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NordVPN & Surfshark: Both 95% Cashback for New Customers, No Cap @ Cashrewards


30 day money back guarantee for both VPNs for peace of mind.

Cashback is eligible for new NordVPN & Surfshark customers only.

Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

The amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.


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  • +2

    I think based on the previous post with PIA, it was decided that Nord and Surfshark were the 2 best choices.

    I'm curious what speeds people get with these two. Can someone share their fastdotcom speeds?

    • +2

      PIA is not so good from my experience.

    • +2
                          NordVPN                         Surfshark

      Download average 215 Mbps 219.8 Mbps
      Upload average 50.6 Mbps 38.5 Mbps

      Probably Nord wins according to Google .

      • Thanks for the reply mate

    • Surfshark netflix us is completely unwatchable

    • I have both, and tested them with Nord coming out around 10% faster.
      Not a scientific test in any way, just ran one or two speedtest.net connection tests to London. They certainly weren't far apart.

  • Surf Shark adds 10% tax right at payment, so 2 years is actually $97.82 AUD. I don't think this is counted in cashback, so I'd expect ~$84.5 AUD back.

    The terms for the cashback say:

    Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

    The advertised cost was ~$88AUD , but then it added 10% tax at payment, so I was charged $97.82 AUD like I said (in reality, my ANZ card was charged $101.21, because of being charged in USD)

    So if I'm understanding the terms correctly I'll get back 95% of the $88 AUD advertised price, so $17.61 AUD total cost for the 2 years.

    EDIT: Tracked at $86.17 AUD

    • -1

      How are people still not using no international fee cards.

    • Sorry, cash back tracked at $81.86 AUD

      • Did the coupon "CASHREWARDS" automatically applied for you?

        • +1


          • @theguyrules: Thanks mate. Got a bit worried about that. Also, advertised cost for me in website was AUD $82.90 (+ surcharge..) for 2 years. Yet, Cashrewards tracked AUD $79.57 and ultimately cashback came AUD $75.59. Is it worth talking with support team or just normal? :|

    • +3

      With surfshark you can change to other countries like USA to avoid the GST, the cashback will still be tracked.

      • Good to know, thanks! Maybe OP could add to the description?

      • How does that work in what do you have to do?

        • u choose to pay using credit card, change to country to USA and voila. However, use some free international transaction fee card like suncorp or Up

          • @nguyentran: Good tip and sounds easy. I was thinking of changing as in VPN over to US but its the currency. Wouldn't wanna pay via Paypal as well cause their exchange rate is ridiculous

    • I have been charged $137 AUD :-( for two year plan am I did something wrong and no cash rewards tracked.

      • Strange.

      • I had the same issue. No cashback tracked.
        Total price inc GST was advertised as $97.90 (Australia selected as country). Bank withdrew $134.12.

        Any advice?

        • +2

          I just signed up to Nord 2 year plan and was charged $121.93. Remember the $89 listed on the site is priced in USD. Still waiting for it to show up on Cashrewards, but these things usually take time. In the meantime if I see it's not worth it compared to PIA, then I'll just cancel for refund.

          • @Psygnosis: Thanks, I think I was getting confused by a comment above "2 years is actually $97.82 AUD" but that looks like it was for Surf Shark. Nord has 30 day money back so if it's not tracked I'll just cancel it.

        • I have had this exact issue, i assume it was the conversion from UST to AUD, however i dont see any cash rewards tracked, im getting a bit nervous.

          • @aussieman95: Wait a day or so just in case, usually comes up in an hour or so, but maybe longer. You have the 30 day refund policy just in case. No need to be nervous.

          • @aussieman95: Mine just got tracked for the $89. I had selected a US location so I didn't pay GST, so Cashrewards shows $112.88. Not bad. I'm liking it much more than PIA too, much faster!

            • @Psygnosis: Mine also showed up tracked at $112.88 AUD.

              • @jtlaus: Good, but That’s not 95% cash back compared to how much you paid.

                • @niniksa: ($134 AUD - 10% GST) x 0.95 = $114.57 AUD.

                  Give or take a small percentage currency conversion surcharge, I think it's correct.

            • @Psygnosis: So are you saying you used a VPN to go to a US location and pay with cash rewards? A bold move, bit risky not getting cashback but you got it

        • Thanks all, I have just received the email cashback tracked at $112.88 AUD. Relief.

          • @TechVisar: So, how much did you guys pay in AUD for 2 years of Nordvpn? I tried but, it says $99 USD, and how much did you guys get paid from Cashrewards?
            Thank you, and sorry for the noob question. First-time buyer.

            • @embi: Mine was $89 USD (72% off for 2 years plan). This is the receipt I received from Nord VPN:

              NordVPN 2 year Premium Subscription
              A$121.93/2 year
              GST 10% - A$12.19
              Total: A$134.12/2 year

              in top of the above, my credit card company charged A$3.45. so the total charge on the card A$137.57. The cash rewards A$112.88
              if approved my out of pocket expense for 2 year plan will be A$137.57-A$112.88 = A$24.69 which is not bad.

              Hope this is helps.

  • Which one is better?

    • I'd get both - there are times that Nord hasnt worked for me (e.g. signing up to Argentina Netflix) so having variety seems useful to me

      • Did you have any issues with Netflix payment?

        Some people needed to buy Turkish gift cards to sign up under the region.

        • I recently moved from Argentina to Turkey Netflix, and yes I needed to get gift cards

          • @kcbworth: Where is best to get the GC? Sounds like lots of hassle?

    • +2

      I have Surfshark and my friend has nordVPN. Surfshark is lot better and has some additional features like mock location on mobile phone, plus their customer services is excellent.

      • thanks…

        I'll switch to it when my nordVPN expires.

        • +2

          I read this comment on Reddit, in regards to Surfshark vs NordVPN

          "Surfshark" use CloudFlare. Meaning that data you enter and request from the website is decrypted at their edge servers and is visible to them"


          How's NordVPN for you so far?

          • @Psygnosis: OK i guess…

            I mainly use it to stream free to air TV from overseas that is geoblocked.

            • @jv: Hi jv, keen to know which app/website you use to stream overseas TV programs?
              Please share if you don't mind - thanks :)

            • @jv: What tv?

              I just got vpn for the first time due to fomo and I don't have anything to do with it so far

              • @justaddwater: The equivalent of channel 2,7,9,10 in any country you choose.

                Typically, they are geolocked.

                eg. You can't watch channel 7 outside of Australia without a VPN.

    • Where are the bolded words JV

      • bold key broke

      • +1

        Maybe he's actually interested in this deal and not shitposting.

  • Should I cancel my PIA subscription from the other day and go with NordVPN?

    • I'd say don't cancel until you get your cashback (if you have applied for that) as it was due in October so do it at the end of October and meanwhile subscribe for Nord or Surfshark.

  • Noob question: does benefits of vpn outweigh its cost?

    • One financial benefit I know is Netflix:
      I quickly glanced at Netflix other day (btw, if I’m not wrong, both nordvpn & surfshark won’t work on turkey netflix)

    • any other cost benefits?

  • -2

    meh, I will just stick with expressvpn,
    it's not the cheapest but it's reliable and very fast.

  • Nord has been garbage for Netflix since I signed back up a few months ago.

  • Caution, surfshark for some reason delete some location such as Vietnam and their VPn for Netflix is not working 100% properly (Still work for USA) but other countries like Korean or Singapore sometimes it still shows non available.

  • For that Price, dont you get VPN Unlimited lifetime?

    Not sure how good it is compare to Nord.


    • Have you got a 99% cashback location ?
      And high probability of tracking .

        • It a bit like a builder giving a lifetime guarantee knowing in a few yrs he has a new business registered .

          • @popsiee: PureVPN was doing life time. Im already into my 7th year.

            Only costed $50 and speed is pretty good too. I get around 4-6mb/s (around 32-48mbps) from quite a few of their locations for P2P and their netflix US and UK still works.

            Got a feeling that VPN Unlimited may be a sister or subsidary to Pure VPN.

            Most VPNs aren't going to give you 100% untraceable connections. You'd have to route through an few of them to get increasingly higher protection. Unless you move onto something like TOR.

            Just choose one and live with it, as long as it fits your use case you will be reasonably happy.

  • What sort of card you guys are using? (except 28degree card which I don't have)

    Would ING Orange Everyday will incur any additional international transaction fee? Or any other standard credit card like AMEX or debit card from the big 4 banks?

    • ING will incur but they instant refund it. Use the ozb link above to find free free cards for international.

  • One question which I wanted to ask is how do you continue to become a new user and take advantage of these deals. I am currently using Nord and Surfshark using this cashback. Once my subcription finished in 2023, do I use a new email address and create a new cashrewards account?

  • I'm noticing NordVPN connecting to VPN on mobile networks is completely unreliable and finnicky. Hardly connects successfully, and when it does it's trying to assign an IP and doesn't do it. On PIA it'd connect to mobile VPN no problem. Anyone have this issue?

    Edit: never mind. Reset my iPhone network settings to factory default and it works now

  • Will this work on returning customer ? I don't have any at the moment but I just recently stop Surfshark and used to be Nordvpn member.

    • Maybe to remain on the safe side create a new account as it says it for new customers

      • New email accounts for VPN providers and also new account for cashrewards?

      • Do we have to register a new Cashrewards account, and use a new mobile number to verify?????

  • Can I use these while in any country? Or just Australia/select few?

  • so i just signed up for surfshark how long should i wait till i see it in my history?

  • Should we pay by giving Nord/Shark the credit card directly? Or pay with Paypal? Any chance of the cashback being not tracked if paying with Paypal?

  • -1

    If we pay with Paypal, will Cashrewards delay giving the cashback until after 180 days, because Paypal gives 180 days protection?

  • how often do they do these deals? I currently have a Surfshark acct which runs out 1 Apr 22.
    Dont want to spring for another while still having like 6 mths left

  • Showed 82.90 aud (+ surcharge,etc) in Surfshark website. But Cashrewards only tracked payment of 79 aud :| .

  • Hey guys so how does it work? Once we get the cashback we cancel auto-renew?

  • Lets hope mine gets tracked. For some reason I got charged $91 AUD instead of everyone's $89. Can anyone explain what happened? This is for Surfshark.

  • +1

    damn just missed this again. another sale anytime soon OP?

    • +1

      Damn me 2

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