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[eBay Plus] Selected Apple Products 15% off (e.g. Apple M1 12.9-inch iPad Pro $1399.95 Delivered) @ Titan_Gear eBay

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  • The Computer Alliance store has a couple of base models too, including an iPad Air listed at the rrp of $899 so an actual discount.

  • No iPhones :(

  • Is now a good time to buy a Mac mini or are they likely to get updated with the pending refresh (M1X/M2)?

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      I think both.

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      The M1X is set to be announced this month with the MacBook pro, M2 most likely mid next year. I'm guessing early next year is when the Mac mini will get the M1X update.

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      My hunch is that with the supply issues that Apple has been having with the M1X, they're likely to put the Mac Mini on the backburner, it makes sense for them to target their highest selling products first (i.e. the 14 / 16" MBPs that we've been hearing about). Then there's the likely update to the iMac as well.

      • Yeah I agree - so $934 isn't a bad price - I can claim it as a business expense and if I can be bothered I can take it with me on my next o/s trip and claim the 10% GST back. Plus I can buy Swap vouchers from Shopback so all up it's a pretty good deal!!

        • Yeah, I agree, the $934 for the M1 Mac Mini is a good price, but it's so close to the ~$1250-ish that you'll pay for an MBA of equivalent specifications.

          • @p1 ama: True. But I already have an M1 MBP :)

            This is for a permanent fixture into the lounge room tv

  • any ipad mini6 deals?

    • I think the ipad mini is too new to see too much. $50 saving here from the $749 RRP https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/393602270082.
      But education store pricing for the ipad mini is cheaper than this at only $669. Find a kid you like (or dont like) and hire them.

  • Need to find a good deal on an Apple Watch, Mrs wants one…

  • Looks like full iPad pro line up at standard retail prices (before discount) here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124737692704

  • Does the 15% off work on the 11” ipad pros too?

    • 10% is what I see when I add it to the cart. Plus a Nov delivery so a pre-order.

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    Warranty covered by Apple ?

    • Yes

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    Any likely refresh on the Macbook Air that makes it worth holding off.. very close to pulling the trigger here.

    • Is it likely Apple will refresh Macbook Air this year? I get the M1X is coming (for Macbook Pro 14 inch or better), but if Apple were to introduce M1X Macbook Air, Apple would also need to refresh Macbook Pro 13 inch as well.

      You could wait for M1X Macbook Pros, but those are probably not going to be heap.

      • IMO Apple will not release M1X Macbook Air, and will not in the near future
        "X" processors will only be equipped in higher end models (eg. 16" MBP, Mac Mini Pro and iMac 27" +)
        while the non-X one will be in MBA, MBP 13" and Mac Mini

        • agreed, this alternate year launch(M1/M2/M3 & M1X/M2X/M3X) could be the pattern for next few years

    • Honestly, the M1 is very powerful combined with the insane optimisation for MacOS. It beats all but the flagship Intel processor. I don't think this would be a bad buy.

  • Any discounts on iPad Air?

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    any reason to pay $300 more for macbook pro rather than macbook air ….. same processor, same RAM ?

    • Doesnt the air come with 7 core GPU and the pro have the 8 core GPU?

      Ports, battery life, touch bar, slight improvement in performance in everything round the rest of it out.

      • Only base spec air has the 7 core GPU.

        That being said, there's plenty of Youtube comparisons of the two and most would argue the air is the one to go for unless you really value the touch bar which is expected to be discontinued in the near future so limited longetivity, better battery life or the shape (it's not wedge like the MBA - but some people prefer that). The other differences such as slightly better speakers, slightly brighter brightness and slightly bigger trackpad are probably not noticeable unless compared side by side. The performance delta coming from both the additional GPU core and the fan seems to have marginal benefits in anything other than synthetic or video encoding workloads.

        For me, I went Pro because I wanted those features particularly the bigger battery even though it probably wasn't really worth the marginal price.

        • if i had my time again id get the pro, ports on just one side annoys me on the air - otherwise its great.

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            @Ohmatokito: It's no different on the M1 Pro either. Only the Intel ones have it on both sides.

            One thing which makes me enjoy my Macbooks on a desk is using a vertical stand though since Apple seems to be supportive of using them closed.

  • if you were after a different colour, Officeworks is selling the Macbook Air for a few dollars less ($1346), but stock is only available at a few stores

  • Did anyone purchase the iPad 12.9 inch from this seller ? It was a good deal $1399 for the 128 GB version.
    I wanted to check if the seller shipped it to anyone. The estimated delivery was 13th October, but the seller hasn't shipped the item.

    • I did buy a MacBook Air, I got my delivery on 10th, But I have another question, is there a way to get a Tax Invoice from these eBay deals, they used to email invoice earlier but seems not anymore

      • Just contact seller and ask for a tax invoice .

        • I did sent them two messages via eBay, and didnt get any response from the seller yet. Thought to ask from other whether any of them managed to get a response.

          • @mahasona: I sent an Ebay message yesterday night and they sent the Tax Invoice today morning.

            • @veyron: Thanks for the confirmation. Let me send then another message and see

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