per Aussie’s advice. Now to surf the full Internet without all those pesky firewall protections!

        • Sometimes different brands put DHCP instead of IPoE but they are the same. Good work @muncan!

          • +1

            @Twix: I may have inadvertently taken down Facebook in the process. Whoopsie.

  • If these have issued roaming, what other model devices do you suggest that are more reliable? Don't mind spending more.

  • Received my order quickly. Anyone unable to update firmware on bonus unit? I can add the 4th unit no problem and is working, just failed when updating.

    • ignore that, got it

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