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Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC Waterforce Graphics Card GV-N3080GAMINGOC-WB-10GD Rev 2.0 $1799 + Delivery @ Mybogo


Hi Ozb,

We have secured 12 units of GV-N3080GAMINGOC-WB-10GD Rev 2.0 in stock.
limit of 1 per order.

NVIDIA Ampere Streaming Multiprocessors
2nd Generation RT Cores
3rd Generation Tensor Cores
Powered by GeForce RTX™ 3080
Integrated with 10GB GDDR6X 320-bit memory interface
WATERFORCE Water Block cooling system
RGB Fusion 2.0
Protection metal back plate
4 Years Warranty (Online registration required)
LHR (Lite Hash Rate) version

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  • +9

    Is this the one that does that thing?

    • +2

      i think that's the eagle

      • +1

        Of course, was wanting the GTX anyway because it's waterproof. Thanks

  • -4

    What's your ABN?

    • +2

      25 630 901 156

  • -6

    Too expensive. I'll wait.

    • +31

      More news at 6

      • holy moly you remind me of that time in 2009 when Channel ten thought it was a good idea to have 3 hours of news shows from 5 - 8pm on the weekdays. Man, that channel was so bust.

        • Which channel had news at 11? And they'd tell you in advance at like 7 what was on at 11.

          • @shiny1: props channel 10 as well lol, they really only had drama shows and news in those days.

            Otherwise SBS, they LOVE late-night news.

            • +7

              @dbmitch: Channel Ten's fate was sealed when they got rid of the 6pm Simpsons repeats.

    • +6

      I wonder if we will ever see the days where these are 12-1300 again too… my ozbargain tightness wont allow me to spend that much on a graphics card, (well unless i could sell my old graphics and the difference be a few hundred dollars only)

      • +2

        Apart from a few EVGA cards from PLE the standard price for 3080 at launch was 1400 - 1500 +

      • Never mind. Considering miners take it free of charge or even in profit after 6 month mining, it's a great deal for them. Sad to say the cryptocurrency won't go down below breakeven point for a couple years as Tesla invested heavily on it and Elon Musk can comment whatever he want to without any liabilities. Budget gamers will definitely be left empty handed on these cards

        • +2

          I mean hating on them is fine but what stop gamers from just buying the card at this price and then just mine at night to recoup the difference?

          • @Squirtle: mum getting pissed off at the electric bill

        • +1

          Bitcoin has been mined with ASICs, not GPUs, for nearly 10 years and Ethereum is switching to proof of stake early next year, which is when GPU mining will go back to being unprofitable.

          • @iseeyou1312: Except they're are a while lot of other coins that are profitable?

            • @wisc: Only profitable now because they need the same returns as Ethereum in order for anyone to consider mining them. ETH really sets the minimum market rates. They have <1% of Ethereum market's cap, and profitability will die when miners switch to them when they can no longer mine ETH.

      • more chance of that happening if you sell your old graphics card early…. like three months ago would be ideal.

        • 2 weeks ago for mine, vega 64 going for 1200 bux…I could almost do a straight swap for a lhr 3070.

      • too hard to say…
        hopefully another 2-3 years?

    • +1

      See you never!

  • Do you have to have a water cooling to be able to use it??

    • +1

      Look at the pics. You need an existing loop.

      • -4

        I'm not sure that's correct. It has a inbuilt cooling system?

        • +5

          It's got two holes in the top to connect to an existing loop

        • +10

          It has a preinstalled waterblock. You will need to build a loop with this card in the loop, or you will need to add it to an existing loop.

          I.e you will need to have or purchase

          in order to use this card.

          • @bigtom_999: and how much are all of those?

            • +4

              @Bargainjustifier: Nearly free if you already have them cooling the rest of your pc (just some pipe and fittings)

              Unjustifiably not a bargain if you don't.

            • +4

              @Bargainjustifier: Pump $100
              Radiator $100
              Tube $50
              Fittings $50
              Coolant $10

            • +1

              @Bargainjustifier: It varies, and depends on what brands you get, a few hundred dollars though.

              • @boomboompower: and a few Gs more, if one manages to water-damage other components in the process

          • @bigtom_999: Thanks for the info! The online information was a bit confusing!

          • @bigtom_999: Another question, I already have a watercooler for my cpu, am I able to use that? Or would I have to buy everything here?

            Thanks for your help!

            • @LukeFree: i'm guessing you're referring to an AIO for your cpu? if so, then no you will need to build a custom loop for this

              • +1

                @seekingalpha: Yeah I see that now! Thanks, looks a bit too difficult for me I think.

              • +1

                @seekingalpha: Thanks for answering all my stupid questions 😅

  • +3

    Are these in stock in Australia or drop shipped from overseas? Whats the shipping ETA?

    • in stock. will be processed next day

  • -1

    Damn too long for my case. Where the <30cm GPUs at?

    • I literally had one in my hands when I found out they are too long for my case, I sold it for a profit though so not bad. You could try get this and put an aftermarket waterblock on it to make it shorter, although the details for how long the pcb is (or if it's even a standard layout) would be hard to find since it's already water-cooled.

      • did you consider swapping out your existing case instead?

        • Never!

          In all seriousness, I'm building sff and don't really want a bigger case when I don't particularly need to.

        • I have the meshify c and couldn't fit the watercooling components inside the case with this card so I mounted them all outside! Looks pretty rad!

    • -1


    • +1

      It's pretty ridiculous that these things are so long given they're sold with the WB… You'd think Gigabyte (and other board partners) would do a PCB closer to the size of the FE cards.

      I already had to cut the shroud on my Windforce 1080 to get it to fit around my loop, and I'm pretty sure that is <300mm.

    • Evga and asus tuff very few out there

    • I have this card and took off the plastic shroud for aesthetics after changing thermal pads/paste and discovered that the card's power connectors take up a lot of space making the backplate longer. I reckon they could've easily made this card shorter if the mounted the power pins onto the pcb somehow

  • You need a water cooling loop installed for this to work. Also my bogs are not something I'd be talking about on the internet.

  • +1

    Is this the LHR model?

    Edit: Yes it is!

  • +1

    OP please note the advertising material shows 2 different backplates.

    • I must be blind because I only see 1 backplate.

      • +1

        I don't think they mean backplate. I think they are referring to the image of the ports

        • yep - the 6 port IO panel belongs to the AORUS extreme version

          • @HeXa: That was indeed what I mean IO panel!

  • +5

    Thanks for your support. All stock gone now.

    • +4

      just saved me $1799 !

      (and a week of cleaning my loops I haven't touched in years….)

  • Wow. 3XDP and 3XHDMI. Nice!

  • +2

    Hi Guys, we have 1 cancellation. If anyone is keen, please send me a DM.
    first come first serve :)

  • ok sold to rainbow

    • +1

      Props to the OP. Peter here, thanks for calling me and offering it to me first before opening it up to ozb community. Good to see it sold so fast!

      • +1

        no worries Peter. You were next in queue.
        I am still waiting on payment on 2 cards through bank transfer.
        Will revert if that falls through.

  • I'm guessing it was a panic sale and then saw it was a waterblock that cannot be used without investing in prior water equipment.

    Pump $100
    Radiator $100
    Tube $50
    Fittings $50
    Coolant $10

    Wow, these costs are defs not good.

    • +1

      The majority of them can be used across the entire build, though. If you want a high end aircooled GPU and CPU AIO/aircooling it's going to run you a not too dissimilar amount.

      • Agreed and the cost of that is just a fraction of the GPU

      • Agreed

    • +1

      I reckon that budget is a little optimistic, unless you go really budget! It's pretty easy to spend a grand on a custom loop without trying very hard… You could spend $200 on fittings alone!

  • -1

    i had 5 of these for $1815/ea delivered from CCPU but i sold them off. Its not good for mining. u need to change the pads.

    • which 3080s u dont need to change pads for mining? lol

      • those gainward 3080s were awesome. 80-85 memory junc without pad change.

        Gigabyte ones are pretty crap but the card is alright once changed.

  • will there be more? :(

    • +2

      Its like gold dust. Can't say mate

      • Looking for a good deal on a 3060ti if anything pops up!

        • Hey Mate, I can sell you GV-N306TVISION-OC-8GD-2.0 @$1199 inc GST if you are keen.

          • @ilsan0: Hey, thanks for the offer, keen for something at that 1k though. I'll see what else comes up!

  • Is be interested in 3070s if you have those coming in stock at a great price.

  • +4

    I will definitely PM you guys if any stock comes in. Might not be a deal to post here

  • +3

    Oh dear there is going to be a few of these running dry…

  • Damn, missed out :(

  • The resale on wateecooled must be awful. They are niche to begin with and anyone buying a second hand card is very unlikely to be the watercooling type.

  • +1

    Who would bother watercooling a 3080? at least use a ti or 3090

  • +1

    All cards shipped out today.

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