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Raspberry Pi 400 Computer $107.45 Shipped @ RS Components


Code FIRST15 gets you 15% off your first order over $100 (before gst). this is $97.68 ex gst so find something cheap to add and save more.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is a PC that has been built into a keyboard that delivers outstanding performance. Its portable, light and super easy to use with some amazing capabilties. Featuring a quad-core 64-bit processor, wireless networking, dual-display output and 4K video playback.

The Raspberry Pi 400 requires USB-C power with a number of connector ports that include Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 as well as 2 x micro HDMI. It is also equipped with wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity.

It is ideal for surfing the web, creating and editing documents, watching videos, and learning to program using the Raspberry Pi OS desktop environment.

Computer only, will require a power supply, mouse, hdmi cable etc.

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    Does the FIRST15 code work with this item or is Raspberry Pi stuff on some kind of exclusion list? I can't get the 15% off to take effect in the checkout process. It accepts the coupon but doesn't actually reduce the price.

    EDIT: aha from here https://au.rs-online.com/web/generalDisplay.html?id=first-time-purchase&intcmp=AU-WEB--CP-PB3--MCC_089_0920_APAC-_-SpecialOffer_FTP

    "This offer is NOT applicable to Test and Measurement, all Fluke, Raspberry Pi branded products and 3D printers (3D Brands include RepRapPro, Ultimaker, 3D Systems). 3D printer exclusion extends to Scanners, Software and Filaments from RS, Verbatim and 3D Systems."

    • +1

      the cart ( and even the sales confirmation) listed the code but didn't apply it.

      actual invoice includes discount. YMMV.

      even without the code i think it's still a good price?

      • So you actually got the RPi 400 for ~$90 when all is said and done, even though the web prompts said it was still $107?

        The price is good, and I could actually use one of these, but the idea of an extra 15% discount makes this cross some kind of psychological impulse buy threshold I have :D

        • +1

          Raspberry Pi 400 Computer $ 97.68
          Other item i bought $ 9.34
          Subtotal $ 107.02
          Discount $ -16.05
          Total excluding GST $ 90.97

          total inc gst $100.07

          also it seems to be shipping from the UK

          Fulfilment Country: GB

          • @chickenface: Thanks for the confirmation, I'll give it a punt. Hopefully I'll also be lucky when they get around to charging the CC and issuing the invoice.

            EDIT: all good here, the discount applied, even though the web checkout doesn't show it. I don't have the RS invoice yet, but got notification of a $94.78 charge to my CC, my order was for the RPi 400 and a $3.50 sensor.

          • @chickenface: Hi @chickenface
            I went through the checkout process and even at the 'confirm order stage', it still hadn't applied the discount.
            Was this the same for you? Do you know whether your credit card was actually charged the full or discounted amount?

            • +3

              @drongodave: the emailed sales confirmation after ordering didn't include the discount (but it did list the code)

              the actual invoice when it was emailed did include the discount

              my credit card was charged the discounted price

              • @chickenface: Thanks for clarifying.
                Ordered one together with an official power supply. Also received the 15% discount when the invoice arrived, and my credit card was charged the discounted amount.
                Worked out to be $102.56 inc GST. Great deal.

  • +5

    That's a pretty cool device. But I don't need one lol

  • +1

    is this cheaper then buying a computer to play 4k videos to my TV? the keyboard becomes pointless since i need to attached a HDMI cable to the TV but i guess you can connect a wireless keyboard to this keyboard? lol

    • Are you playing off network or USB storage?

      • +1

        i would like to play 4k videos from a streaming service via a website and have it displayed on my TV. this seems to be cheaper then the plex servers that comes up on ozbargain from time to time.

        would this work and operate like a computer to open a web page to play 4k video streamed directly to my TV via the use of a HDMI cable thank you

        • This is a computer, so it will work and operate like one to open web pages to play video streams directly to your TV via HDMI. Note that I did not include the 4k keyword there.

          From what I understand, browser support for 4k Netflix is hit and miss, even on Windows.

          You may need to supply your own microSD card, and you might need to set up your own operating system. I doubt that this is plug and play.

          Honestly if you're just playing streaming services to a TV, a Chromecast with Google TV may be your best OOTB bet. $99 delivered.

          Can you specify which streaming services you're using?

          • @tonyamazing: understand what your saying there tonyamazing, i agree it would be easier with a chromecast, firestick and etc. however i do watch some content that are not your standard Disney+ or Netflix and i normally access these via an Asian website which i wish to broadcast onto the tv screen and operate the device / computer via a wireless mouse and keyboard cheers.

            • @smeng: In that case, yes. A raspberry pi would suite. However this one built into a keyboard probably isn't the right choice. I suspect a Raspberry Pi 3b would be enough, especially if you already have wireless peripherals.

              Some of these Asian streaming sites can be viewed using plugins in Kodi.

        • +1

          …cheaper then buying a computer…
          …cheaper then the plex servers…


          THAN !

  • +1

    Oh this is so cool … which RaspberryPi is this equivalent to?

  • This doesn't come with a mouse, does it?

    • +3

      not unless you order one

  • What happens if some buttons on the keyboard stop working ? Is there a way to replace them ?

  • -1

    It is ideal for surfing the web

    ^ try carsales, realestate and let us know your experience ;)

    (I have Pi400)

  • great device for emulating an Amiga (using PiMiga)

  • +2

    I’m so tempted but I must resist.

  • The stock levels mention (Global stock). does this mean their products are shipped from the US and therefore not get delivered because USPS has stopped shipments to Aus?

    • mine shipped from GB

      • Thanks. Made use of the code for some different items.

  • looks like the keyboard layout is ISO - most people will likely prefer ANSI.

    • i think it's the wrong picture, the item is titled US Keyboard Layout

  • "delivers outstanding performance"

    Broadcom BCM2711 quad-core Cortex-A72
    (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.8GHz

    my phone is faster lol

    • Your phone probably cost more than $100

      • $85 realme c3

        but my point is you shouldn't classify this as "outstanding performance"

        • +1

          Yep, crap performance. Geekbench and subjective experience suggests the performance is comparable to 2006 core duo. Heavier websites will bring this to a crawl even running it with a SSD. You've been warned!

        • I just copy pasted the blurb to make the word count.

          Point was it's a deal on a pi 400, not that a pi 400 is a supercomputer.

  • I just checked my order and it was processed on 5th Oct, but still hasn't been despatched. Just wondering whether others have had orders despatched yet?

    • My order arrived today. I posted this deal right after ordering. My parcel was posted from Smithfield NSW but the pi came from the UK and the other item I ordered from Taiwan.

      It was picked up from Smithfield on the 18th.

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