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Upgrade to Qantas American Express Ultimate Card: 60,000 Bonus Points ($3000 Spend in 3 Months), $200 Back, $450 Travel Credit


This offer from Amex is on again to upgrade from a lower tier Qantas Amex card to the Qantas Ultimate.

Annual fee is $450 which is offset by the $450 Travel credit

When you upgrade by 15 November 2021 and spend $3,000 on your new Card in the first 3 months you get 60,000 bonus Qantas Points + $200 back

2 Qantas Club Lounge invitations
2 Amex Lounge entries
Complimentary travel insurance

Handy deal if you're near annual fee time on the ultimate card. Downgrade to the fee free amex discovery and then upgrade again. Saves waiting 18 months to get a new AMEX bonus points deal.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (7)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (23)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • Do they perform a separate credit check for these or do you have to meet the eligible income requirement to qualify?

    • Credit check - No, I've upgraded twice in the past. No further credit checks done in my experience.

      Income requirement - good question, I don't know. I suspect the system will check your original application and use that data so if unsure i'd call Amex and tell them about this offer and they'll see if you're eligible I guess.

      • +1

        When you upgrade do you let you know straightaway if you're successful?

    • If you up your limit then highly likely another credit check. Not sure if it stays the same

      • It stays the same. My Explorer has the same $2k limit as on my Essential card, even though if you apply for that card normally it has a minimum $3k limit.

    • FWIW, I upgraded from the Essential card to the Explorer and wasn’t asked to state my income (which was below the threshold for Explorer when I applied for the Essential). However, I also hold a Qantas Ultimate which I’ve had for a couple of years and my income was above that threshold when I applied for that obviously.

    • Livechat confirmed no credit check, said it's an internal process to upgrade

  • +5

    Its says in the T&C if you have not received a direct communication from Amex then you won't receive the points. You might want to point that out.

    • Oh really, what about the annual fee, can you downgrade, then upgrade, to atleast get money back on the annual fee? [alternative, maybe i just call and ask for a discount]

      • Not sure as I've never done one of these before. Also wanted to see if anyone has been successful in getting points without direct communication from Amex.

    • I didn't get the email but I checked with them on live chat and they said I'm good to go and will get the points.

      • Sweet thanks. I'll upgrade then.

        • Ask the question yourself to be sure!

          • @No: Were the staff aware of it or you had to go through a few just to get the answers?

            • @nightelves: I just gave them the link and asked if Im eligible, was a 3-4min convo with first person who answered.

      • How long have you had your card for?

        • I've had this card forever

      • Only had my card for 3 months and gave it a go, live chat couldn't check eligibility and I had to call.
        Wasn't eligible for the offer unless I had received an email or it popped up when I logged in.

        They did confirm there's no credit check for upgrades.

      • had a chat online, got reply: "This offer is available through solicitation and since you have not received any communication about this offer, I would request you to please wait to receive an email with this offer or to show this offer on your online account so that you would be able to upgrade to the Qantas Ultimate card under this offer"

        • I can confirm that you must have received an email from Amex to upgrade :

          This offer is only available to eligible Card Members who received a direct upgrade invitation from American Express.

          I'm still half hearted whether I should upgrade. That's $450 annual fee if you don't use the travel credits.

  • Sorry what cards can you upgrade from?

    • I got this on my Qantas Discovery this morning.

  • Anyone who has used the $450 travel credit in the past : Can you actually spend it on competitively priced travel ? Or do you end up wasting half of it on flights that would have been 50% cheaper with another airline ?

    • +1

      Isn't that just how Qantas works?

      • Depends on route and timing - if this $450 credit generally only operates on expensive routes at crap times, then it doesn't come close to covering the annual fee….

        Can you apply it to any "normal" Qantas spend, with no restrictions ?

        • +1

          Amex’s travel agency does not get access to some sales, however any time I’ve wanted to book something it’s either been the same price or cheaper (and you get to pay by card with no surcharge). But I know other people on here have had different (negative) experiences.

    • The $450 voucher can only be used on Qantas flights. I have used it multiple times in the past and it is the same price as the one in Qantas website so far (including sale), but YMMV

      • Great, thanks 👍

  • +2

    Regarding downgrade - has anyone done this successfully? Is it as simple as it sounds?

    Call up and request downgrade? Wait for card to be issued, then complete this upgrade offer?

    • Would like to know also.

  • I got offered platinum edge. What is 40k amex points with?

    40,000 Bonus Points + $100 back

    • About $200 worth for the 40k amex MR PTS.

  • +1

    Could we swap out of a Platinum Edge to the downgraded card and waive the 18 months waiting period?

  • +2

    Does upgrade work like applying for a new credit card, in terms of fees? So If I already paid for the annual fee for my existing card and upgrade, do I need to pay the new annual fee of $450 (or do they do some pro rata magic and work out the difference)?

    • i did this a couple months ago and i got a pro rata refund of the previous fee.

  • Is this deal only for upgrades to the Ultimate from the Discovery and not the Premium?

    • Yes. Mine is Discovery.

  • I have upgraded, thanks OP.

    Does the minimum spend start straight away or only when I get the new card?

    • Straight away

      • i applied over the phone previously and was told any spend on the old card does not count. It may have been any spend prior to activating the new card i can't recall exactly but either way immediate spend would not have counted.
        Perhaps i was given incorrect information but best to double check. Otherwise, just wait for the new card to come in the mail and activate before spending.

        • Confirmed eligibility via chat, stated qualifying spend starts from day of upgrade. Transactions posted under ultimate already, card due next week.

          • @randomusername2017: that's frustrating i held up some payments for the card to be received because of the info i was given.

            • @n0mad: I'd still hold making spend payments until card arrives. Just wanted to confirm end date.

  • Says not eligible for the upgrade. That sucks

  • Thanks

    Instant approval - even posted a pro rata refund on previously credited annual fee

    • Wait so you got a pro-rata refund even though the card was free?

    • What was your credit limit on the premium and your credit limit on the ultimate?

      Ive got the min 2K limit and not sure whether to call up to check im eligible.

      Chat wasnt as useful and said i "may" be eligible but need to call up to make sure

      • 10k … No change after upgrade
        Weird.. chat only took a few mins to check notes and confirm.

  • How long did you hold the premium card for?

    • Since July 2021.

      • That's about the same time that I had it. So you didn't call up to check if you're eligible and just went ahead and did it?

        • Confirmed and upgraded whilst on chat. Pretty much one click instant approval, pro rata refund was an unexpected bonus.

          Where did it say you were not eligible?

          • @randomusername2017: Yeah very weird given I had the card since June this year. I'm going to try again and see what they say.

  • Quick..new card received yesterday.

    • Reading your comments above and in another post, it seems that you have been very lucky to be able to upgrade without receiving the email and only having the card since Jul, get the pro-rata refund after receiving the bonus points, and do all of these via chat. I have contacted several agents through chat or phone and they all told me that given that I have been with them only for 3-4 months I am not eligible for any upgrade. Upgrade offers come at least after 6 months of signup. In addition, the pro rata refund can't be applied if a card is cancelled or upgraded after the benefits of the card is received. Can anyone confirm that they have been told so or I have been very unlucky?

      • +2

        Confirmed 60k points ,$200 welcome credit and $450 Qantas voucher landed today. Hit spend a few days ago

  • +2

    Any more updates from people that have tried it and who didn’t receive the offer via direct communication from Amex?

    • +1

      I bit the bullet and did it today (few minutes from this writing). I got approved instantly.

      My situation:
      * From Qantas Premium with $2000 credit limit (approved back in mid July)
      * At the time of this writing, I i had no outatanding amount owed and was in surplus (overpaid) by a few dollars over the last couple of months.
      * spent maybe $3k in total on the card within the first 2 months

      Hope this helps

      • Thanks for your comment. Did you just use the link to upgrade without contacting them to confirm eligibility? What about the pro-rata refund? The other thing is that you are approved but might not receive the bonus points in future because of not receiving the email directly.

        • +2

          I used the link on here.

          I contacted chat via the app and got a scripted response from a person to call up for eligibility.

          I didnt want to call up so just bit the bullet and ipgrade via the site.

          Regarding the 60K points, i would imagine they should have declined/rejected me if i wasnt eligible for the upgrade, but i guess ill take on that risk if they dont give. I plan to spend when black friday comes (need new computer) but dont want to sign up for a CC due to frequency of applications.

        • +2

          I checked with chat whether I signed up to the correct promotion. They said come back again within couple of days as it takes couple of days to reflect on their end.

        • Pro rata, no idea. Dont really care tbh since i made full use of it (effort of calling and asking vs not caring).

        • looks like you got a pro rata refund of annual fee. (showed up the day after applying)

          • @cuy: Did you get the refund?

            • +1

              @haliloo: Yes, didnt even ask. Was all automatic via the link.

              • +1

                @cuy: sounds like a go-er then. only thing outstanding is if you'll get the bonus points.

              • @cuy: Thanks, did you get anything back from chat regarding your eligibility?

                • +1

                  @haliloo: Ill ask on thursday.

            • +2

              @haliloo: Went on chat and they took a long time to get back to me. In the end they said i was eligible, but that didnt give me much confidence (asked if i could show them the email, just made up an excuse and said i cant find it), so ymmv.

              I need to spend anyway, and i dont want to really sign up to a new cc yet. So anything is a bonus, i get or i dont get. Not fussed.

              • +1

                @cuy: Thanks for keeping us posted.

              • @cuy: hey mate, when did your card details change over in your online account from your premium to the ultimate?

                • +1

                  @squarepants: As soon as i was approved via the online upgrade link process.

                  • @cuy: Thanks mate, so to confirm, you could see the ultimate card instead of the premium card after approval via the online upgrade link process?

                    • +1
                      • @cuy: Hi, have you hit the spending requirement and got the cashback and bonus points? thanks

                        • +1

                          @excite: No, waiting for black friday/cyber monday

                        • @excite: I ended spending a bit early. I can confirm i got points

  • Anyone else have any luck winging it without getting email? Tempted to have a go at this, but already have a $300 Jetstar credit to go through before using this travel credit.

    • +2

      Never got the email offer, signed up anyway. Called up and they confirmed I'm on the 60,000 pts deal.

      They did note however that the spend has to be on the new card, spend on the old card (which still works and is the same card num) isn't counted.

      • Thanks for that mate, I'm going to give it a go too then.

  • +1

    Any update on whether people got the bonus points yet?

    • +1

      Never got the email offer, signed up anyway. Called up and they confirmed I'm on the 60,000 pts deal.

      They did note however that the spend has to be on the new card, spend on the old card (which still works) isn't counted.

      • do you think you NEED to call them up, or they just informing you?

        • I assume just informing, they just confirmed I'm eligible

          I would anyway just in case so it's on record before you go and spend the $3k

    • +1

      I got points

      • Got points already? Did you not need to wait the full 3 months?

        • Points land within a couple of days of hitting the spend.

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