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Kogan 68W GaN Dual Port Charger $25.99 + Delivery ($23.99 Delivered with First) @ Kogan


High-performance gallium nitride (GaN) charger
Compatible with phones, tablets, laptops and other USB-C devices
Up to 60W of Power Delivery (PD) in a single USB-C port
Up to 18W of Qualcomm Quick Charge in a single USB-A port
Dual USB-A and USB-C charging ports
Intelligent power distribution maximises charging efficiency
Accurate limited current output
Under/overcurrent, over-temperature and short circuit protection
Convenient compact design

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  • +2

    Bought one 68W and one 30W, thanks a lot OP. This pair should cover my daily use very well. One PITA is that the iPhones still use lightning cables…

  • Does anyone know if the 68W model will charge a HP Elitebook or does HP have some restrictions on charger use?

    • +1

      I can use my Belkin 45w to charge HP Elitebook. I think this one should be fine at 60w without restriction.

    • +1

      charges my macbook air on usb-c ……

    • +3

      It's high output with a low footprint.

    • +2

      If you have a device that can use the 60w port then it can charge a lot faster.

      Some devices released in past 2-3 years have faster charging standards now such as the flagship and high end phones released in the past 2 years.

      So you dont desperately need this unless you have a device that can use the 60w port.

      I personally need this so i can get the full charge speed for a new phone.

    • +1

      has in indicator light so you do t try and charge and find power switch was turned off …

  • Anyone tried this on Legion 5 or similar?
    I'm worried that it will only charge off ≥65W.

  • +2

    The Kogan charger doesn't look very GaN as eyeballing the photo the footprint look rather large… almost an apple charger size

    • looks like the belkin GaN

      • Belkin one has 2 usb c ports, this has usb a and c

  • +1

    i own 2 of these great charger for the money if you don’t need to pay delivery …..

  • +1

    Got the belkin one from goodguys commercial @ $44 for peace of mind. Can't trust kogan to fast charge my MacBook and galaxy without any damage

  • +1

    12 bucks for delivery . eeek

    • +1

      It’s only $7.95 postage on Kogan eBay page

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