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Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Complete Starter Kit with 32GB Micro SD Card US$86.40 (~A$119) Delivered @ Labists


Australian power plug not available. Multi voltage power supply though, just requires a pin adapter or creativity.

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB RAM with 1.5GHz 64-bit Quad-core CPU
  • USB-C Power Adapter Specially Designed for Raspberry Pi 4 B 4 GB RAM
  • Set of 3 Premium Copper Heat Sinks Assures Excellent Thermal Delivery
  • Fast Start for Beginners with 32GB Class 10 MicroSD Card Preloaded with NOOBS
  • LABISTS Premium Black Case (High Gloss) for Pi 4B
  • LABISTS Mini Silent Fan
  • One Micro HDMI to HDMI Cables
  • One LABISTS Screwdrivers
  • USB Card Reader Dongle
  • LABISTS Raspberry Pi Quick-Start Guide

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  • +2

    Hopefully not shipped via USPS

  • +5

    I’m still waiting for mine from August….

    • +1

      Ive just canceled my order which I purchased in August. Useless.

    • Im also waiting for mine as well from the last deal

    • I finally received mine a week ago after waiting for a while. Their support is responsive though, but to upsell to higher priced 8gb ram/256gb SD card kit or to cancel the order.

  • What's the max memory micro sd card that can be used? Currently using 32gb on my pi2

    • If you want a bigger storage you should probably get a usb drive

    • Im with nico8amy on this. If you want bigger storage.just use a usb drive. Im running a 400GB SSD on mine.

      • Via an Argon M2 case by any chance?

        I'm have been trying to find an affordable and elegant solution but seems impossible without spending more then the Pi itself!

        • +1

          Don't know about "elegant" but I'm using a Sandisk SSD usb stick. Maybe a bit slower, but certainly less faff than an external enclosure.

        • +3

          I use a Flirc case ($21.50) with a WD Passport SSD drive.
          Elegant is in the eye of the beholder ;)

      • So my basic need to download t0rrents and stream them on TV in full HD. just want to make sure their will be no buffering.
        Currently my pi2 runs like a champ when i stream full hd downloads.

  • +4

    Didn't ship from last deal and kept asking me to wait for 2 weeks after 2 weeks. Eventually asked a refund after waiting them to ship for 1.5 month. Refund was quick and ez. YMMV.

  • Have they improved the fan on these kits? I disconnected mine, it was too loud.

    • You can run it on lower voltage to slow it down. Or buy a pi hat to control the fan speed.

      • I had been looking for one of those big passive cooled aluminium cases, but they are a bit pricey.

  • +1

    few weeks later after order email out stock.. either wait who knows how long… or pay more next model.
    paid more and still waiting … since August.
    if you don't have stock don't advertise!

  • +1

    Paid $95 for 32GB in the last deal - but took a month to ship, coming this week supposedly.

    Don't buy if you're in a hurry.

  • AU power supply version sold out :(
    Been after some Raspberry Pi's for months……

  • +3

    I have all models since pi1, to be honest I think a 2nd hand office mini pc offers better performance per dollar. the Pi OS comes with a x86 CPU version.
    for mini pc the models with a 4th Gen i3 cost about $30 more and comes with SSD. power consumption is about double the pi4.
    models like DELL micro, Lenovo tiny, HP mini.

  • Would not recommend. I ordered mine, waited 2 weeks, contacted them and find out that it was on a back order. Nothing from them mentioning that.
    I bought from core electronics instead.

  • Can I please get some suggestions…

    (I am noob about Raspberry Pi and Linux) - very keen to setup Pi-Hole however don't want to spend big $$ on Raspberry Pi 4 models.

    Should I consider Raspberry Pi Zero or Older Raspberry Pi 3 models? Apparently Pi Zero is not powerful enough?

    I have also heard the possibilities of setting up Pi-Hole on old Android TV Box? I have couple of TV Box collecting dust, they have Amlogic S912 SoC - but I cannot find enough instruction to load Pi-Hole… there are instructions on loading Linux but nothing much on Pi-Hole

    • +1

      Pi Zero is plenty powerful enough for Pihole. Get the W version though, it's much easier to connect over wifi when you need to log on.

      • Thanks, now I need to look for a deal on Raspberry Pi Zero W

  • Multi voltage power supply though, just requires a pin adapter or creativity.

    Do you mean applying a pair of pliers and twisting at the correct angles…

  • +1

    Are you better off just getting one of these rPi 400 units for $130?

  • Had to cancel my order too last time

  • They shipped my August order last week. It is in Sydney Auspost since Saturday.

  • Micro HDMI

    Hope next version will come with usb pd

  • +2

    Set up a VM instead if you want to use Home Assistant. More powerful, more reliable and easier to take backups. Biggest flaw of the Pi is losing everything because you got lazy with backing up. Data corruption is not uncommon when running from flash memory.

  • Hi all, I am new to Pi and would like to know if this is suitable for use as a photos repository at home where it can sync from phone and store? Please advise.

    • +1

      DietPi is a lightweight Debian distro which makes it quick and easy to install a range of apps on a Pi
      Choose one of the Cloud & Backup apps, say OwnCloud.
      See OwnCloud install walkthrough at the pi
      I would suggest an external USB HD/SSD (rather than microSD) to store any data you care about.

  • My order from the previous deal is due to delivery this week. Apparently these are shipped from local warehouses (or that is what I was told when I asked for the UK plug when the AU plug was out of stock).

    A word of caution though, comments on the site suggest the SD card and Fan are cheap and break easily.

  • I had to cancel this order from them last time around as they kept saying no stock and pushing it out every 2 weeks for nearly 7 weeks ! Silly they are advertising saying have stock and they don't have stock

  • AU Plug back in stock. Just placed my order.

  • Be very careful with these guys.
    I ordered back in early August and received and email fairly quickly saying they were preparing it for shipping.
    About 2 weeks later I received another email that said it was out of stock and wouldn't be in stock for 2 weeks. They tried to upsell me to the next model up at extra cost.
    8 days ago I received an email saying it was being shipped and they provided a tracking number in this email.
    Today I received another email saying it was now shipped with the same tracking number.
    7 minutes later I received another email saying it is out of stock and trying to get me to accept the next model down with no mention of the price difference.
    I find it a bit hard to take anything these guys say seriously.
    I would stick to purchasing from sellers like Amazon where you can get some recourse if things go wrong.

  • my kit was delivered yesterday and I ordered when i made this post

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